I went to Australia, Adelaide and I did homestay from one month. I was very uneasy at the beginning, because there only things that I had not done before.


First of all, I will talk about school life. My school is “HALLETT COVE SCHOOL”. It is a very big school with year 12 from year 9. Basically, classes were able to select my favorite subjects by selection system. I chose subject the most fun is “Cafe skills”. This subject is like home economics in Japan, but All what you make is a cafe menu. I was expecting this class because I was cooking practice once every two weeks. Please also select this subject if you have this subject.

Next I talk about friends of school. My school has a few Japanese. Many Chinese students were in international students. I have always been acting with Chinese and Korean. It was a nice experience for me to be involved with people from other countries. International students talk to us a lot, but the local students did not talk to me so much. During my first lesson I will ask a lot. However, it did not continue after that. International students are not rare in countries other than Japan, so I felt that I had to go actively from myself.

Next, I talk about homestay. I changed hosts so I write about the second house. Family composition is host mother, host father, host brother, Isabella from Brazil. My host family is very kind for me. Also, took me to various places. for example, there can touch the animal, it is “wildlife park”, city, shopping center, movie theater and restaurant. Isabella of the same international student was wiser than I am, although I am younger than I. And she was very beautiful. And she looks like adult. I felt Japanese people look younger again. The school which goes with her was a lot of fun time. Mother and Father went to have a shop in a nearby shopping mall and I went to see. There were products using words to imagine Japan such as samurai and ninja in the store. Mother and Father seemed to be interested in Japan. One day I was told to “tell you the place where you live in” I was saying to the video of Sapporo on You tube. They were a favorite snow festival, they said “I want to go here now”. That word was very pleasing for me. I hope to see the next time in the place I live. I appreciate them for giving me a good time.


I was able to learn a lot from this study abroad. It is not only the language but also the cultural differences and Japan is a very useful country. Every day was new thing and unfamiliar so many things were difficult. But this learning has become a very valuable experience for me. I don’t forget what I learned from this study and I would like to make use of it for my future life.


まず、学校生活について話します。私の学校は “HALLETT COVE SCHOOL”です。

9年生から12年生までが在学する非常に大きな学校です。基本的に、自分の好きな科目を選択できました。私が1番好きだった授業は “カフェスキル”です。日本の家庭のようなものですが料理というよりカフェメニューのものだけを作ります。2週間に1回調理実習をしていたので、このクラスを心待ちにしていました。








ある日、「あなたが住んでいるところをみせて!」と言われ、私はYoutubeの札幌の動画を見せました。雪祭りや寿司を気に入ったらしく彼らは “私達は今すぐにでもここに行きたい”と言いました。その言葉は私にとってとても嬉しかったです。いつの日か私が住んでいる場所で再開できることを願っています。私は素敵な時間をくれた彼らにとても感謝しています。 私は留学から多くを学ぶことができました。言語だけでなく文化の違いもあり、日本は便利な国ということに気付かされました。毎日新しいことがあって慣れないことばかりで辛いこともたくさんありました。 しかし、この留学は私にとって非常に貴重な経験となりました。私はここから学んだことを忘れず、将来の生活のためにそれを活かしたいです。