Study Abroad


I introduced having won through up to an impression, the thing that I discovered things. First, I want to introduced food culture. My host family have customs, it is we must eat pancake in Sunday morning. At that moment, my host mother served many topping for pancake. I tried lemon with sugar, when I was so surprised. Because, sugar and whipped cream are not so sweet. I think almost Australian foods so sweet and so oily. Since then, I hooked on Australian chocolate. Difference in culture was seen in tableware. For instance, I used knife exclusively for cheese. Incidentally, my host family have four knifes. After that, I take a knife to eat pancake, then my host sister said “That’s not pancake knife, it’s meat knife!” to me. I was so surprised, and ashamed. Many differences could see in not only the taste but also tableware and greetings in this way.

     Next, I introduce the difference of the school, which I went to school and thought of. First, I surprised time of school, because, usually day 3:10, fast day 2:20. My school is over that time. Since, I usually went to and, shopping in city or Mitcham shopping street at after school. Next, School is not a rest before and after a class for ten minutes. But, instead there are a rest for 20 minutes “recess”. Because, The delay was natural for from 10 to 15 minutes. By the way, we must go out from school, because, I eat snacks or a fruit and, talked my friends at outside. Talking with friends is so funny, but it was awfully cold. During class, some of the students playing game, watching Youtube, and playing sports. But, students are properly did only PE and Art.

Recess and lunch time is we must go out, because so cold. But, we can use microwave oven and thermos bottle, for that reason, I can eat hot lunch. There are a purchase, It’s selling light meal to dessert. By the way, some of the boys played basketball and Australian football.

     Next, I introduce the difference of the building. Australia is so big island, and rich of nature. Since, mostly it was the house of the one-storied house. What is more, the cost of living so expensive that, many house have solar panel. Certainly, the room with oneself shoes on.

     Last, I introduce the difference of the daily life. Water is so precious in Adelaide, as Australian not very having a shower. Since, many people using dry shampoo.

Then, my host family is so active. They played a game well and went out and had a party with me. We were went to and ate for dinner at host father parent`s house every Monday night. They took a lot of communication in this way. And, a dog was in all houses and was healed.

     Fortunately, I was not discrimination and tormented. My host family are so kind and excited too. I can live a study abroad life thanks to host family and my family. I want to be able to make use of this experience in coming life. Please look forward to younger student. But, be careful steak in fright meal.