若月 悠 の留学レポート


July 21th, I went to Australia, Adelaide, and I did homestay for one month.


I was very nervous and felt anxiety before going to study abroad.

Can I do something by myself? Can I make many friends at school? Can I get along with my host family? and so on…

I was so nervous than I was looking forward to going to Australia.

Finally, when I arrived at Adelaide, There was a mother and two daughters having a card with my name on it.

And when they found me, they smiled and hugged me. They looked so kind. So, I could feel relived and I was looking forward to spend a good time with them.

Then, I arrived at their home, an international student girl was waiting for me.

She is the same age as me. But, she is soooooo tall!! I was very surprised.

She is 172cm, and I am 150cm, so the difference between me and her was amazing.

As result, my host family’s member were mother Tash, 5 years old sister Milly, 7 years old sister Jenna, and an international student Victoria from Switzerland.


 The 7 years old sister, Jenna is good at dancing. And she entered a dance competition. She often shows her wonderful dancing to me. Also, she likes studying and reading. She always reads Harry Potter. It is very thick. So, I was very surprised. Moreover, I played with her every day. For example, we played badminton, catch ball, some games, and so on.

The 5 years old sister, Milly is very cute. She always keeps smiling, and she hugged me every day.  Also, I and Milly played every day, too. We drawed something and we played trampoline. We did plenty of other things which were fun. It was very fun for me, and I was healed by them.

The international student is beautiful. She can speak French, and English. And her English speaking is awesome. At first, I couldn’t understand what she was saying, and I couldn’t talk with her. But, I actively talked to her many times. I tried to talk something with her every day. Then, I could understand her speaking a little bit. And I could get along with her.

After that, we often talked about our own country and country’s language.

I told Japanese to her, and she told French to me.  Moreover, I showed some Japanese picture. For example, kimono, yukata and some Japanese dishes. When she looked them, she said she wants to go to Japan and she asked me if I could show her around. I was very happy when she said that. Also, I could know about Switzer land. So, it was a very nice and special time!!

My host mother, Tash was so kind and friendly. And she is a school teacher of the school I went.

She teaches English and history. And she is rich in knowledge. So, she understood my poor English.  Also, she taught English to me. Moreover, she took me to various places. For example, Henley beach, chocolate factory, cheese factory, cle land, Italian restaurant, and so on. Moreover, she held my birthday party!! The cake and dishes were very delicious. I could start my 17 years old life with a smile!!. I put a lot of worry and trouble on her, but even though she gave me a lot of love to me like a true family.   



Like I had a wonderful time with my Family my school life was fantastic, too!!  At first, I felt anxiety how to make friends, but my school attached a buddy to international students, so I could make so many friends. Fortunately, my buddy, Stacie was so kind and a nice person and people around her were so funny and kind, too. And they were from different countries. For example Philippines, Vietnam, Indian, and African. We always eat lunch together and we always had recess together. And they were interested in Japan, so, I told them about Japanese festival and traditional clothes.  Also, Stacie always helped me when I was in trouble. Consequently, I could get along with them because they were friendly. Before coming to Australia I didn’t expect to be able to get along with so many people. My school life couldn’t be any better..



Therefore, I am grateful to all the people I met in Australia.

I touched their kindness, and I felt their love deeply. Then, I learned the importance of loving others. And, I was able to notice that what I thought was not a oblivious thing.  Also, I understood well the importance of my family and friends in Japan.

I would like to thank them who have always supported me in Japan.

It was a short period of a month, but I will not forget the gratitude of the nice people I met in Australia and I would like to see them again someday.


Finally, I would like to thank my family, without them I could never study abroad and experience such a special time. I am thankful to all the people who supported me. I would like to make use of this experience for the future.

Thank you for a wonderful month!!




























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