Hi guys!

It is Takeuchi Sarii who is in Florida. It has been less than a month until I go back Japan. Time goes so fast. I can’t wait to go back. Every day I experience exciting things even in a good way and in a bad way, so I feel fulfilled every single day.

 My life is same as you guys, I woke up in the morning just like you guys, then go to school, take classes, have a good time with my friends, and go back home.

 I want to talk about the church. Fortunately, the church which my friends go is really near my house, I have been going there several times in a month, but recently I go more often like at least once a week. From the beginning the people of the church touched friendly, but I was kind of scary, so I could not go to open from myself. Honestly that’s why I was uncomfortable stay there. However, as I got through many times I became friends with those people and kids. Then everyone asked me questions about Japan and trying to know about me. Many kids call my name and run up to me as soon as I arrived at the church. I love taking care of kids so it is a best place. I do not want to regret, but I think I should have gone to church a lot.

 Speaking of the biggest event recently, there was my first and last Prom! A month ago, from Prom, I ran around shops to look for a dress with my friends. It was a pleasant time. On the day, everyone, both girls and boys wore their favorite dresses and suit, set hair and put on makeup, it was beautiful. I have a lot of fun because I have few opportunities to wear a dress. Japan doesn’t have this culture, so it was fresh, I was happy to be able to experience it, and I remembered it vividly. Until late at night, I danced with my friends until my sole hurts (lol)

 There are lots of fun things, happy things, painful things and things that I do not want to every day, but it is up to me that situation is going good or bad, so I will take care of the rest of the days.

So, see you guys till my last report!! Fighting!! Bye guys!!

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