Hi, guys. It’s Mayuka in Prince Albert. This is gonna be third time of my report. I passed about a half year since I came here. I’m gonna tell with my theme that is difference of our culture. I only have the time that has unless than half a year, I had felt it was very fast for me. My host mother and father talked me that they can’t believe that. Also, I could make many memories for short term. If I am wondering about my life in CA that is included so much concerns, I felt I have to put my effort more than now.

 In last December, I had the Christmas break for two weeks. Then, we went to relative’s house for several times. They guys have many relationships. Many people gathered at that house and we did many things at that time like playing game, watching ice hockey game and just talking with many people. That was awesome. They guys asked me about Japan like how many people there are, how big Japan is and how education is in Japan. Almost guys were surprised that there are so many people in Japan. Also, there are many differences at the school. Everybody think Japanese somehow to educate is harder than here’s education. And, guys think the rules at the school in Japan are very strict. I think it’s right. Japan has awesome Japanese food and lots of amusement. Also, economy and some technology is advanced. I’m so proud of my country. Especially, almost vehicles are from Japanese company. And, Japanese Animation that is like Hello Kitty, Pokemon and Youkai Watch are famous in CA, lol. The other things also influenced here.

 After that, we go back to the school and I had the final exam. That was so easy, cause I only had writing at the Physics and handing in assignment at the music. And February was coming right after that.

 I don’t have 4 more classes and, math and physics classes are gone. Also, I’m gonna take Psychology from next semester. I’m Downey about it just a little of bit. But I keep having fun as well the life from 2nd semester, too. Thank you all guys for reading.

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