英語科の短期留学レポート  2017.10

山田 杏樹 の留学レポート


1month is really short for study abroad, but it was precious and wonderful experience.

At first, I feel great nervous to study abroad because it’s colossal thing for me, but when I met my host family, my fear went away. If we do something, then it must be better than before, I think.


My family is Italian elderly couple Rossanna and Nono, and Italian exchange student Constanza. They are all Italian but always speak in English for me.

Rossanna is kind, a little bit strong women, and really good at cooking. Nono is very “Gentlemen” but likes joking, which sometimes made me laugh. Constanza is a beautiful and tender girl, and the same age as me. I always call her “Costy”. When I got my Australian home first time, I went to her room to greet but she was sleeping because of time difference! Before that I was really nervous but she said “Nice to meet you” with sleepy voice, so I don’t know why but I relieved.


I went to Modbury High School which consists of junior high and senior high.  I couldn’t get used to school life at first because my school is very big, but both teacher and my friends helped me a lot.

The subjects I took were: English, Math, Science, Humanities (these are required), Design, Japanese, and Child Studies (these are elective). All elective subjects were really interesting! In Japanese class, I could teach Australian friends about this class and Japanese culture sitting next to them, so it was good experience for me.

But it was really difficult to studying Math in Australia. I used “sin” and “cos” to find area of different kind of figure in Math class. I’m not good at doing Math, and I had to understand a lot of technical term, so it was hard time for me. After come back to Japan, I found that my 5F’s friends did easier one…it depends on the school.

Though I didn’t make friends fast, I came to make it as the days passed. We had lunch together, and went to a shopping mall after school. If I try actively, then my situation changes as well, I thought. On the last day, they gave me a letter or some memento, and I really miss them.


My biggest memory is that I could meet Costy. From second or third day we arrived in Australia, we did exercise every day because we want to slim down! It’s a little bit funny story. And we hang out together on weekends, and we talk about each other’s culture and school life late at night.

When I experienced hardship of speaking English, she was always by my side and supported me. She speaks English well and doing everything well, but she never be arrogant. Many times she said “No worries” to me, and then when I get over it, she gave me a big smile happily. I respect her from bottom of my heart. I hope I have effect on good things to her, too. Japan to Italy is really far away but I got dream to meet her again.


I have lots of things I learned in Australia, but I pick up two main topics.

First, people greet each other from the bottom of their heart even they are not family or friends. In Australia when we use bus, not only the driver, but also bus passengers greet driver smiling, with eye contact. Also my host family asks me “How are you?” or “How was the day?” every day.

As the days passed, I came to understand how important it is for Australian people. It’s the culture, and precious time to communicate with each other.

     Second, I got two opposite thought about learning language. First one is that how I study English, it’s just a tool to speak to people. But, I got another opinion. Though it’s just the tool to communicate, it’s really amazing things. I have friends from different country, and of course we talk in English. It’s natural, but for me it’s impressive thing because trough learning English, we could talk and understand each other. Learning English changes “foreigners” into “friends”, and explore the possibility. I really glad that I could learn language.


     Lastly, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who support me for this study abroad.

     Teachers and friends, Kotaha, a wonderful partner for this study abroad, my Australian friends, my unforgettable host family, and my lovely family who let me to go abroad and helped me to improve myself, I really appreciate you from bottom of my heart. I will keep trying! Thanks a million!!










私の通っていた学校はModbury High Schoolというところでした。中高一貫の広い学校で、初めの一週間くらいは慣れるのにとても苦労しましたが、生徒も先生も話してみるとみんなすごく優しかったです。

取った科目は、必修科目がEnglish、Math、Science、Humanities、選択科目がDesign、Japanese、Child Studiesでした。選択科目はどれもおもしろくて、Japaneseは現地の子の隣に座って教えてあげられたのでとても良い経験でした。みんな真剣に勉強していたけれど、「お茶」と書いてあるのを「これはChop stick(箸)?」などと聞いてきたりしてほほえましかったです。






そんな感じでしたが、私が思うようにコミュニケーションがとれなくて辛かったとき、ずっとそばで支えてくれたのも彼女でした。コスティーは英語がペラペラで積極性もあり何でもうまくやれるのですが、決して驕らず、自慢もそういうそぶりも一切ありませんでした。何度も「No Worries」と言ってくれ、私が元気になると本当に優しい笑顔で笑いかけてくれました。そんな彼女を私は心から尊敬しているし、また、私も彼女に良い影響を与えられていたら嬉しいと思います。イタリアと日本はすごく遠いですが、またコスティーに会うという夢ができました。








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藁科 萌花 の留学レポート


I went to Australia from July 21 to August 20 to study English. When we arrived in Adelaide, the temperature is so cold, so I felt nervous suddenly that I never felt in my life. But, there was no big change of lifestyle. Just I didn’t know how to get to the school.

I changed my host family. My new host mother is from Philippine, and she made me many kind of Philippine dishes that is very good. There was Chinese exchange student in the same house. She was listening C-POP every time, so I was woken up by that music every morning.

I went to Plympton International College that is English and Chinese bilingual school with my pair Reika. The first day of go to school, I am very nervous and followed the teacher to my classroom. However, my friends took away my fear and they are so kind and friendly to me. Moreover, Reika and I found handsome boy in the classroom, He is really good, I took the class that same as him, he helped me at math class when I couldn’t understand. He made us excited to go to school.

We went to the Adelaide Zoo as excursion. It was fun, but I could not see the koala, I could see only panda or other animals, which we can’t see in Japan. And I was surprised at I went to there by public bus. In Japan, we can go somewhere by reserved bus.

Also, I went to the city with my friends. Adelaide city has many shops along the street, and the street is very clean and there are a lot of trash can in the every street. This is same in all of Adelaide. I want to this idea in Japan.

 At last I went to the airport to leave Australia, when I found Akiho and some other Hokusei Girls friends in the airport, I was so happy and feel sad a little, because I don’t want to leave there so much.

What I learned through this time is importance of my family. They always think about me and my mother does housework every day. I found it is very bothered and difficult. And Japanese has Omotenashi spiritual that other country doesn’t have. We have consideration for others, I think it is important to our life. This topic is said cultural differences between Japan and other countries, but I want to have this spiritual anywhere at any time.

It was very good experience for me and it was the first time I have enjoyed so much in out of Japan.




私はペアの高橋さんと一緒にPlympton International Collegeという小学1年生のYear 1から高校3年生のYear 12まで通うことができる中国語とのバイリンガルの学校へ派遣されました。





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若月 悠 の留学レポート


July 21th, I went to Australia, Adelaide, and I did homestay for one month.


I was very nervous and felt anxiety before going to study abroad.

Can I do something by myself? Can I make many friends at school? Can I get along with my host family? and so on…

I was so nervous than I was looking forward to going to Australia.

Finally, when I arrived at Adelaide, There was a mother and two daughters having a card with my name on it.

And when they found me, they smiled and hugged me. They looked so kind. So, I could feel relived and I was looking forward to spend a good time with them.

Then, I arrived at their home, an international student girl was waiting for me.

She is the same age as me. But, she is soooooo tall!! I was very surprised.

She is 172cm, and I am 150cm, so the difference between me and her was amazing.

As result, my host family’s member were mother Tash, 5 years old sister Milly, 7 years old sister Jenna, and an international student Victoria from Switzerland.


 The 7 years old sister, Jenna is good at dancing. And she entered a dance competition. She often shows her wonderful dancing to me. Also, she likes studying and reading. She always reads Harry Potter. It is very thick. So, I was very surprised. Moreover, I played with her every day. For example, we played badminton, catch ball, some games, and so on.

The 5 years old sister, Milly is very cute. She always keeps smiling, and she hugged me every day.  Also, I and Milly played every day, too. We drawed something and we played trampoline. We did plenty of other things which were fun. It was very fun for me, and I was healed by them.

The international student is beautiful. She can speak French, and English. And her English speaking is awesome. At first, I couldn’t understand what she was saying, and I couldn’t talk with her. But, I actively talked to her many times. I tried to talk something with her every day. Then, I could understand her speaking a little bit. And I could get along with her.

After that, we often talked about our own country and country’s language.

I told Japanese to her, and she told French to me.  Moreover, I showed some Japanese picture. For example, kimono, yukata and some Japanese dishes. When she looked them, she said she wants to go to Japan and she asked me if I could show her around. I was very happy when she said that. Also, I could know about Switzer land. So, it was a very nice and special time!!

My host mother, Tash was so kind and friendly. And she is a school teacher of the school I went.

She teaches English and history. And she is rich in knowledge. So, she understood my poor English.  Also, she taught English to me. Moreover, she took me to various places. For example, Henley beach, chocolate factory, cheese factory, cle land, Italian restaurant, and so on. Moreover, she held my birthday party!! The cake and dishes were very delicious. I could start my 17 years old life with a smile!!. I put a lot of worry and trouble on her, but even though she gave me a lot of love to me like a true family.   



Like I had a wonderful time with my Family my school life was fantastic, too!!  At first, I felt anxiety how to make friends, but my school attached a buddy to international students, so I could make so many friends. Fortunately, my buddy, Stacie was so kind and a nice person and people around her were so funny and kind, too. And they were from different countries. For example Philippines, Vietnam, Indian, and African. We always eat lunch together and we always had recess together. And they were interested in Japan, so, I told them about Japanese festival and traditional clothes.  Also, Stacie always helped me when I was in trouble. Consequently, I could get along with them because they were friendly. Before coming to Australia I didn’t expect to be able to get along with so many people. My school life couldn’t be any better..



Therefore, I am grateful to all the people I met in Australia.

I touched their kindness, and I felt their love deeply. Then, I learned the importance of loving others. And, I was able to notice that what I thought was not a oblivious thing.  Also, I understood well the importance of my family and friends in Japan.

I would like to thank them who have always supported me in Japan.

It was a short period of a month, but I will not forget the gratitude of the nice people I met in Australia and I would like to see them again someday.


Finally, I would like to thank my family, without them I could never study abroad and experience such a special time. I am thankful to all the people who supported me. I would like to make use of this experience for the future.

Thank you for a wonderful month!!




























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宇野 舞花 の留学レポート


I have been to Australia for a month. My host family is very kind and friendly. Host mothers name is Shelley and host sisters name is Imogen. Imogen is 12 years old, we talked many things, and I taught origami to her. They have some pets, dog, cats, and rabbit. Dog breed is Dingo. Dingo is endemic species in Australia. Recently, I had my birthday. They sent me birthday card and gift on air mail. I’m very happy, and I appreciate to make a lot of memories with them. In Australia, I have many precious experiences so, I will write three things.


First, I went to a lot of places with my host family on every weekend. When it was rainy, we went to indoor type theme park. When it was cloudy, we went to shopping. When it was sunny, we went to beach and watched dolphins. These are almost the first experiences for me. Among them, LOCHEL PARK GREEN VILLAGE is the most impressive places in SA. It’s because there all houses using home solar electricity generation, and drinking water filtration the pond water. So, the whole area doesn’t have any utility pole. I told my host mother to my father is architect, she take me to there. There is very beautiful place. I thought it seems that there looks like model houses. There has not only community field but also small community library, and community buses. However, on the other hand, it has many money to live there. Mother said “Here living only rich people.” We were laughing and made memories.


Next, I write about after school. One day, we went to Mt. Lofty, and one day, my host mother and I went to look some wild koalas. Mt. Lofty is the highest mountain in Adelaide. We saw and took photos setting sun. I can took very very beautiful photos! A warm and sunny day, my host mother said suddenly “Maika, Let’s go to see koala!!!” “ Today is sunny and warm day, I think we can see wild koala near our house.” I thought is it true? However, as a result, that day, I can saw two koalas. They are sleeping, but few minutes later, they were starting eat eucalyptus. In total, I saw over ten koalas for a month.


Last, I write about my school life a little. The school building likes maze, I always lost at first weeks. The most exciting classes are Woodwork and Food and Culture. In Woodwork class, I made secret box, but it wasn’t finish. However, I got a valuable experience, I’m happy. In the Food and Culture, I made some food once a week. All foods were first time to eat, but there were delicious. I can made some friends in there, I was really happy. If I can, I want to go there once again.

私は7月21日から8月20日までオーストラリアのアデレードへ留学しました。私のホストマザーはShelleyです。とても親切で優しくて面白い人です。北海道にも来たことがあるらしく、日本への関心も高く家には扇子や掛け軸、箸もありお米もたくさん食べさせてくれました。ホストシスターはImogenで、可愛くて優しいです。彼女も日本に少なからず興味があるらしく、テレビで日本の遊びを紹介する番組をよく見ていました。(見たことも聞いたこともない遊びしか紹介されていませんでしたが…)私は彼女に折り紙を教えました。最初は難しいと言っていましたが、完成した時はとても嬉しそうでした。家には犬のPinnyと猫のMiddyとTebby、ウサギのPumpkinがいました。特にPinnyが人懐っこく、よく私の後ろをついて来たり、ソファーに座っていると隣に座ってきたりしました。Dingoという犬種でこれはオーストラリアの固有種だそうです。MiddyとTebbyはとてものんびりで夜中、寝ているときに私の上に飛び乗ってきたり、ベッドからなかなか降りてくれなかったり2匹ともマイペースでした。また、Pumpkinはすばしっこく、夕食時、家の中に連れ戻そうとしても全然捕まえられなかったりPinnyに噛みついたりと、すごくにぎやかでした。帰国後もマザーとはFacebookで会話を楽しんでいます。この間、私の誕生日の時にAir mailで誕生日プレゼントが届きました。中には私好みのきれいな布とバースデーカードが入っていてとてもうれしかったです。2人とはとても楽しい日々を過ごし、私たちは毎週末(放課後も)あちこち出かけていたのでたくさんの思い出ができました。いくつかご紹介します。


週末は毎週どこかへ行っていました。晴れた日には海へ行き、曇りの日はショッピングを楽しみ、雨が降っている日は室内テーマパークで遊びました。その中でも印象的だったのが、LOCHIEL PARK GREEN PARKと呼ばれるところです。そこはたくさんの家が立ち並ぶ住宅街ですべての家がソーラーパネルで電気をまかなっており、飲料水も池の水をろ過したものを使っているそうです。また、街灯もソーラーパネルを使って照らしているのでその地域一帯は電信柱が一つもありませんでした。いろいろなものが共同で畑のほかに小さな図書館(自由に本がとれる場所)やバスも共同で使用されていました。きれいな建物ばかりでモデルハウスみたいだなと思いました。モデルハウスのようで生活感がある、日本では見ることができないであろう貴重な経験でした。私も住んでみたいなぁ~とマザーに伝えてみたら、すごいお金がかかるよ(笑)と言われ、あきらめました。


オーストラリアでは部活に入らなかったので、比較的早い時間に帰ることができました。放課後はアイスを食べに行ったり、Mt. Loftyというアデレードで一番高い山から夕日を日が沈むまで眺めたりしました。ある暖かくて晴れた日に、マザーに突然コアラを見に行こうと誘われました。今日はコアラが見られる気がするの!と言われホントかなと思いながらついていくと、家の近くで本当に野生のコアラが見られました。その日は二匹のコアラが木の上で寝たりユーカリを食べたりしてました。1か月でコアラを10匹以上見ることができ、そのうちの一回は動物園でコアラを抱っこしました。


最後に少しだけ、学校での話をします。私が通った学校は迷路みたいな校舎でした。一番楽しかった授業はWoodworkとFood and Cultureです。Woodworkではシークレットボックスを作りました。残念ながら完成しなかったので持って帰ることはできませんでしたが、こっちではやらない科目だったので楽しかったです。もう一つのFood and Cultureでは週一で調理実習がありました。作る料理すべてが初めて食べるものだったので慣れない作業もあり、また、調理実習中は電子辞書が使えず初めて見る単語が調べられない!と焦ったり、ペアになった中国人は中国語で友達と話していたりと、紆余曲折ありましたが、先生やクラスメートが助けてくれたのでとてもおいしい料理が完成しました。とても楽しかったです。



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長南 果純 の留学レポート


I went to Australia about one month. I was a little uneasy.

I am not good at speaking English. What should l do if I can not convey myself to them in English well. I thought every time like that.


When l arrived at the airport, I was met by my host mother. She looks so kind, so my heart is at ease.

She has exchange students from China. The girls name is Meeko. She is a kind person.

The first day, I could not convey myself in English. And my feelings became depressed. Then, she gave me some good advice. So I can get a lot of confidence from this.


Meeko and I went different school. I was very nervous.

<Seaton high scool> is my school. This school is very small. But famous for baseball.


We could choose what class we take.

I picked : Math, English, Science, Home Economics, PE, Texttiles.


We played volleyball in PE class. But the gilrs in there are very scary.

Nose ring, dye thire hair….something like that.


Nobody speaks to me. So, if I have some asking, I should call out to someone.

But I am not good at talking people. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


When I went home, I talked to Meeko what did at school. So I was somehow hard.


Next day, I talked friend after school. I went home at 5:45.

Suddnery my host mother got angry at me.

“why you late?? I looked forward all time!!”She is very scary. So I talked her “I talked to friend”

Then she said “Do not talk them after school. And you must Phone in Australia.”I did not buy it, but I do not have free. She does not cook brakefast and lunch. Dinner is sometime Instant noodle.


Oneday, I asked her “can you wash my clothes?”Then she sent e-mail “I am not your slave.”She did not talk to me.

I could not stand it.

So I talked Mr. Tanabe about them.


Then I could change my host family. They are Italian . My new host mother is good at cooking. I like her cooking. Pizza, pasta, soup… something like that.


After changing host family. I did not have a prpblem.


In school, I do not have bady so I was always alone.

When I was sitting alone under the tree, some of girls came and said “come on, eat lunch together.”they are so friendly. I was little bit surprised.

I ate lunch with them evry day. I was able to be a friend with them.


Now I contact to them of Facebook.


I have no problem in school too.


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趙 洧珍 の留学レポート


My stay in Australia was so fantastic. The time when I was in Australia was so fast for me. Moreover, it made my stay unforgettable. Then, I will talk about my stay!


At the first time when I met my host family, I was very nervous. However, my host family talked to me a lot, so I was able to relax.

There are four people in my host family. There are host father, host mother and two little host sisters. And there is an international student from Switzerland.

My host father is a chef so he always made a nice dinner. Moreover, he has sense of humor, so he made us smile. And my host mother always asked “How was today? Do you have any homework?” such like that. Thanks to that, I could more conversation with her.

And it was very fun when I played with my host sisters. We played a card game, walked near the beach and watched movie. Moreover, I had a good time with Alta who is an international student from Switzerland but her parents are Mongolian. We are same age, so I became friendly with her soon. So we can talk a lot of things every day. And we went to many places. I think it was lucky that I met her!

My host family was so nice. They took me to various places for me.So, I could do a lot of experience during my stay. Thanks to my host family, I had a good time in Adelaide.


Next, I will talk about my school. I went to Henley high school.

There are many international students in Henley high school. So I can talk many students came from various countries.

I was able to choose seven classes. I took Math, Food & Hospitality, Girls sport, Drama, Science, Art, Digital media. Among them all, I cannot forget Drama class. In this class, we did expression about own feeling in the beginning, and then we are given some situations by our teacher. At the first time, acting without a scenario was so hard for me. However, when I asked there was a teacher and friends who gently helped me, so I was able to enjoy in the drama class.

At the first time, when I took the lessons, all subjects were difficult for me. But thanks to the people around me I gradually became able to enjoy the lessons.


I felt many things during my stay. When I went to my school at first, I thought that there are some students who look scary. But they were nice people. So I thought that I have to try not to judge before doing something and should to try everything from myself. In addition, I learned to understand differences of culture and appreciate what I have now.

I appreciate all people who I met in Australia.

Last, I really appreciate my parents for giving me the chance that I can do precious experience.








そして、私は七つの教科をとることができました。Math, Food & Hospitality, Girls sport, Drama, Science, Art, Digital mediaの教科をとりました。その中で私はドラマの授業が一番忘れられません。その授業では初めに自分の気分を表現する練習をします。そのあと私たちは先生からある状況を与えられます。生徒たちはそれに沿った演技をします。初めはシナリオなしで演技をすることは私にとって難しかったですが、その授業にはたくさんの優しい友達と先生がいて私を助けてくれました。それで私はその授業を楽しむことができました。これらの素晴らしい経験を私に与えてくれた先生方や、友達にとても感謝しています。





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友廣 伽耶 の留学レポート


Hi. I went to the study abroad between July21-August20. The place where I stayed in Australia was Noarlunga in Adelaide. They had very beautiful nature and greens. I really worried about my asthma, but thanks for such nature I didn’t have asthma any time.

Before the study abroad, I felt big nervous, but my host parents were very kind so I could spend comfortable time in Australia. My family structure was, mother : Joanna who is good at cooking, 18 years old sister : Zuzia who likes K-POP, 17 years old sister : Rozalia who likes cosmetics and fashion, 15 years old brother : Jonashz who can play the drum and trombone, 10 years old sister : Lena who really likes Tweety, 18 years old study abroad student from German : Sarah who really likes Aerosmith and other old American rocks. Especially Sarah from German went to the same school with me, so we always went to school together. She gave me some souvenirs from German, and we sometimes went to the shopping after school, and we talked about each country’s episode after went back to our home, and we did a lot of things together. I was very happy to be a great friend with her. We sometimes chat in Instagram now.


As I mentioned before, my host mother was very good at cooking. The dishes that my host mother made were very yummy. She made me the different dishes between every day, so I didn’t feel bored with her dishes. One day she made me some Polish dishes, and another day she made some German chicken soup for Sarah from German, and another day she made some teriyaki chicken for me from Japan. So I could learn about many country’s dishes, and these were so yum! It was fresh for me to use fork and knife with every day’s dinner. She sometimes made some sweets such as cupcake, muffin, or other things something like that for me. The time when eating such sweets with drinking tea after dinner was very comfortable time for me. I want to back that time.


Next, I will talk about my school. The name of my school was Seaford Secondary Collage where has many International students. I was took Math class, Humanity class, English class, Science class, Art class, Dance class, PE class. The class that I most favorite was Art class because my teacher was really nice and kind. Thanks for him I could learn many things easily. I was very happy to take wonderful Art class in there. Seaford had a good International program for study abroad students so I could go to many beautiful places in school excursion such as Cleland, Adelaide city. These experiences were very good memories for me.


Sometimes someone said to me 「Look, there is Asian」, and sometimes someone threw to me a pen, and sometimes students ignored me. There were many hard experiences, but all of these are very important memories. I want to hold these memories and be progressive. Thank you for read all of my report of study abroad.






私の派遣校は「Seaford Secondary Collage」という学校で、留学生を多く受け入れているグローバルな学校でした。制服もとても可愛くて、日本で過ごしたことのないミニスカライフを満喫できてとても楽しかったです。授業は、数学は元々苦手だったということもあったためあまり積極的に参加することができませんでしたが、その他の授業では先生方の熱心な指導の下できる限りの範囲でなんとかやり遂げることができました。さらに生徒たちの大半が良い人たちで、私が授業についていけなくて困っている時はいつも教えてくれたりして、本当に助かりました。そうしたやりとりがあったからこそ自分の英語に自信が持てたし、Speakingの力を成長させることができました。そんな友達たちには本当に感謝しているし、もう一度会いたい気持ちでいっぱいです。最初は見た目だけで怖いと決めつけてしまい、なかなか自分から話しかけることができなかった私でも、最後には打ち解けて数えきれないほどの思い出を作ることができました。「人は見た目じゃない」とよく言いますが、本当にその通りだと心底感じました。いくら無愛想でも、髪色が派手でも、ピアスがごてごてでも、実際に話してみないとその人がどんな人なのかは分かりません。ここでも一つ、見た目だけで中身を決めつけてはいけないということを身に染みて感じ、また改めて学習することができました。




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高橋 麗夏 の留学レポート


I was able to enjoy my study abroad.


I stayed in Adelaide for a month. This study abroad was first time for me. Also I went to foreign country for the first time. So before I went to Adelaide, I was so excited. However as Adelaide gets closer, I became anxiety. When I arrived in Adelaide airport, many host families waited us to holding our name card. I looked for my name card. But I couldn’t find my name card. Then, my classmates found their host family. I was so worried. After 5 minutes, my host family came to airport late. When I met her for the first time, I was relived. I have been studying abroad for a month since then. 


First, I’ll talk about my host family. My host family is mother and daughter 33 years old. They are so kind. However, mother cannot speak and communicate English. I knew about this after I stayed in house. Daughter took care of me. Her name is Sunny. She is very cheerful! She is always busy, because she has to work. Even though she is busy, she took me many places in Adelaide such as shopping mole, zoo, and city. But she often stayed at home at night. So I talked with my host mother to use translation, because she cannot speak English. Thanks to my host family, I could enjoy for a month.


Next, I’ll talk about my school.

I went to Plympton International College. This school is bilingual school in Australia and China. I was so nervous before I went to school. However, through I suddenly joined class, classmates are so kind for me. Then I relived. And I could make friends. We ate lunch on the lawn. Last day, I could take photos with many friends. My choice lesson is English, Science, History, Math, Art, Chinese, Buffets special diet. Buffets special diet looks like home economics. All subject is very difficult for me. But I could understand them because my school teacher helped me. My school life had very hard. But I excited for a month.


Finally, I’ll talk about different between Japan and Adelaide.

When it is summer in Japan, it is winter in Adelaide. But there isn’t snow. Adelaide is very cold. The temperature have 11℃〜15℃. It looks like temperature of September in Japan. But I felt colder than September of Japan. Through outside is cold, we had to go outside in school rest time and lunch time. I surprised it. Because in Japan, we are always inside. I was in pain. Water is important in Australia. I felt it while I was in Adelaide. For example, I was limited that shower time was less than 10 minutes, and washing once a week. The price of drinking water is also high. In Japan, its price is about 100 yen. But in Adelaide, its price is about 200 yen. From this experience, I thought of appreciating that we could use a lot of water.


Through this study abroad, I could learn many things. First week, I felt so long and I wanted to go back Japan. But I gradually felt short. Last day, I didn’t want to go back Japan.  Thanks to my host family and my school friends, I thought so.

And thanks to my family, to have good experience. I really appreciate my family.







次に学校についてお話しします。私はPlympton International Collegeという中国とオーストラリアのバイリンガルの高校に通いました。私は学校に行く前はとても緊張していましたが、クラスメートはとても親切でした。その時本当に安心しました。私の行った高校は毎回移動教室で、最初はどこに行けばいいかわからなかった私にクラスメートはついてきてくれました。そして私は友達も作ることが出来ました。一緒にランチを芝生の上で食べたりしました。最終日にはたくさんの人と写真を撮ったり、友達とメールアドレスを交換して、今でも連絡を取り合ったりしています。私が選択した授業は、英語、理科、歴史、数学、中国語、美術、バフェットアンドスペシャルダイエットです。バフェットアンドスペシャルダイエットとは日本でいう家庭科みたいなものです。全ての教科は私にとってとても難しかったですが、友達や学校の先生が助けてくれました。私は大変なこともありましたが、楽しい1か月を送ることができました。







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高田 夏光 の留学レポート


Hello. I’m Nami Takada, and I studied English in Australia for a month. I’ll introduce my expression of study abroad. First I met my host father for the first time at the Adelaide Airport, and I felt nervous.  I couldn’t understand his English because he had Australian accent. It was hard for me to understand his English. After I arrived at home, I met my host mother, her daughter, and host sister who came from Hong Kong. I thought my host family is lovely and I am a happy student, but I had complex in my English because my host sister who came from Hong Kong could speak English well. I didn’t feel like speaking and listening to English at that time. However my host family was always kind to me so I could change my mind and I think my host sister influenced on me. Through taking with host family, I felt like speaking English more.

My host mother brought us to the school, and host father picked us up to home, made nice meal, washed dishes and clothes, and cleaned my room for me every day. I appreciate them even now.  I wanted to help them, but they always refused that every time. So I sometimes washed dishes when my host mother went working. My host father always did house works. It made me surprised because my father in Japan doesn’t house works.

 They took me nice place every weekend.  I went seeing Koalas and kangaroos with host family because I had never seen Koalas. They drove for a long time to let me see that. I was happy to go there rather than seeing koalas because they seemed happy as well. I thought I want to live in Australia with them a little bit more, but I had to go back to Japan. My host family said me don’t go Japan, and stay here for 2 years. I was happy to be said that. Even now we send mail each other every day and they said me they will come to Japan soon. So I will be able to see them again. Actually I didn’t feel sad when I said good bye for them because I thought we will be able to see again someday in Japan or Australia. I am looking forward to see them again, and I’m going to study English hard to talk with them more. Thank you for reading my report.



出発前は全く実感がなく全く心配もしていなかったのですが、アデレード空港でホストファザーに初めて会った時に今まで感じたことがないような気持になりました。不安や緊張、戸惑いで何を話せばいいかわからなくなってしまい、ましてやオーストラリアのアクセントは私には理解しづらく動揺しました。私のホストファミリーはファザー、マザー、9歳で私と同じHallett Cove School に通うメーガンと香港人の女の子でした。香港から来た女の子は私と同学年で同じ日に来たというのに英語を流ちょうに話せていたので、初めの何日間かは自分の英語にコンプレックスを感じ、英語に触れたくないと感じてしまったこともありました。ですが彼女から良い刺激をたくさん受け、またホストファミリーと会話をしていくうちに「英語をもっと話したい」と感じるようになりました。学校でも戸惑うことが多く泣いてしまったこともありましたが、先生は私を抱きしめてくれました。私は留学で沢山の困難に直面しましたが、その分沢山の方に助けていただきました。




田島 未悠 の留学レポート


I had a good time in Australia. Maybe, almost students write about high school, so I’d like to tell you about my weekend. My host family were very kind me and cheerful. They’re Italian, so I always eat Italy dishes. Not to mention everyday meals, they give me some souvenir. My friends always made lunch them self, so I think I went good house. Nonna goes to volunteer for the disabled every weekend. Nonno always in field. His vegetables were very delicious, and l became love vegetable. Nonna was always busy, but she takes me a lot of place like bus tours and pond. On Sunday, I went to church. There was like live venue, which I go. We had a lot of young people and it was very fun to dancing and singing. And I invited my friend’s host family house to sleep over sleep. First time, we stay l later, so Mrs. Lee sends my host family. I inconvenience of Mr. Stan and Mrs. Lee. But they invited the birthday peaty. And I stay 2 nights 3 days. I was very happy which they inviting again. They said me “Your host family are very busy, so we take you a lot of place and I make your good memory with your friend ” Mr. Stan boils the base for as. Our tensions were rises. So we take the base together. But, accidents will happen a second time. When we used shower while using water for the base, water flows backward from the drain. And we wet next door storage and next to next door Mrs. Lee’s bed loom. When I’m gathering up water thinking somehow, I tried to lift a box of wine and the bottom flew down on my feet and my pyjamas got wet and I got to sleep with jeans and tank top that day. It is a good memory for now. The next day took me to Victor Harbour. If I’m a bit depressed because there was a thing last night, Mr. Stan gave me a warm word saying “Don’t mind, having fan today?” It made my heart easier. I took a camel on the beach. It was my first experience. So it was a lot of fun. In Australia, I was able to deepen relationships with local friends as well as my Japanese students. I have heard that my friends who made in high school are to be in a long relationship. If so, I think it’s is good for me to came this school and in this class because I can make good friends in here. Of course, there were lots of hardships at the school where I went to study. However, my friends listened to the story and encouraged me, so I think I was able to overcome it. From now on, we have activity of English drama begining. All English is really hard and I think that collision between friends will also occur. But, when I get over it, I think we can do a wonderful drama with real fellow. So I would like to work on never giving up.

Thank you for your reading.


私はオーストラリアでとてもいい時間を過ごすことができました。きっとほとんどの人は学校についてたくさん書いてると思うので、私は休日について書こうと思います。私のホストファミリーはとても優しく、明るい人たちでした。彼らはイタリア人だったので、いつもイタリア料理が出てきました。毎日の食事はもちろん、お土産にいろいろなものまでくれました。私の友達はみんな自分でお昼を作って持ってきていましたが、いつもノーナが作ってくれていたので私は良い家庭に入れたのだと思います。ノーナは毎週末、障害者のためのボランティアに出かけていました。ノーノはいつも畑にいました。ノーノが作る卵を焼いた料理とブロッコリーはとても美味しく、野菜が大好きになりました。ノーナは忙しいのにバスツアーや池などに連れて行ってくれました。日曜日は教会に行きました。私が連れて行ってもらったところはまるでライブ会場の様な場所でした。若者も多く、歌ったりリズムに乗せて体を揺らしたりして楽しかったです。また、御呼ばれして友達のファミリーの家にお泊りにも行きました。一回目は帰りに夜遅くまで外にいて家に送ってもらったりと迷惑をかけてしまったのに、誕生日パーティーをやるからおいでと招待してくれて嬉しかったです。二回目は二泊三日も泊めてくださいました。リーさんとスタンさんは「あなたのホストファミリーはとても忙しいから, 私たちがいろんな場所に連れて行ってあげるから友達といい思い出を作りなさい」と言ってくれました。スタンさんは泡風呂を入れてくれました。3人ともテンションが上がっていたので、みんなで一緒に入りました。ただ、そこで2度目の事故が起こりました。お風呂で水を使いながらシャワーを出したところ、排水溝から水が逆流したのです。そして、隣の物置とその隣のリーさんの寝室のマットを濡らしてしまいました。何とかしようと思って水をかき集めているとき、ワインの箱を持ち上げようとして底が抜けて足に落ちてきたり、私のパジャマが濡れてその日はジーンズとタンクトップで寝る羽目になりました。今ではいい思い出です。次の日はビクターハーバーに連れて行ってくれました。昨晩のことがあったので少し落ち込んでいると、スタンさんが「気にしなくていいよ、今日を楽しんで?」と温かい言葉をかけてくださったので心が楽になりました。ビーチではラクダに乗りました。初めての経験だったのでとても楽しかったです。私はオーストラリアで現地の学生だけでなく、友達との仲をより深めることができました。高校時代の友達は一生ものだと聞いたことがあります。なら私はとてもいい友達を持つことができたのでこの学校に来て、「短期組」に入って本当に良かったと思いました。もちろん、留学先の学校で辛いこともたくさんありました。ですが、友達が」話を聞いてくれたり、励ましてくれたから乗り越えることができたのだと思います。これからは英語劇に向けての活動が始まります。全て英語というのは本当に大変で、仲間同士でのぶつかり合いも起こるとは思います。ですが、それを乗り越えた時、本当の仲間と素晴らしい演劇ができると思うので諦めずに取り組んでいきたいと思います。



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