Hi it’s Aresa, this is the last report!! I can’t believe I’m going back to Japan soon!  The end of the school year is almost there, sadly I have to study for the finals though.  I have some presentations and debating coming up.  It’s still little nervous but I feel better than at the first semester.  First, I’d like to take it back that I said you shouldn’t have taken Algebra 2 for math for the 2nd report lol.  You get confused at the first, but it gets easier because your English gets better!  Actually, I like this class so much.

 Now I’m having so much fun with my friends here.  It was so nervous and scary to go to school at first, but now I can do anything I want like I can feel the American high school life.   I actually participate the class.  I can raise my hands and can tell my opinion, and can say something funny that make my friends so laugh.  I thought it was better to have low expectation for my English getting better throughout this exchange year, but now I feel it’s getting better and better.  Still, I can’t speak English “extremely” good like native speaker but I can speak English with confidence.  I think it makes big difference when you speak other languages whether you have a confidence or not.  If you have a confidence to speak other language, you bet better so fast.  I got the confidence end of this exchange year, so I literally need another year now to make it better, but I’m happy with that.  I can do pretty much everything alone in the U.S. now (if I have a ride lol).  I go shopping alone, go to the gym alone, go to get nails done alone, make an appointment on the phone, and can ask anything I want even I don’t do it in Japan (doesn’t mean I’m always alone, I hang out with friends and host family, too).  Now, it’s fun to think about back then and see growth.

 I literally have nothing to write about because I wrote my thoughts through this exchange year pretty much on the last report, but I want to tell something to people who are going next.  Firstable, you don’t need to bring that much stuffs from Japan.  I got a lot of things in here and asked my parents to send me some clothes and shoes which I really didn’t need.  Now, I’m kinda worrying about my stuffs caring and sending back home.  It’s so expensive to send so just be careful about that.  Also, think about it before you buy!  You are’re not with your parents so it’s easy to buy things you want, and you’ll lose proper sense of money, so just be careful.  You’ll notice that you use so much money without your parents.

Even noisy one in the class in Japan gets so quiet in the class in the U.S. because of the language and new people, but don’t worry about it.  It’s normal and you’ll get used to with people and English, so just be proud of yourself that you can speak more than two languages.  People who go to study abroad in Hokusei can speak English.  You’ll probably meet exchange students who can speak English super well, but those people are usually from Europe or South America or whatever use alphabet in their country, not everyone though, so their pronunciation is pretty good and they sometimes can speak like without struggling, but don’t get depressed!  It’s true that you may be compared with those people or you may compare with those people by yourself, but don’t be depressed.  You gotta do what you can do.  There are only few month to stay, so be proud of yourself.  Only thing you can improve your English is to speak.  Just say something.  Don’t be shy so much and smile always. There are writing, speaking and listening as you know.  I guess listening is the easiest one to improve of the three, and probably writing is the second-easiest one, then speaking for Japanese.  More than anything, to tell your opinion or your thoughts is the hardest thing with either writing or speaking for Japanese people, well even it’s Japanese.  You have a lot of opportunities to speak English in Hokusei, so do it.  Especially, 5th grade in English department has the discussion class (also SE, Academic Writing, reading, culture, and Sougou Eigo) so you should focus on those classes. You’ll notice that those are easy classes when you come back from the studying abroad. But still, you feel so depressed with your English at first when you start your exchange year so you literally should study English before you go.  You don’t really get struggle when you get used to it though.  Actually, it really doesn’t bother me to speak English that much now.  I don’t know if it’s because my English got better or just I have confidence or just got used to it, well I think all of them are reasons, but anyways, you should study before you go.  It’s usual for them to have exchange students in the school in the U.S. .  Don’t think someone talk to you.  You always should talk to them first. 

I wrote about my exchange year on my reports, but those are all about MY exchange year, so it depends on family, it depends on the school, and it depends on the place you stay, so it’s going to be YOURS. 

 I often hear it said that you should better have a “good exchange year” or something like that, but what is “good exchange year”?  I think it’s not a thing you say good or not good.  It doesn’t mean you had a good exchange year because you had fun, or your exchange year wasn’t good  because you couldn’t make friends, or something. It’s all your experience you spent, even though you had struggling, loneliness, homesick, also joy, pleasure and delight.  It’s good you had fun but also it’s good you struggled.  This is because it’s all your precious experience.

 See you in Japan.

   こんにちは、日野愛玲咲です。あと少しで日本に帰るなんて信じられないです!学校もあと少しで終わりですが、悲しいことにプレゼンテーションやディベートなどの試験が最後に残っています。こういうのもまだ少し緊張しますが、最初の頃よりは無くなりました。そして、まずはじめに、2回目のレポートでalgebra 2は取らない方がいいと言ったのを撤回させてください() 最初は本当にやることがたくんあって、困ることがたくさんあったんですけど!今は本当につくづく簡単だなと思って、英語がやはりできるようになったんだなという証拠ですけど、実際はこのクラスが今は大好きです。


すごく日本のクラスでうるさいような人もアメリカに行くとやはり英語や新しい人によって静かになることがよくあります。でも心配しないでください。それは普通で最初は本当にキツいかもしれないですけど、周りの人にも英語にも慣れてくるので、とにかく二か国語以上喋れることに自信を持ってください。北星で留学に行く人はみんな英語が喋れます。留学に行くとおそらくヨーロッパや南アメリカなどアルファベットを使う国からの留学生に出会うことがあると思います。みんなではありませんがその人たちは本当に英語が上手です。でもだからといって落ち込まないでください。その人たちと比べてくる人や、自分で比べて落ち込むこともあると思います。私たちは日本という全く違う言語で全く違う文化のところこら来てるのでそれだけ英語が喋れることに自信を持ってください。今できることをできる限りやってください。たった数ヶ月の留学期間しかないです。喋れるようになりたければ話すのみです。とにかく言葉に発してください。そんなに恥ずかしがらないでとにかく笑っていてください。ライティングとリスニングとスピーキングがありますが、私が思うにリスニング力はすぐにつきます。そして、日本人はライティング、スピーキングの順でできる人がほとんどかと思います。でもなによりも、日本人にとってたとえ日本語であっても自分の意見を伝えることがとてもむずかひいことです。北星ではたくさん英語を話す機会があるので利用してください。特に英語科の5年生はディスカッションのクラス(Survival English, Academic Writing, 多読、culture、総合英語も)をしっかりやってください。日本に帰ってきてからこのクラスが簡単に思えますが、やはり最初の方は英語ができなくて落ち込んだり自信を無くすので今のうちからしっかり英語を勉強してください。慣れたら本当に困ることはあまりないですが。実際に今は英語で困ることはそんなにないです。それが英語が本当に上手になったからか、ただ喋る勇気がでできたからか、慣れたからかは分かりませんが、おそらく全部が理由だと思いますが、とにかく留学に行く前に勉強してください。アメリカの学校に留学生があるのは珍しいことではありません。だれかから話しかけてくれると思わないでください。いつも自分から話そうとしてください。



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