山田 杏樹 の留学レポート


1month is really short for study abroad, but it was precious and wonderful experience.

At first, I feel great nervous to study abroad because it’s colossal thing for me, but when I met my host family, my fear went away. If we do something, then it must be better than before, I think.


My family is Italian elderly couple Rossanna and Nono, and Italian exchange student Constanza. They are all Italian but always speak in English for me.

Rossanna is kind, a little bit strong women, and really good at cooking. Nono is very “Gentlemen” but likes joking, which sometimes made me laugh. Constanza is a beautiful and tender girl, and the same age as me. I always call her “Costy”. When I got my Australian home first time, I went to her room to greet but she was sleeping because of time difference! Before that I was really nervous but she said “Nice to meet you” with sleepy voice, so I don’t know why but I relieved.


I went to Modbury High School which consists of junior high and senior high.  I couldn’t get used to school life at first because my school is very big, but both teacher and my friends helped me a lot.

The subjects I took were: English, Math, Science, Humanities (these are required), Design, Japanese, and Child Studies (these are elective). All elective subjects were really interesting! In Japanese class, I could teach Australian friends about this class and Japanese culture sitting next to them, so it was good experience for me.

But it was really difficult to studying Math in Australia. I used “sin” and “cos” to find area of different kind of figure in Math class. I’m not good at doing Math, and I had to understand a lot of technical term, so it was hard time for me. After come back to Japan, I found that my 5F’s friends did easier one…it depends on the school.

Though I didn’t make friends fast, I came to make it as the days passed. We had lunch together, and went to a shopping mall after school. If I try actively, then my situation changes as well, I thought. On the last day, they gave me a letter or some memento, and I really miss them.


My biggest memory is that I could meet Costy. From second or third day we arrived in Australia, we did exercise every day because we want to slim down! It’s a little bit funny story. And we hang out together on weekends, and we talk about each other’s culture and school life late at night.

When I experienced hardship of speaking English, she was always by my side and supported me. She speaks English well and doing everything well, but she never be arrogant. Many times she said “No worries” to me, and then when I get over it, she gave me a big smile happily. I respect her from bottom of my heart. I hope I have effect on good things to her, too. Japan to Italy is really far away but I got dream to meet her again.


I have lots of things I learned in Australia, but I pick up two main topics.

First, people greet each other from the bottom of their heart even they are not family or friends. In Australia when we use bus, not only the driver, but also bus passengers greet driver smiling, with eye contact. Also my host family asks me “How are you?” or “How was the day?” every day.

As the days passed, I came to understand how important it is for Australian people. It’s the culture, and precious time to communicate with each other.

     Second, I got two opposite thought about learning language. First one is that how I study English, it’s just a tool to speak to people. But, I got another opinion. Though it’s just the tool to communicate, it’s really amazing things. I have friends from different country, and of course we talk in English. It’s natural, but for me it’s impressive thing because trough learning English, we could talk and understand each other. Learning English changes “foreigners” into “friends”, and explore the possibility. I really glad that I could learn language.


     Lastly, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who support me for this study abroad.

     Teachers and friends, Kotaha, a wonderful partner for this study abroad, my Australian friends, my unforgettable host family, and my lovely family who let me to go abroad and helped me to improve myself, I really appreciate you from bottom of my heart. I will keep trying! Thanks a million!!










私の通っていた学校はModbury High Schoolというところでした。中高一貫の広い学校で、初めの一週間くらいは慣れるのにとても苦労しましたが、生徒も先生も話してみるとみんなすごく優しかったです。

取った科目は、必修科目がEnglish、Math、Science、Humanities、選択科目がDesign、Japanese、Child Studiesでした。選択科目はどれもおもしろくて、Japaneseは現地の子の隣に座って教えてあげられたのでとても良い経験でした。みんな真剣に勉強していたけれど、「お茶」と書いてあるのを「これはChop stick(箸)?」などと聞いてきたりしてほほえましかったです。






そんな感じでしたが、私が思うようにコミュニケーションがとれなくて辛かったとき、ずっとそばで支えてくれたのも彼女でした。コスティーは英語がペラペラで積極性もあり何でもうまくやれるのですが、決して驕らず、自慢もそういうそぶりも一切ありませんでした。何度も「No Worries」と言ってくれ、私が元気になると本当に優しい笑顔で笑いかけてくれました。そんな彼女を私は心から尊敬しているし、また、私も彼女に良い影響を与えられていたら嬉しいと思います。イタリアと日本はすごく遠いですが、またコスティーに会うという夢ができました。








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