英語科の短期留学レポート  2016.12

5F Yume Yamamoto

What I leaned in Adelaide

In July this year, I went to Adelaide in Australia to study abroad. I stayed 1month in host family’s house. It was my first time study abroad, so it was really exciting for me. I learned a lot of things in study abroad. It is cultural difference with Japan and the difference of school with Japan, to say nothing of English.

First, I talk about cultural difference with Japan. Australia’s season was winter. Because no snow in Adelaide, I though not so cold more than Sapporo. But it was cold in house, because my host family’s house doesn’t have stove and heater. So, I drinking hot water and I wearing down to kept out the cold. Also, in the cold I could not get in the bath. It was little bit hard, but thanks to living in like this, I could think my living in Japan is so luxury, and I was able to thank to my life in Japan anew.

My host family was Chinese host mother, Thai host father, 0years old brother, and 18years old Chinese student. So, food was almost Chinese food. It was good but almost Thai rice and one side dish. My host mother was never cooking some side dishes and Obento like Japanese mother. Most of the difference of food was lunch. School day’s lunch was almost yesterday’s dinner or sandwich. It was good but I thought Japanese mother are really amazing, because they every morning make lunch. 

Next, I talk about the difference of school with Japan. My school was Middle and high consistency, so very big. The size of the school was surprised to school the first day. But more surprised thing is class room is locking except class, so we have to go out or go to Cafeteria when recess time. It was winter, so I had to talk trembling with my friends. It was my good memory.

Before going to study abroad, I worried about if can I make friends in Adelaide, but I can made friends in first day, and then, I can hang out with them after school and rest day. It was so fun. In school, I taught easy Japanese to my friends, and I talked about Japanese with my friends.  

Through this study abroad, I could know about goodness of Japan, and fun of English. It was really good experience for me. Also, I could think about I did not think about in Japan, for example Japan’s economy and Japan’s environmental situation. I could make friends, was so fun. I thought if different burn country and living country, we can be friends is very beautiful thing. From now on I will study English hard, and if I can go I want to go to study abroad one more time, and then I want to talk about Japan and making friends more than this time. I do not forget about what I learned in Adelaide, and I will using English learned in Adelaide.

This time was thanks to parents, I could get good experiences. Mother and Father thank you so much. 











35-1 35-2 35-3

My experiences in Australia

I studied in Australia for one month.

I was filled with anxiety before the study abroad in Adelaide.

It was a school excursion feeling, but my studying abroad began until I arrived at Adelaide after I met a host family.

My host family is a mother, a father, a sister and two cats. My mother is kind and loves exercise. She coaches the fitness club. My host father is excels in all sports and devoted to family. He works as a teacher of the soccer in the school where the host sister goes to. My host sister is elementary school student. She loves horse so much. She always watched animation after school. My host family has two cats. The university student who came from Korea stayed with the family of the host family. She is very kind for me. She had a hobby same as me. So we were able to make friends immediately. I was substantial very much on a host family and a holiday to spend. I went to the zoo with them and went to watch a game of the football that a host sister belonged to. I was glad to be able to experience that I could not do it in Japan. I went to the church on Sunday. I visited a Protestant Church and the Catholic Church. It was interesting to compare two churches.

My school name is Henley high school. This school has many international students. For example, Chinese, French, and so on.

I was able to choose seven classes. The class winning through up to an impression in particular is a drama. At first a scenario is handed by this class. I select the position who I am divided into every group each, and plays it. Exercise time is given. If there is the signal from a teacher, we announce the performance each other. For a performance, we interchange in an opinion. The second announcement thinks about a scenario in oneself. I was desperate at the start to hear English. Whenever the number of times of the class increased, I became able to give an opinion by oneself. The conversation bounced when I became able to give one`s opinion. And, friends increased.

In the high school where I went to, we cannot stay in the school after school. So I did my homework in a house and I went to the city with my friend and enjoyed shopping. There were many shops in the city. For example, it is a shop of a general store and the chocolate shop which only Australia has.

I learned a lot thought this studying abroad. Because the culture was different, I was able to often learn. I want to make use in English study in the future. It is full of the feelings of thanks for the parents who let studying abroad reach. This valuable thing that I was able to experience is very nice. The English drama to begin keeps this experience alive and wants to wrestle from now on.




34-2 34-3 34-1





What I learned in Australia

                                                              5-F Eriko Yamaga

What I learned in Australia is the importance of communicate. I was not good at talking with someone, and I always waited for someone who talks to me. I did not know how to talk to anyone or how to get the timing to talk to. So, it took plenty of time to make a friend. I was worried about my English skill or unfamiliar place, but the best concern was human relations. But I was told not to be just worried by a staff of ISA, so I tried talk to my classmates and speak actively in the classes while I was in Japan. But it was hard to make a friend in Australia after all. What I regretted the best was the reasons why I could not make a friend were the same as I was in Japan. The reasons were I did not know the timing to talk to, what to talk about, and I became negative because of the worry if I make a mistake. These prevented me from communicate with people in Australia.  When I saw some students from other school in Japan, I noticed that the students who spoke actively if they made mistakes in their conversations were more popular. I was afraid of making mistakes, but I tried to talk to my classmates thinking my thought that my mother tongue is Japanese. Thanks to doing it, it may be less, I could communicate with them and make some friends, although I made some students have difficult many times. When I was lost in the school or I could not join in the class, they helped me gradually. Going past, they sometimes smiled at me, and it made me so happy. I think that it is important not to waste of time like me to develop our ability to communicate by talking with many people and speaking our opinions.  In addition, though it misses the point of what I learned in Australia, I could realize the beauty of the Japanese and Japanese inner beauty during my stay in Australia.  It does not mean that a non-Japanese or a foreign language is inferior to Japanese. I mean that I realized the spirit that all Japanese should have. Therefore, my dream has changed greatly. It is so interesting to study English certainly, and I like to study it, but I have wanted to study Japanese now. I want to become to notice the charm of Japanese from every angle making use of English skill. It is necessary to strengthen the Japanese, Japanese literature and Japanese culture, to say nothing of English. I think that I want to expand my knowledge of the various countries’ cultures, languages and histories. I always think that I want to live or to work abroad. So, I think that it is most important discovery for me.  Through this study abroad, I made many fresh and important discoveries that are involved in my future. I did not take these in passively, but I thought of these seriously and voluntarily and included by myself. Thanks to this study abroad, I could think about my future so deeply.

33-2 33-3 33-1

My experience in Australia

5F Minami Yamada


Hello I’m Minami Yamada. I will talk about my experience on this summer.

I stayed Adelaide for a month during summer vacation.

It was my first study abroad so I was very nervous at first but it could be precious experience.


First I will talk about my host family and living in house.

My host family was mother and a roommate, Angel who is same age and from China.

Angel came after a week later I came so the first was only two of me and host mother.

The first three days I became homesick and cried. And I could not eat meal well.

At that time, host mother said to me ‘’ You think real family when you stay in Australia.’’ 

I heard it, I was relieved.

Then when I was watching TV, she asked me ‘’ Can you understand this meaning? ‘’ . Because she asked me such as a lot of questions, I felt that increased the opportunity to talk day by day.

After a week I came, Angel came here. She could speak English well so she talked with host mother many times.

At that time I thought if I don’t talk from myself, I will lose to talk in English. So I became to talk with host mother and Angel from myself.

With Angel, we talked about difference of Japanese and Chinese, we watched movies and went zoo together. I made a lot of memories with her.

Also, host mother’s son and grandson came house on weekend.

We ate lunch, dinner and we played together.


Next, I will talk about my school life.

My school name is Charles Campbell College.

I could arrive at school by bus for 30 minutes from my house. So it is not difficult to go to school.

There were a lot of Asians and Japanese so almost class had few Japanese.

My home room class had only one woman other than me so almost was men.

I became friend with her soon, because only a woman in this class. Then I talked about Japan and what I did on weekend with her. And she taught me place of classroom. She was so kind to me!!

I took YEAR 11 classes.

I took English , EAL , History , Wood work , Music , Food and Media class.

In EAL class, we summarized a story and described my opinions.

It was only exchange students’ class so there were many people from other countries.

It was an interesting class.

I liked Wood Work class the best of all classes.

In this class, I made a chopping board and box from wood.

When I made things, I used tools that I don’t use daily life. Teacher said me tools’ name in English but I didn’t know. Also he taught me how to use tools but I didn’t know too.

But he showed me how to use tools and when I was using tools, he watched me so I was relieved.

After school of the last day, I went café with my friend who came from Thai.

She is interested in Japan so I talked about Japan. And she can speak Japanese a little.

During we went to bus stop, she said to me ‘’ Don’ t go back Japan!’’ ‘’ Take me to Japan!‘’ . I was so happy to hear that, I thought I had a good friend.


Before I go to Australia, I felt only anxiety. But I met kind host family, friend and teacher in Australia. So this experience was very good memories.

And it was only for a month but I think I could grow up.

Thanks to my family and teacher in Japan, I could be precious experience.

I really thank them.

If I chance to go to study abroad, I want to go!! 














その時私は自分から話かけなければ英語を話すチャンスを無くしてしまう、と思い話しかけてくるのを待つのではなく自分からマザーやAngel に話しかけるようになりました。

Angel とは日本と中国の話をしたり、一緒に映画を見たり、動物園に行ったりとたくさん思い出ができました。




私は、Charles Campbell College という学校に通っていました。





私は主にyear 11の授業をとっていました。

科目はEnglish , EAL , History , Wood work , Music , Food , Media を取っていました。


私が一番好きだった教科は、Wood Work です。














32-2 32-3 32-1

Unforgettable experience

I went to Australia’s Adelaide to study abroad from July 22 to August 2. It was only one month, but I will never forget this experience.

First, I will talk about my host family. My host families were mother, father, and two host sister who came from Italy and Germany. My host family treated me as one of their family. They were always so cheerful, so I did not boredom every day.

My father and mother were both working, so came back at 6:30 pm every day. They looked tired. However they made interesting dinner for me. For example alligator hot dog, kangaroo hamburger!! Alligator was taste like chicken. Kangaroo was unusual taste… 

My family watched the movie every weeknight. While we watched movie, we talked about the event of the day, and we told about each other’s country. My host sisters have a firm opinion for their countrys problem. They discussed about their country’s economy and environmental issue and politics. I did not know about my countries problem, so I became ashamed. Then I thought I had to learn about Japan more as Japanese.

Of course we enjoyed the movie. The most interesting movie was Ant-Man. It was easy to understand! I loved this relaxing time because I could learn English from my family, and I knew their kindness.

“It is ok Yui” was my mother and father’s favorite. I love their kindness and smile.

Second I will talk about my school. My school was Heath filed high Scholl. It was rich in nature and homey school. The first time I did not know what should I do and where should I go, but when I was troubled, a lot of students helped me with easy English, so I was able to spend school life comfortably. My elective subject was English, Design, EAL, Math, Hearth PE, Art (2D), and Science. Especially, I enjoyed Art because I like Art very much. Teachers let me drew a picture freely, and praise my painting. I think that this picture became a part of the communication. I come to like to draw a picture more thorough this experience.

My most favorite time at school was lunchtime. I got up early, and I made lunch box every day. I putted sandwiches, apples, bananas, and Tim Tam.

I ate lunch with a lot of country’s friends. Chinese, Thai, German…

They were long-term overseas study students, and they had strong will to fulfill their dream. They gave me a chance that I thought about the future.

I always tried to smile, and I did not forget feelings of thanks. If I could help something, I helped. “Actions speak louder than words” This is proverb that I learned it in Adelaide. I met many people in Adelaide. The time I spent with them is a treasure to me.  

Thanks to teachers, and family. Thank you very much for gave me the chance to study abroad.

5F 31 Yui Tanoue








「大丈夫だよ 優衣」これがファザーとマザーの口癖でした。ファミリーの優しさと笑顔が私は大好きです。

次に私が通った学校についてお話ししようと思います。私が通った学校は Heath filed high Scholl という学校で、自然が豊かでアットホームな学校でした。学校に通い始めて始めの頃、私は何をするべきなのかそしてどこへ行くべきなのかわからず困っていましたが、沢山の人たちが優しい英語を使って私を助けてくれたので快適に学校生活を送ることができました。

私が学校で選択した科目は英語、デザイン、EAL, 数学、Hearth PE、美術(2D)そして、理科でした。特に、美術はもともと好きな科目だったのでとても楽しかったです。先生方は、自由に絵を描かせてくれ、さらに私の絵を褒めてくださりました。この絵がコミュニケーションの一部になっていたのではないかと私は思います。この経験を通してさらに絵を描くことが好きになりました。







5年F組 31番 田之上 優衣

31-2 31-3 31-1

My experiences in Australia

5F 30 Minori Takeda


Hello. I’m Minori! I’ll talk about my great experiences in Australia.

I stayed Adelaide, South Australia, during summer vacation.

First, I’ll introduce my host family.

My host family is mother, father and an exchange student from Germany.

Moreover, my host family has 10 grandchildren!

Eventually I was able to see 6 children every weekend.

They were very powerful and cheerful, so I was able to absorb their energy by playing together!

Also, my host parent have great concern about accept exchange students.

And my roommate who name is Johanna was same age and really kind girl.

So she always helped me and I talked a lot of things everyday.

One weekend, I hung out with her and her friends who are from Europe.

Thanks to this opportunity, I was able to know European culture and other way of thinking.


Then, I will talk about my school life.

I attended Reynella East College.

Reynella also had a great concern about accept exchange students.

There are a lot of exchange students : German, Austrian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and so on.

So, there are a lot of events for exchange students.

One of them, I had an excursion one time a week.

I thought it was a good chance to get along with students who are from another country, so I tried to talk with them.

Actually, some students didn’t want to talk with Asian student.

But almost students got along with me!

And they told me about own country and asked me about Japan.

I think that it was really good experience for me!

Also, I made a mistake when I go to school for the first time by taking a bus.

I took wrong bus, so I arrived at unknown place!

After that, a school teacher introduced me an exchange student from Germany who name is Celine.

She lives across to my home, so I went home and school together every day.

Thanks to her, I was able to go to school without mistakes and also I could speak much of English.

I think that my mistake made me an opportunity to know Celine.

Next, I’ll talk about my course subjects.

I took English as a second languages, math, geography, science, Japanese, child studies and music.

Almost subjects were really interesting for me.

I want to talk about Geography, Japanese and Child studies.

In Geography class, I learned a lot of important things: ecological foot print, global warming, effect of air pollution and greenhouse effect.

I mainly learned how to save the earth and how use resources in sustainable.

I was able to realize that knowing like these environmental problems is really important for us to protect the earth.

In Japanese class, I became Aussie’s buddy and I taught how to pronounce Japanese words and sentences.

And then, I was able to tell a lot of Japanese culture and funny words!

I thought that learning language is really fun.

In child studies, I learned about sex: pregnant, intercourse and sexual growth.

As you know, we don’t discuss about like those problems in Japan.

So in this class, I was really surprised so many times.

For example, we saw videos about like that things every time and discuss about it.

Also, I experienced a pregnant woman.

I wore pregnant equipment whole a day.

I had to spend to be careful my baby.

It made me tired and uncomfortable, but I was able to think about hardships to be a pregnant woman.

And I think that it was the most valuable experience in this class.


Through like these experiences, I was able to learn a lot of important things in Adelaide.

Also Thanks to many friends, I was able to enjoy my life in Australia!

So I really appreciate to my friends, host family, teachers and my parent.

Thank you for reading.













ある週末に、ヨハナと彼女の友達たちと一緒にMarion mallに行きました。





私はReynella East Collegeに一か月間通いました。

Reynella East Collegeもまた留学生の受け入れに関心があり、ドイツ、オーストリア、ベトナム、中国、日本などと様々な国からの留学生を受け入れていました。















私はEnglish as a Second LanguagesMathGeographyScienceJapaneseChild Studies Musicをとりました。


その中で、Geography, Japanese, Child Studiesについてお話ししたいと思います






最後にChild Studyについてお話します。












30-2 30-3 30-1

5FSuzuki Reira

Australia report

    Before I go to Australia, I was very nervous. And I was worried about what kind of person is a host mother, what kind of place in Australia, does an Australian food fit me.  Moreover, I don’t like airport because into the plane is bored and I don’t like an in-flight meal. But I was a pleasure I have never been to Australia, I want to know Australian’s food, personality, nature, animals, and my learn place will change, so my idea or personality will change. After I arrived in Australia, I met my host mother at the first time named Rosalie.

 When I was asked a question at first time. I couldn’t answer in English at all because I was very nervous.  Then we returned to her house and I met a girl that she came from India, her named Anouska. After that, the Rosalie’s grandparent and her daughter’s family came in that house, and we have a dinner together. Everyone is kind and warm. Daughter’s husband is funny and he likes joking. I like him.

Next day, I went to supermarket with Rosalie. There were a lot of things which I have ever seen there. I bought some kinds of beef jerkies. I wanted to eat it in Australia since old days. I ate it in the home, it is spicy and a little sweet, and so it is very good.

Next day is my first school day. I didn’t know how go to the school yet, I went to school with another international student that I live Rosalie’s house together by bus. School is nearby my house an unexpected. So I almost went to school by walk in a beginning other than several times. Then my first impression when I went to school was wonderful and surprised.

First, classroom is different from Japan. Some classroom doesn’t have door and windows. There is no staff room. This is because there are some staff rooms on each floor.

Second, there were a lot of Chinese international students better than I am thinking. Moreover, they were in group’s action of Chinese.

Third, I met a girl whom when I went abroad to study, her name is Kazumi, I got to know her. I was happy at first because she can speak English well, so when I was in trouble, she may be helping me. However, I remember I don’t like her. Though I didn’t talk her so much, I was irritation only a little.

But there were good encounter.

I met Amerit, he likes Japanese anime. He can speak Japanese very much, and a talk became lively very much. I still contact with him.

 I watched a movie with Rosalie and Anouska. BFG, it was fantastic and so much funny. I was very pleased about it. I am thinking I will buy it if it will become DVD.

I play soccer there with school’s girls. I spent an amazing and fantastic time in there with them. Also, I did games twice. First game, I was glad that I could play soccer after a long absence.  However, I was not able to move at all because I came to lack physical strength than oneself thought. So I was regrettable. Second match was very fun. This is because I did a muscular workout regularly during one week before sleeping. So physical strength returned, and good movement to be possible. Moreover, I was to be friend with them. I think sincerely it was really good I can study in Australia. 





オーストラリアに到着した後、私は初めてホストマザーのロザリー と会いました。最初質問された時とても緊張していたので、私は全く英語で答える事が出来ませんでした。


そして、一緒に夕食と食べました。皆優しくて温かい人達でした。娘さんの夫はとても面白く、冗談を言うのが好きです。 私は彼を好きになりました。






























28 鈴木蘭奈



私のホストファミリーはpolice officerのファザーとjury manager のマザーと13歳のシスターと子犬と猫でした。食べるのが好きなファザーと料理が好きなマザーのおかげで毎日美味しいものをおなかいっぱい食べられて幸せでした。マザーの手料理が恋しいです。また、いつも「今日はどうだった?」とか「これは日本ではどうなの?」と色々と話しかけてくれて英語の会話を楽しむことができました。シスターとは映画を観たり、犬の散歩をしたり、お菓子作りをしたりしました。本当の妹のようで一緒にいてすごく楽しかったです。休日は私が楽しめるようにと色々計画を立てて連れて行ってくれました。ファミリーのおかげで休日はいつも楽しかったです。


私はBlackwood high schoolという学校に通いました。毎日バスで15分かけて通っていました。乗る時は手を上げてバスに合図するなど日本とは違うことがたくさんありました。初日は緊張していて思うように話せなかったけど、現地の子がすごく親切にしてくれてすぐに友達になれたので良かったです。日本のお菓子をあげると喜んでくれて、私を映画に誘ってくれました。日本のお菓子を持っていって本当に良かったと思います。留学生が多かったので色々な国の人とも友達になれました。授業では初めは全然聞き取れなくて、友達に「何すればいいの?」って聞いて頼ってばっかりだったけど、慣れていくうちに自分でもなんとなく聞き取れるようになって授業に参加できるようになりました。私はとった教科の中で英語と体育が一番好きでした。英語では映画を観たり本を作ったりしました。体育ではバドミントンとネットボールをしました。体を動かすと気分がすっきりして良かったです。お昼にはマザーが毎日おいしいサンドイッチやお菓子やみそ汁を持たせてくれました。教室では食べてはいけなかったので、外で食べたり床に座って食べたりしました。外で食べることは日本ではないのでとても新鮮でした。でもオーストラリアは冬だったので少し寒かったです。放課後は友達とカフェに行ってホットチョコレートを飲んだり、ファミリーと街で待ち合わせして外食したりしました。ファミリーはアジア料理が好きだったのでよくチャイナタウンに食べに行きました。日本の料理も好きだったので嬉しかったです。


I studied in Adelaide, Australia and did a home stay for one month from 22 July.

Though I was full of uneasiness when I left Japan, my host family was so kind and I was really excited about my Adelaide life.

My host family members were father is a police officer, mother is a jury manager, and sister is thirteen years old, puppy and cat. Thanks to my host father who love eating food and my host mother who is good at cooking, I was very happy to be able to have a lot of delicious food every day. I miss my host mother’s home cooking. I was always asked “How was today?”, “How about this in Japan?” and so on by everyone, so I could enjoy conversation in English. When I spent time with my host sister, we talked about each other, watched the movie, walked with puppy, making some sweets. It was very fun, because she is like my true sister. I had my host family take me around to various places weekend. They thought about the plan that I can enjoy it for me. Thanks to them, I had a good time.

Luckily, I was able to have my birthday during studying in Adelaide. I was so glad that I got some presents and many birthday wishes from my host family and friends. I could enjoy Australian food eating the Australian cake called “Pavlova” which I made with my host mother and the meat of a kangaroo and an emu at the BBQ. They were very tasty. Thanks to my lovely host family, I had a wonderful birthday. I was able to make a good memory.

I went to Blackwood high school by bus for fifteen minutes. When I get on the bus, I have to raise my hand and sign the bus to stop. There are many different things from Japan. Though I was so nervous and didn’t really speak English, local students are so kind for me. I could make some friends at once. It was good. And I was very happy. I gave my friends Japanese snacks. Then they invited me to watch a movie. It was nice movie. I could enjoy it. I’m glad that I took Japanese snacks from Japan. I could make many friends from many countries, because there were a lot of international students in my school. I couldn’t really hear English well at first, so I only relied on my friends and “What should I do?” I asked them. I got used to English and became able to understand my teacher’s English. I liked English and PE the best of all my subjects. I watched a movie and made a tiny book in English class. I played badminton and netball in PE class. I was glad that I felt refreshed when I exercised. My host mother gave me delicious sandwiches, snacks, miso soup and so on for lunch. We mustn’t eat lunch in the classroom, so I ate outside and sat on the floor. It was fresh for me to eat outside. But it was cold, because Australia was winter. I want to have lunch outside in Japan. I went to a café and drank hot chocolate with my friend after school. It was so good. And I met up with my host family at the city and had dinner after school. We often ate at the china town because they like Asian dishes. I’m glad that they like also Japanese dishes.

 I learned the importance of accepting the things around me from my study abroad. I came to be able to take a wide view of foreigner ,and to change way of thinking. I found that it is important to say and do actively, and to have a firm opinion. I could learn many things in my study abroad. I’m glad that I could have a valuable experience. I’m very grateful to my parents for giving me such a chance as this and my host family, friends, and teachers for supporting me. Thank you so much. 

28-1 28-2 28-3

 What I learned in Australia

Study abroad in Australia went by like a dream. But I feel it became unforgettable memories, and it will have a major influence to my life.

At first, I was not under tension until meet my host family, and I realized that “I am studying abroad” on that time.

My host family was friendly and very kind to me. My host father, who is interested in collecting many kind of old money and about guns and rifles, gave me a lot of knowledges which about history, Australian climate and the lay of the land, or how to write a report of school’s task. My host mother is Pilipino, and she said to me that “It was really hard to speak English at first” and she told me a knack of learning. Thanks to that kindness, I didn’t have any big problems about English, and I could send very good time in there. They took me around Adelaide and near in every weekend. So I could look many sightseeing spots and get much information about Australia such as the history of aborigine. I feel really happy to be a member of the family, and I’m so grateful to them, and I really love them.

In my school life, I had trouble taking notes in the beginning. I didn’t know how to do that because I have not taken communication in English before go to Australia.  I terribly regret that I did not do that. I missed the right timing while thinking how to describe my feeling in English. However, I noticed that trying to use the word if I don’t know the way to use is faster than thinking the right usage completely. Then I follow my host family or friend’s example about taking notes. And after that, I’ve become better at taking notes naturally than before.

In addition, there were many different cultures and the habits, and some of that were unthinkable to me. However, I think we have to abandon Japanese obvious thing in other country. This is because Japanese natural think is not always regarded as natural by people in other countries, so we have to understand that the other country has their own natural think. I really thank to be noticed that by this study abroad.

I also realized that I could finish it thanks to the support by a lot of people.

I sincerely thank to my host family who accepted me in the family, friends who were very kind to me and told me anything about the school or their home town, my parents who is always support from Japan, and the member of 5F who were in the same city and encouraged each other.

I believe that I grew up greatly, and lived a fruitful life in Australia.

I will make use of my experiences in the past month. Besides, I will study more to improve myself, and I want to broaden my horizons.

Lastly, I would love to visit Australia sometime again. Thank you.

                                                                    5F 27 Haruka









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My experiences in Australia

I experienced studying abroad in Australia during summer vacation. Actually, I was a little nervous about it just at first. But, I had a great time. So, I’ll talk about my experience a little.

First of all, we went to Hong Kong because we couldn’t go to Australia directly. It was the time such a school trip inside of an airplane. Probably, I think we were not nervous at that time. However, we were very nervous when arriving at Adelaide airport. Because we met our host family for the first time. At airport, Dad and Mom came to pick me up. They greeted me with a smile, and their smiles calmed my nerves.

There are four people in my family. My father who is a businessman is great fun. He always makes with the joke. My mother is an artist. The portrait of my father was limned by my mother. Also, she is very skillful at cooking, so no matter which one, the food that she made was very delicious. I have a sister who is 10 years older than me. She is very kind and slightly mischievous. But she is deucedly clever, because she is an able lawyer. And, my older brother is a university student. He studied educational psychology in college. Also, his hobby is playing the guitar, so he plays guitar very well.

My family is interested in Japanese culture. So, I was often caught in a cross fire of questions about Japanese culture. It was too hard for me, but I am happy just with my family having an interest in Japan.

My family is very close, so we spend usual time together. For example, I saw the movie with my family every Friday night, I had them take me around to various places every weekend, and we cook dinner together. The cooking which left an impression, is pavlova. It could make surprisingly easy, but very delicious, so I love it. There were other foods, mom taught me many kinds of recipe. So, I am doing her best at cooking now.

Out of all the classes in this school, I like cooking class the best. I was able to really enjoy cooking because I could cook with my friends. Any other subject, I like tourism, history and psychology. Tourism is fun because I have never done that before. Australian history is very interesting, so I think that I want to learn about it more and more. And, I was interested in psychology since quite a while ago. So, it was very nice time. Off course, I love recess time and lunch time too. I like that time, since I was able to hear everyone’s stories. Also, we play cards just for the fun of it, and we would play hide and seek. That is very fun time. That is a nice memory for me.

Since it was so fun, time passed by before I even knew it. I am looking forward to being able to meet their again sometime somewhere. I want to be able to speak English much more by that time.








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