Hi I’m Miu. Today I want to share about Christmas and New Year‘s Day and Ottawa.

Beginning of November, I went to Ottawa. That was my Canadian company’s fill trip. There was a lot of exchange students. I went to Parliament hill, money factory, maple syrup factory and ate pan cake and breakfast sausage, walked around in Toronto. We went to a scry place that was a jail and walked around in the jail. A person who was guide to us, he told us if we give up to went there, something will happen. I was so afraid to went and I try to give up the way to go there. I asked him, if I give up here, will it happen? Then he told me, I don’t know actually but it might be happened but there is no trick and nobody yells you. Just walk inside with my story and you must be quiet. A lot of murder were killed and died there…! It seems so scary! I try to be quiet and went to inside of the jail. Some people try to take some pictures, but I didn’t. After that, I couldn’t do anything alone. I ate ramen twice while I was in Toronto. It was so good. It reminds me about Japanese taste so much.  After the Ottawa trip, I changed my host family. I spend Christmas with new host family. I know I changed my host family so much but, they accepted me for money and they are not good people for exchange students I think. Actually, Santa didn’t come to my house and I got present from 3 persons, but I like them! I imagined I would get more before I came to Canada, but everything wouldn’t come true. However, I could join three Christmas party and I spend a lot of time with my host family!  I gave to my host mom a pikatyu’s light and I gave some chocolate for my host dad. They didn’t know that I was ready to give some presents, so they were so surprised.

I made Korokke and Tsukemono and my host mom made Misoshiru and Chicken fries, yuzu tart, Japanese strawberry cake. We did New Year’s party and there was my Chinese friend and host mom’s friends. Everyone was start kissing with new year’s count. After New Year’s Day, I watched Japanese TV shows for the end of the 2017’s day and sleep all day. I was so happy because I didn’t have any homework that I have to do. Now, I have big homeworks, I have to study for exam, and I have to finish this report….

Thank you for reading this report and see you soon 🙂



まず初めにオタワ旅行について話しますね。オタワといえばカナダの都市ですが、私にはどんな風景なのか、どんなものがあるのか実際には想像できないところでした。まずトロントに一泊し、いろんな留学生とホテルに泊まる予定でしたが私のルームメイトは全員日本人だったので夜になると日本の映画を見たり、しゃべり倒していました。(全然異文化交流などない、ある意味ダメな部屋ですね笑)行った場所は国会などが行われる建物や、お金の造成所、メープルシロップの工場、二種類の博物館、もともと監獄だったところなどです。監獄だったところは非常に怖くて案内の人に建物中であきらめた人は必ず霊を見ると言われたので建物に入る前に辞めたら見るの?と聞くとたぶんみるかもしれない、でも誰もあなたを脅かしたり、叫び声が聞こえたりはしないよ、ただ僕の話とともに静かに歩くだけ。と言われたので見る恐れがあるなら行ったほうがましだと思い行きました。ライトで怖いように見えましたが、脅されてる感じしかしませんでした。“今立っている地面のどこかに凶悪犯の死体が埋まっている” など!それにしても初の心霊スポットとしては強烈すぎたかもしれませんね。処刑台も見ることができました。普通なら窓があるであろう場所が吹き抜けていて吹き抜けている先には床に開閉式の穴、そして綱、反対側の壁はシャッターになっていて外から処刑の様子が見えるらしいです。ハイ。怖いです。その日は寝れないかなと思っていたのですが、すごい熟睡の上、ドリームキャッチャーを飾って寝たおかげか何の夢も見ずに寝ることができました。トロントでは二回もラーメンを食べることができ、日本の味も堪能することができました。





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