英語科の短期留学レポート  2018.10



One month is like the wind for me. It was a good memory and experience.


At first, I was really nervous. I couldn’t even tell what I want to drink in the airplane which is go to Hong Kong airport. I was frustrated. I thought if I can talk with my host family, I can make friends, I can understand study. Anyway, I was so nervous. However, I could figure out telling my feelings is not so hard.


My host family is young couple and a baby. Father is Australian and name is Tim. He is very bright and cheerful. Also, his face is similar to Steven’s. Please look at pictures. Mother’s name is Barbie and she is Filipina but her stepfather is Japanese so she lived in Japan when she was a girl. We talked a lot of things of Japan. Host brother is still young boy. His name is Caleb and one years old. He is really active and loves balls. He always holding a ball with his hand. They are really good family and I love them.


I learned many things, but I can’t say everything in this report, so I will introduce about religion.


Do you know Hokusei’s religion is Christianity? We sing a hymn, read bible, listen to someone’s story, and pray every morning. Japanese is so quiet while service. My host family believe Christ and they took me to their church. When I saw service in that church for the first time, I was very surprised. People is not quiet. They raise their hands and say “Yes, Jesus” keep closing their eyes. I thought this is not Christianity, very strange. One day, my host father said “Would you believe Christ?” to me. To tell the truth, I like precept but I don’t have faith because I want to change everything by myself. So, I didn’t want to say yes, but I can’t betray their expectation. As a result, I was lost and said yes. At first, I was confused because I didn’t know anything about Christianity of Australia but I think it was good I said yes. To spend the day with them, I had a question. Why do they believe so hard? I asked my host father and mother, and then, they talked something incredible. Originally, my host father had a cancer so the couple wasn’t able to get a baby. But his cancer has gone while they prayed for god and they got a baby! They were saying this is miracle, amazing. I think so. When I heard that, I could understand their feelings. So, I went to church with them and join the home group, and also, I shared the bible. At the end, my host father and mother gave me a bible in English. This bible is my treasure, and this experience was good for me.


I really appreciate my parent let me going study abroad. By having studied abroad, I noticed good point of foreign country, and also, Japan too. I really like my country, my school, my family and my friends. I will never forget this summer.











 皆さんは北星女子の宗教がキリスト教であることはご存知ですか。私たち生徒は毎日礼拝の時間に讃美歌を歌い、聖書を読み、誰かの講話を聞いて、お祈りをします。日本の礼拝はとても静かです。私のホストファミリーはキリスト教信者でした。そして私も留学の間は日曜日の礼拝に一緒に行かせてもらっていました。初めて教会に行った時、私はとても驚きました。日本の礼拝とは違って静かなものではないのです。人々は両手を高くあげて目を閉じたまましきりに“yes, Jesus”と言っているのです。これはキリスト教ではないのではないか、おかしいぞと思ってしまったほどです。そんなある日、ホストファザーが私にキリストを信じるかと聞いてきました。実を言うと、私はキリスト教の教えは好きですが宗教というもの自体信じていません。なぜならすべてを自分自身の力で変えたいと思っているからです。そのため、はいと言うのを躊躇いましたがファミリーの期待を裏切りたくはなくて迷った末に信じると答えました。最初はオーストラリアのキリスト教について全然知らなかったので戸惑ったこともありましたが、あの時信じると答えて良かったと思っています。ファミリーと時間を過ごすうちに私はひとつの疑問を抱きました。どうしてこんなにもキリスト教を熱心に信じているのか。私はホストファザーとマザーに聞いてみると信じがたいことを話してくれました。元々、ファザーはがんを持っていたらしく、そのために子供もできませんでした。しかし神に祈るうちにがんは治り、子供もできたそうです。これは素晴らしいことで奇跡としか言いようがないと言っていました。私もそう思います。この話を聞いた時、彼らの気持ちを理解することが出来ました。それで教会、ホームグループ、聖書のシェアなど積極的に参加できるようになりました。最後はファザーとマザーが英語の聖書をプレゼントしてくれました。この聖書は私の宝物で本当に良い経験を出来たと思います。



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 I went to Adelaide, Australia for one month. this summer vacation was the first time overseas for me. Now this period is like a dream for me. I had a lot of experience and everything I saw was new to me. I’d like to talk about wonderful summer vacation.


First, I talk about my host family. I had my host mother, father, sister, two brothers, and one exchange student from Italy. They are so kind for me. I had a sister. She was five years old. Almost every night, she was come to my room and then singing a song with me. And She was interested in make-up, so sometimes she used to my make-up tool. Her smile is so sweet and every day she cheered me up. Two brothers were so fanny and I laughed for every day. Older brother was six years old. He came to me at the airplane with his father on the first day. He like to play soccer, and he said want to be a soccer player in the future. Everyday he was soccer practice. I’m looking forward to seeing him to become a professional soccer player. Younger brother was three years old. He was interested in all my belongings. Every time he asked me for “What is this?” or “How to use this?”. I was explanation to my things. That time was good study for English for me.


Second, I’d like to talk about my school. I went to Banksia Park International High School. This school is large, So I need a time to get use to school environment. I was taking ISEC English, ISEC Science, ISEC Cultural Studies, Math, Design, Food, and Japanese. ISEC stands for International Secondary English Class. This class is only international student. This class is peculiar of Australian high school, and this class was help for me. Because, ISEC class student is came from various country, so I made a lot of friends there. I was realized to connect with people all over the world through English. Everything subject was interesting for me. My most favorite subject was Japanese. Of course, I understand all because I’m a Japanese. But I learned a lot of there. First, I was surprised to the class room. Putting a lot of poster and put the Japanese name on various things. Some students came to Japan before to study abroad. Every student interested in Japanese culture and Language. And I went to excursion with this class students. We went to Adelaide Himeji Garden, eat ramen noodles, and DAISO in Randle Mall. All of us, enjoyed that excursion. I surprised the price of the ramen noodle and DAISO goods. Neither price was a little be expensive than Japan. But Australian students was looks so happy to buy to Japanese goods. I thought they feel same of me now. Because they were come into contacted with different culture too. I think the reason of why people want to know the different culture is different, but everyone be able to feel an exciting feel when to know. I met many Japanese people in this school. Before I arrived in Australia, I thought speak with Japanese people is bad things during the study abroad. But now, I’m gratitude for this amazing encounter. ISEC crass has a lot of Japanese students. Everyone follows various committee from different prefectures. My vision was broad by speaking with them, and I wanted to be able to speak more English. Their presence became big for me. I made many friends from various country outside of this. In this school life I had more country that I want to go.


This study abroad taught me to the importance of human relationships. In the first week, I was stay in my room for long time, and I didn’t try to see the outside world. But I noticed that it was wrong, and I was able to act by myself. Of course, I had a hard time, and sometimes I thought want to meet my family. But I learned that is important to act, no matter how hard for me. As an example, I went to a church alone to meet acquaintance family from mother’s friend that I had one day. I had many wonderful experiences with a lot of people who went to the church because I went to see them. I really enjoyed my life in Australia from this day. I think it is because, my action changed my mind.


This period was too short for me. I want to go back to Australia again, and I should go back to there. Because I have a wonderful friend in Australia. I will come back here. Now I must do many things in Japan. But if I could, I want to go back to Australia. This summer vacation I just sang the praises of youth. As I said, I spend like a dream life in Australia.


Finally, I would like to express many of my thanks to my important parson. Especially thanks for my family. Thank you for mother, father, brother, grandmother, and grandfather. Without them I couldn’t never study abroad and experience such a special time. Thankful to all the people who supported me. Mom who introduced friends and give me about English advice, and Dad told me about Australia from a young age. All of these became my energy. I love you all. Thank you.








次に私の学校について話します。私はBanksia International High Schoolに通っていました。この学校はとても大きかったので学校の環境に慣れるのに時間がかかりました。私はISEC EnglishISEC ScienceISEC Cultural StudiesMathDesignFoodそしてJapaneseをとっていました。ISECInternational Secondary English Classの略です。ISECの時間は留学生のみで授業を行いました。このISECというクラスはオーストラリアの高校特有のもので、私にとって大きな助けになりました。なぜならISECにいる生徒はみんな様々な国から来た子たちだったので、このクラスで多くの色々な国の友達を作ることができました。私は英語を通して世界中の人とつながることができるということを実感しました。

すべての授業が私にとって興味深いものでした。その中でも私の一番のお気に入りの授業はJapaneseの授業でした。もちろん私は日本人なので内容をすべて理解することができました。ですがこの授業で私は多くのことを学ぶことができました。最初に私はJapaneseの教室に驚きました。たくさんの日本に関するポスターが貼ってあったり、部屋にあるものに日本での呼び方を書いた紙が貼られていました。何人かの生徒は以前に日本に留学をしたこともありました。すべての生徒が日本の文化や言語に関心がありました。そして私はこのクラスの生徒たちと一緒にexcursionという遠足に行きました。私たちはAdelaide Himeji Gardenに行ってからラーメンを食べてRandle MallにあるDAISOに行きました。生徒全員がこの遠足を楽しんでいました。そこで私はラーメンとダイソーの商品の価格に驚きました。どちらの値段も日本に比べて少し高めでした。ですがオーストラリアの生徒は喜んで買い物をしていました。私は彼らが今の私と同じ気分なんじゃないかなと思いました。なぜなら彼らも違う文化に触れていたからです。私はほかの文化を知りたいと思う理由は人それぞれだと思いますが、それを知ったときみんなわくわくした気持ちになることができるのだと思います。









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Hi I’m Suzuka Yanagiya. I went to Adelaide in Australia to study abroad for a month. I thought little worry before I went to study abroad but I was able to live a wonderful life.


First, I’ll talk about my host family. My host family is mother 35 years old and sister 1 year old. My host mother like anything for example listen to music, running and walking. We always walking once a week at the park near house and she always running once a week with her friend. She made dinar almost every day. I thought these are so delicious and I like that.

My sister is so cute. She loves read books, light things and sound-blowing toys. So, I always reading books for her when she gives me books and sit on me. I was ever day play with her. Sometime she’s friend came house so I like play with them so much.

Also, my host grandparents live in near house. They pick up to school when mother have work so I almost every day met them. I went to museum, zoo and watching soccer with them it was so fun for me!! They always give me newspaper part of about Japanese people.

My mother is 3 sisters, old sister lives in Sydney and yang sister live in near. Mother’s yang sister has son, he is 7 years old. He came home every Tuesday after school so we always talked and played. Also, he can speak Japanese just a little because he leans Japanese in his school.

My host mother is always introduced relative and she’s friends. They are so kind for me, so I liked talking with them. My English is not good and I stop when I can’t tell what I want to say but they were waiting for me when I stop. They told me “your English is so good and you should have confidence because you can tell me yourself.” So, I thought what I must more study English and I want to speak more with them.


Second, I’ll talk about school. I went to Charlse Campbell College, this school have many country exchange students for example from China, Paris, India and etc. I study Woodwork, PE, Music, science and etc. I thought that is different from Japan so almost lesson used laptop and homework submission is send to teacher this system is so easy I like it is. And the students mast moving each lesson that is so hard for me because I can’t remember where classroom is, the first week I ask many people where this classroom is. The students are so kind, and funny. Also compared with Japan, Australian school is so freedom and everyone friendly so I was able to make friends. However, I regret that I should more talk English because I always been with Japanese people so I used Japanese so much.


I experienced a lot in Adelaide that is so great memories for me and I’d like to make the most of what I have learned.

Thank you so much for reading!!!












次に学校のことです。私は、Charles Campbell College という学校に史花さんと通っていました。この学校はとても留学生が多く日本人も私と史花さんを含めて8人くらいいました。私は、技術や体育、音楽、化学などを選びました。基本授業中は各自のlaptopを使って授業を受けていました。また、すべての授業が移動教室なので最初の週は迷子になりそうですごく不安でした。体育の授業では初めてアーチェリーをし、最後の授業で真ん中に当たってすごく楽しかったです。技術の授業は私以外みんな男子で最初は少し怖かったのですがみんな優しくていつも助けてもらっていました。






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Hello everyone, I went to Adelaide in Australia to study abroad while summer vacation in Japanese school.


Before I arrived at Adelaide airport, I had an anxious feeling about my life in Australia. If I am not able to make some good friends, have a good time, and good relationships, I might feel depressed and the very long time. I thought only negatively in the airplane to go to Australia.

Then I arrived at Adelaide airport and said see you a month to my classmate, my host mother was waiting me. When I talked with her for the first time, I couldn’t hear what her said. Because her speed of speaking was really fast for me. I remember I thought “I won’t to live in Australia”. But, I got used to her speed of speaking a little, I could hear what she said in her car to go to my host house.


 So my anxiety about my daily life in Australia was slightly alleviated. But I was afraid of about school a bit so I asked my host mother to “can I make some friends at school?” for many times. She answered me to “of cause you will, don’t must be afraid”. Then, I could not believe it. However, I was very enjoying my school life. School life in Australia was became unbelievably great for me so I cannot believe that how worried from before I go to the school.

I was going to Reynella east college. It has international room for exchange students because it school has many of exchange students so I was able to pass with confidence. And I could make some friends from different country.


 I want to introduce a part of my friend in Australia from here. First, Emma and Shinae. They are my first friends in Australia. When I went to the school for the first day, they tried to talk with me, but then, I didn’t have a time so we finished to talking immediately. I wanted to talk with them more, but I forget them face so I gave up to see them again. However, I and Emma had Japanese class so we could see each other again and became a good friend.

 Secondly, Chloe, Lina and Minori. They are exchange students too, but we came from different country. Chloe came from Taiwan, Lina came from Korea and Minori came from Japan. Always we took some funny picture of each other and shared it. And we taught our home language for each other. It was very funny memory for me.

 Last, Ava and Angel. They had been to Japan to study abroad. and they love Japan. So sometime we talked about Japan and my hometown. Ava is very clever and talent. She playing piano very well, it was really good so I love it. And Angel is very cute and her drawing is very good. We had art class and Japanese class, so we could meet a lot in school and she is very cute I always told it. Ava and Angel are really kind person. I said them to “please come to my hometown with me when I go back”. I really hope it so I want to introduce Sapporo if they come.

 I want to introduce other my friend too, but I have too many things to write here. So I don’t do that but I love all of my friends in Australia. If I couldn’t become a friend with them, I think I couldn’t enjoy my life in Australian school. So I really thankful to my friends and my host mother, thank you so much. I hope you well in Australia.


 I want to demonstrate to students who enter Reynella east college after me that a sense of responsibility is necessary to embark on an exchange program.


 Thank you very much for reading my report through to the end.


















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I went to Australia during summer vacation. I went to Hallett Cove School. I had a changed host family. I didn’t have the worry for my short-term overseas study. I was very good day in Australia.

First, I talked about my host family and how I spend the weekends. I met my host family. They were look like very kind. But, they were not my host family. They were my host mother’s brother. My host family went to the Melbourne. I met my host family at Sunday night. My host family’s house is very big. My host family’s structure is mother, 2 daughters. My host mother always worked. My host sister is 7 and 4. And, I made lunch every weekday. I made many types of sandwiches, for example, strawberry jam, ham & cheese, and something like a salad. Salad sandwich ingredients are lettuce, tomato, ham, and cheese. Dinner is always cooking ahead. I ate dinner usually alone. I used the bus for went to school and back to house. Second school day, I went to shopping center near the school with my friend. I bought “Metro Card”. And, I bought breakfast and lunch ingredients. My host mother was going to outside at the 3 or 4 times in a week. My host sister was not in the house. I was always alone. And, I was very boring. I called and sent a mail to my school teacher. I told about my host family information. And, my teacher talked to study abroad company and Australia government. To the beginning of the week, I told Australia school teacher. And, I wrote the “host family change information”. After 5 days, I changed the host family. The morning I changed my host family, I went to the next host family’s house with my first host mother. Next host family was very good. My next host family’s structure is mother, father, daughter, 2 overseas students. Host mother playing violin in the orchestra. Host father was retired his work. Host sister is had a very bad sickness. Every day came to the Caregivers. Two overseas students are Italian, German student. They were going to same school. The second host family’s dinner is always meat. And, it was very delicious. Changed after Saturday, I went to the zoo with my host family. I touched the koala and kangaroo and I fed the kangaroos. I took many photos. I bought mugs for my grandparents. The mugs are koala, and kangaroo. Sunday, I went to the city with overseas students. I was really excited. I looked many shop but I don’t want to buy something. The Italian student bought many things. I went to the souvenir shop. And, I bought mugs and stuffed animals for me and my parents. To the beginning of the week, I went to the shopping center near the school with my friends. I bought many foods for souvenirs. Friday, I made the Japan food for my host family. I made the Bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs, Omelet, Miso soup. It was very delicious. For my last Saturday, I went to the Victor harbor with my host family. And, I met the Japan school friends. I was really surprised. The day was very cold day. I took many photos. For my last Sunday, I went to the city with my friends. And, I bought clothes and a lot of souvenirs. I drunk the Tapioca drink. It was very good.

Second, I talked about my school. I went to Hallett Cove School. Many overseas students came to Hallett Cove School. I was really excited. I took the WOOD CONSTRUCTION, MUSIC, ENGLISH, DRAMA, FASHION AND TEXTILES, MATHEMATICS, and CAFÉ SKILL. This class was very good. But, MUSIC was very boring. I ate lunch with Japanese overseas student. After the school, I usually went to the shopping center with my friends. Last week stayed for the school was the STEM week. This week was the very boring. School of the last day, I took the photo with my teacher and my friends.

Therefore, I had a lot of experience in the short-term overseas study, and I use everyday life and English play.



最初にホストファミリーについてと週末にどう過ごしたかを話します。私はホストファミリーとアデレード空港で会いました。彼らはとても親切のように見えましたが、私のホストファミリーではなく、私のホストマザーの弟さん達でした。私の本当のホストファミリーはメルボルンに旅行に行っていたため、私が本当のホストファミリーと会ったのは日曜日の夕方でした。私のホストファミリーの家はとても大きな家でした。私のホストファミリーの家族構成はお母さんと2人の娘でお母さんはいつも働いていて、娘たちは7歳と4歳でした。私は平日の間自分で昼ご飯を作っていて、昼ご飯はサンドイッチと果物でした。毎日のようにサンドイッチを作っていたので、少し工夫をすることにして、イチゴジャム、ハム&チーズ、サラダ風のサンドイッチを作っていました。サラダ風のサンドイッチの中身の食材はトマトとレタスとハムとチーズを入れて作りました。マザーは毎日のように働いていたので、夜ご飯はいつも作り置きで一人で食べていました。私は通学と帰宅の時にいつもバスを使っていたので、学校に行き初めて2日目に友達と一緒にショッピングセンターに行き、MetroCardを買い、ついでに朝ご飯と昼ご飯の食材を買いました。マザーは週に3,4回ほど仕事から帰ってきてから出かけていて、その時はいつも子供たちもいませんでした。私は家の中に一人でいる時間が多すぎて、暇だったので学校の先生に電話したりメールをしたりして、今のホストファミリーのことについて伝えました。そこから学校の先生が留学会社と教育省の人に伝えてくれました。週明けになり、私はオーストラリアの学校の先生に今の状況を伝え、ホストファミリーを変えるための書類を書きました。それから5日後にホストファミリーを変えることが出来ました。変える日の朝に前のマザーと一緒に新しいホストマザーの家に向かいました。次のホストファミリーはいい感じでした。次のホストファミリーの家族構成はお母さんとお父さんと娘と2人の留学生で、お母さんはオーケストラでヴァイオリンを弾いていて、お父さんは仕事を辞めていました。娘さんは重い病気のために毎日介護士さんが来ていました。留学生はドイツ人とイタリア人で2人は同じ学校に通っていました。次のホストファミリーの家の夜ご飯はいつも肉で、とても美味しかったです。ホストファミリーを変えた後の土曜日にホストファミリーと一緒に動物園に行き、コアラとカンガルーに触り、カンガルーに餌をあげ、たくさん写真も撮りました。とても楽しい1日でした。動物園で祖父母へのお土産のカンガルーとコアラのマグカップを買いました。日曜日は2人の留学生とともに街に行き、すごい楽しい日でした。色んな店を見たが、買う気にならなかったので、何も買いませんでしたが、イタリア人の留学生の子がたくさん買っていて驚きました。その後、お土産の店に向かい、自分へのお土産のぬいぐるみと両親へのお土産のマグカップを買いました。次の週には毎日のように学校の近くにあるショッピングセンターに向かい、お土産のお菓子をたくさん買いました。オーストラリアで過ごす最後の土曜日にホストファミリーと一緒にVictor Harbourに行き、学校の友達に会い驚きました。その日はとても風が強く寒い日でしたが、寒さに負けることなく、たくさんの写真を撮りました。最後の日曜日に友達と一緒に街に遊びに行き、服やたくさんのお土産を買いました。私は街でタピオカドリンクを飲みました。最後の木曜日にホストファミリーに親子丼と卵焼きと味噌汁を作りました。とても美味しかったです。

次に、私の学校について話します。私はHallett Cove Schoolという学校に通いました。この学校にはたくさんの留学生が来ていてとても楽しかったです。私は木材加工、音楽、英語、演劇、ファッションと織物、数学、カフェ技術の授業を取りました。すべて楽しかったが、音楽の授業はとても退屈だった。昼ご飯をいつも日本人留学生の子と食べていた。放課後は毎日のように学校近くのショッピングセンターに行きました。学校に通う最後の週はSTEMウィークでしたが、とても暇でした。学校に通う最後の日に先生や友達と写真を撮りました。


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I went to Australia for a mouth to study abroad. In the airplane, I was so nervous but also exciting. When I actuary spent, I felt short to stay there, but I had a wonderful time. I will talk about my Australian life.


First, I will introduce my host family. There is mother, sister age of fifteen and brother age of twelve. They accepted me warm and they were so lovely. On the weekend, they took me the beach, zoo, movie and shopping. I also went to my host sister and grandfather’s birthday party. I enjoyed everything. In the evening, I did homework with my host sister and brother and watched the TV or movie. I was being able to relax.       It was valuable experience that speaking only English and it was hard for me because this abroad was my first time to leave Japan such a long time. In the begging, I did not put in easy word and I could not tall that I want to say. However, my host family tied to understand my bad English and they spoke slowly for me. I cannot thank you enough.


Next, I will talk about my school life. On weekdays, I usually got up at about 7:00, I was happy because I could sleep better than Japan. I ate break first. After that, I got on school bus, I went to Heath Field High School takes 10 minutes by bus. The class start time was about 9:00. I took two different grovel innovation, math, science, girls get active, heath sports and food study. It was too difficult for me to take class in English. At first, I almost could not understand what teacher says. However, I got used to my ears listening to English little by little. I was delight, when I felt my own growth. Especially, I liked food class. Because, we made an Aboriginal food that bread and kangaroo meat tacos that using Aboriginal seasoning. Also, we went to restaurant in the city to learn Aboriginal food. In addition, I could get to know many diffident school lives between Australia and Japan. I surprised that they were so free. They were wearing a short skirt, ring, earing and changing their hair in various colors. Some students were wearing a summer uniform in sprit of winter. In the class, they were eating something and starting ready for go home 10 minutes before the bell rings. I cannot believe that in Japan. However, I think that even such they were taking an active part in the class. They have own opinion and they speaking it without they are not afraid of making mistake. When I saw it, I thought that don’t people judge by looks.

I made a friends who are from Brazil, Juryman, Italy and Thailand. They were kind and funny. I especially liked Taina who is from Brazil. She always said “Sonoka, I love you!!” and she made me laugh. We told own langue each other, it was so interesting. I made international friends and we have a different langue but I thought that if we speak English, I can communication well with people all of the world. I felt that is excellent things.


Finally, I experienced not only joy but also painful in this abroad. At matter of course, I missed japan sometime, when I was lost to make mistake the bus, I thought I was crying and I was affair to talk to students. However, everything was exciting for me there. I think that I could widen of my view. I am grateful to all the people for every encounter and help me. Thank you so much!!







次に、学校での生活をお話しします。平日はいつも7時に起きていました。日本にいる時よりも遅くまで寝ることが出来たので嬉しかったです。朝ごはんを食べて、その後スクールバスに乗って、10分くらいのところにあるHeath Field High Schoolという学校に行っていました。授業は9時に始まりました。私が取った授業は、2つの種類の違うグローバルと、数学と理科と女子だけの体育、ヘルススポーツ、フードです。英語で受ける授業は私にとってとても難しかったです。初めは、ほとんど先生の言っていることがわかりませんでしたが、少しずつ耳が慣れてきました。それが分かったと感じたときはとても嬉しかったです。特に私はフードの授業が好きでした。私たちはそのクラスでアボリジニのパンを作ったり、アボリジニの調味料を使ってカンガルーのお肉のタコスを作ったりしたからです。アボリジニのレストランに行ったりもしました。また、私はオーストラリアと日本の学校の違いをたくさん知ることが出来ました。彼らの自由さに驚きました。短いスカートを履いて、指輪をして、ピアスをして, 髪の色は色んな色に染めていました。ある生徒は冬なのに夏服を着たりしていました。授業では、何か食べ物を食べていたり、授業が終わるベルが鳴る10分前には帰る準備をしていました。日本では信じられませんね。しかし、そんな彼らですが授業には積極的に参加していたと思います。彼らは、自分の意見を持っていて、間違いを恐れずに発言していました。それを見たとき、人は見た目じゃないなと思いました。








I went to Australia, Adelaide and I did homestay from one month. I was very uneasy at the beginning, because there only things that I had not done before.


First of all, I will talk about school life. My school is “HALLETT COVE SCHOOL”. It is a very big school with year 12 from year 9. Basically, classes were able to select my favorite subjects by selection system. I chose subject the most fun is “Cafe skills”. This subject is like home economics in Japan, but All what you make is a cafe menu. I was expecting this class because I was cooking practice once every two weeks. Please also select this subject if you have this subject.

Next I talk about friends of school. My school has a few Japanese. Many Chinese students were in international students. I have always been acting with Chinese and Korean. It was a nice experience for me to be involved with people from other countries. International students talk to us a lot, but the local students did not talk to me so much. During my first lesson I will ask a lot. However, it did not continue after that. International students are not rare in countries other than Japan, so I felt that I had to go actively from myself.

Next, I talk about homestay. I changed hosts so I write about the second house. Family composition is host mother, host father, host brother, Isabella from Brazil. My host family is very kind for me. Also, took me to various places. for example, there can touch the animal, it is “wildlife park”, city, shopping center, movie theater and restaurant. Isabella of the same international student was wiser than I am, although I am younger than I. And she was very beautiful. And she looks like adult. I felt Japanese people look younger again. The school which goes with her was a lot of fun time. Mother and Father went to have a shop in a nearby shopping mall and I went to see. There were products using words to imagine Japan such as samurai and ninja in the store. Mother and Father seemed to be interested in Japan. One day I was told to “tell you the place where you live in” I was saying to the video of Sapporo on You tube. They were a favorite snow festival, they said “I want to go here now”. That word was very pleasing for me. I hope to see the next time in the place I live. I appreciate them for giving me a good time.


I was able to learn a lot from this study abroad. It is not only the language but also the cultural differences and Japan is a very useful country. Every day was new thing and unfamiliar so many things were difficult. But this learning has become a very valuable experience for me. I don’t forget what I learned from this study and I would like to make use of it for my future life.


まず、学校生活について話します。私の学校は “HALLETT COVE SCHOOL”です。

9年生から12年生までが在学する非常に大きな学校です。基本的に、自分の好きな科目を選択できました。私が1番好きだった授業は “カフェスキル”です。日本の家庭のようなものですが料理というよりカフェメニューのものだけを作ります。2週間に1回調理実習をしていたので、このクラスを心待ちにしていました。








ある日、「あなたが住んでいるところをみせて!」と言われ、私はYoutubeの札幌の動画を見せました。雪祭りや寿司を気に入ったらしく彼らは “私達は今すぐにでもここに行きたい”と言いました。その言葉は私にとってとても嬉しかったです。いつの日か私が住んでいる場所で再開できることを願っています。私は素敵な時間をくれた彼らにとても感謝しています。 私は留学から多くを学ぶことができました。言語だけでなく文化の違いもあり、日本は便利な国ということに気付かされました。毎日新しいことがあって慣れないことばかりで辛いこともたくさんありました。 しかし、この留学は私にとって非常に貴重な経験となりました。私はここから学んだことを忘れず、将来の生活のためにそれを活かしたいです。






I could gain precious experience and change myself a little from studying abroad. I want to talk about my experience studying abroad from now on.


At first, I will talk about my school life in Australia. I went to Charles Campbell College. International Students of various countries go to this school. I think this school’s charm is the close relationship between students and teachers. This school provides an environment which students can talk anything to their teachers.

The teachers asked me “Did you understand this class?” after the class. And the teachers also talked to me in lunch time and so on outside class. The school teachers were really easy to talk with.

Moreover, the students there taught me kindly when I didn’t understand the class. And The students spoke easy English for me. I was able to enjoy the classes every day.


This school’s elective subject are four subjects. The subjects I took were Music, Health, Art, Italian. To tell the truth, I hoped to take PE. But, the number of people in the class was already at its limit. So, I couldn’t take PE. It was difficult for me to learn Italian. But, I was so excited to lean a language that I.


By the way, there was something I was amazed by in my school life. It is about students took their classes. The students suddenly stood up to go the next classroom. And they ate some snacks or used a smartphone during class. At first, I was confused by the gap between Japan and Australia, but, I gradually became used to the environment, and I had come to like how there are no school rules and everyone being free.


Next, I will talk about my host family. My host family structure was father, mother, and a study abroad student from Italy. The father cooked delicious dishes for me every day. But, there were many problems between me and my host family. So, I decided to change my host when there were only ten days of my studying abroad life was. I usually can’t express my feeling well. So, it was so a big decision for me. I think it is big progress to express my feeling in English to my host family that time.


I really appreciate Angela, the coordinator who I looked after me at that time.


I want to talk about the unexpected incident during my study abroad.

I was usually picked up by my host father until then, but on the third week of my homestay, I was suddenly told to take a bus by them. It has at that time, the unexpected incident happened. I took the other bus by mistake. So, I got off the bus hastily. I thought I must go home somehow, so, I asked many people how to get to the house. But, I didn’t understand. I was so worried. To make matters worse, it was raining. Moreover, my smartphone’s charge was only 1 %! So, I decided to go in to the Taiwan food store nearby. When I told my circumstances, she contacted my host family. Then I got to go home. I felt relieved that she was kind. It was a very hard day, but I got to communicate with many people. This is good memory.


My second host family is father: Robert, mother: Adela are two people. Robert was such funny person and always had a smile on his face. He always says funny things. So I never got tired of talking with him. Adela is very kind person and always concerns about me. She talked to me about a lot of things on dinner time. They also bought me favorite food. They also supported me so that I could enjoy the rest of the day. So, I got to talk with them without having a tension even the first time.

What was especially for me was happy that whenever I say something, they said “The way of speaking is good. But, you should speak in other words” They corrected my speaking. Thanks to them, I leaned many English expression and use it one day.


Now that I think about it, I was good to change my host. I was worried it I could grow before going abroad, but, I clearly grown up compared to before going abroad. I knew the importance to tell my felling again. Studying abroad was a short while ago, but I really appreciate Robert and Adela though host change was without notice. I was blessed with good people and I felt that many people supported me. I will never forget their kindness. I want to do something for many people. I made use valuable experience and I want to grow up more. Thank you for reading my report.






初めに学校生活についてお話します。私はCharles Campbell Collegeという高校に通いました。この学校は様々な国の留学生が通っています。私が思うこの学校の魅力は先生と生徒との距離が近いということです。なんでも相談しやすい環境が整えられています。





















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I went to Adelaide, Australia from July 20th to August 19th. I’ll write about my study abroad for a month in Australia.


I’ll introduce my host family. My host family has mother and a international student who is Vietnamese and 16 years old. My host mother is a great woman, who has kindness, socialibility and humor. The international student is attention to the people around her and hard worker. These two womans live happily, they looked like real family.

Especially, I like dish host mother made, I was looking forward to have dinner with them every night. At then, they are talking a lot about many things, I could get many knowledge. I think it was good study for me to improve my listening ability.

Every Saturday night, I watched some movies with my host family. Movies were not written subtitles. It was hard for me to watch them at first , but I could enjoy the time.

Host family are really good womans. If I asked who is your respect people? I will not hesitate. I will answer my family in Australia!! I’m very proud of became a member of their family.


I’ll talk about school. My school’s name is Seaton High School. I had English , Japanese , science, math, PLP and history class. Most Japanese school’s homework is paper, but Australian school is makes student use power point or word. I had some homeworks for a month, the history homework was the hardest of them. Japanese class student were so good, I could enjoy the class. I liked the class the best. It was good experience for me to go to the school.

I had a plan of every afterschool and weekend which my host mother made by. Monday and Wednesday was the day I go home directly. On Sunday , I went to the city or Marion shopping center. Marion shopping is the biggest shopping center in Adelaide. I took to get to there for a hour by bus. On Tuesday , I went to the city, because the day’ school finished at 2pm!! On Thursday, I went to westlakes shopping center which the nearest shopping center from Seaton High School. I could go to there by bus for about 10minutes. On Friday, I went to the city. Most student in Australia usually goes to the city after school and my host family were relaxing on Friday. On Saturday, I went to the city too. Saturday was the day I met friends who were living far away. I went to supermarket many times for a month. Supermarket has difference with Japanese supermarket, so I liked to go and buy many snacks. It was fun to take Australian snacks and I eat them at school.



I could have fulfilling days when I was in Australia and get many valuable experiences in this study abroad. I want to go to Adelaide again. And, I want to look back on this study abroad. Thank you for all of this study abroad.

















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