Hi guys, I’m Ririka from California. You know what? My home town, Oceanside had a huge problem. It was the LILAC FIRE…it was a wild fire. My friends had to be evacuated. It happened on Thursday, we were eating lunch outside and then we smelled something strange, it was smoke. But, I didn’t care, because I didn’t know what was happening at that time. When we finished 5th period, the color of the sun changed orange. However, the color is a sign of danger. I couldn’t breathe, because the air had a lot of smoke. So, my school finished early. My host mom picked me up and then I started packing for evacuation. I was super scared and worried. On the TV they talked about the fire and I saw a lot of pictures with houses and palm trees burning.   Anyway ,My host house is okay and I’m safe, no worries guys:)

Let’s change the topic~

I had a lot of new experiences. First, I went to a mall with my friends. It had a really fun time. Especially, in the car:) Her name is Nathalie. We take Marine Biology together. She always helps me and is kind. One day, she gave me some clothes. I’ll bring them back to Japan.

Second, I went to a party with my friends. I bought a new dress and shoes for the party. It was  one of the my many new experiences in my study abroad life!

Third, I slept over at my friend Clarissa’s house. I have a long story why we became friends. I had a team sports class, but I couldn’t fit in with the class. My teacher recommended a new teacher who is my teacher now. The new class is team sports for 9th grade. One day, I found out her grandma is Japanese. So, she is quarter of Japanese and then we became friends.  She looks so much older than me, but she is younger than I. So, her friends think I’m in 9th grade:(

  In 4 or 5 days, I have finals and my 17th birthday is the same day as my U.S.history and math finals. I’m gonna cry…well, I’ll do my best.  2 weeks after my finals is… Christmas!!! I can’t wait for it because I got a letter from Santa yesterday!!!  I’m on the “NICE GIRLS” list in 2017!!!! My host sister is on the list too. I’m so proud of her, because she has Christmas concerts every weekend so far. She is singing while dancing. I know it is so hard, but she did it.  I’ll go to Las Vegas for Christmas. My host Dad’s parents live there. I went there for Thanksgiving break. I went to M&Ms factory and I watched a water show at the Bellagio!!!! The water show was so impressive!!!!!





話を変えて、前のレポートから、いろいろな新しい経験をしました。友達とロスに行ってハリウッドに行ってきました。ずっと行ってみたかったところだったのでとてもうれしかったです。あと、友達とモールに行ったり、車の中とかワーワーしててすごくたのしかったです。まだあります。初めてアメリカのパーティーに行ったり、お泊りしたりとても楽しいけど、もう少しでファイナルズです。し か も 私の誕生日に!!!!辛すぎてやってらんないです(笑)それより、昨日サンタクロースからお手紙きました!!!クリスマスがとてつもなく楽しみです。


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