Is it possible to stay alone, speak English” I thought about them before going to Australia. But I didn’t have to care, because my study abroad was so good.


We go to airline to get to the airplane. During getting the airplane, we also speak English, but I was shy. So I thought I have to study to use on airplane.


The day which I and my host family meet, everyone looked nervous. I was nervous too.

And when I met my host family, I said Wow”. After that I regretted “Why did I introduce myself” My family was laughing. So I realized, whenever greeting is very important.

I wanted to talk, so I spoke to my host sister, but one topic finished, I couldn’t talk more.


First day, my host mother and sister took me at pony’s house. They have a pony, because my host sister’s hobby is riding a horse and she practice about twice a week. She’s form was very beautiful and I like to see her. And she is dear the horse, always care, and clean the house. I am the most surprise thing was the horse has a small house to move from usual house. It was connected to family’s car and then move other place.


My host father likes to cook, he always cooked for lunch and dinner sometimes breakfast. He is good chef, everything was so nice. I was full every day. My host mother care about me, she dropped me off and picked me up to my Australia school every day. My host sister is very lovely, because when she listen a music, she always started dancing to the music. On the other hand, she looked dependable. She helps housework, but it is also my host brother too. My host brother often tell and introduce about some things. Honestly, I didn’t know to get along with him. But he spoke to me many times, I was glad. And I could get along with their cousins, because I spoke to them, when they came to my host family’s house. They have a dog, her name is Cleo. She always come to me and sit on the sofa together. She is very cute. Anyway, my host family was wonderful.


Next, about my school. To be honest, I couldn’t enjoy so much, because first day I go to school, my buddy didn’t teach enough and go anywhere. But recently I came to think now, it is chance to speak to someone, so I and my pair asked a lot of question to classmate. I think my good point is to change the class ESL to Japanese. Probably, everyone think “Why?” but I could communicate, I was at Japanese class than at ESL class, because there were many students who are interested in Japan. They asked me some questions in Japanese and I asked them in English. It was fun and could make some friends. Finally day I was so sad to leave, and couldn’t meet my new friend. Temporary, I couldn’t meet my host family. The day, they took me driving and went to like a hill, but the weather was not good, so it started raining, couldn’t see the landscape of all Adelaide. T To see the scene from a hill was very difficult. My host family and I were laughing, because mother said “Here is Adelaide” but we couldn’t see anything. It also became one of the memories. I really appreciate to my host family. I had a great time with them in Adelaide.


When the day I go back to Japan, my host family gave me some lovely souvenirs and I read a letter to them. But I was so sad and cry. And my host mother and brother cried for me, it is glad, because I couldn’t talk to them many and I realized they saw me and tried to understand. I’m full of appreciation, and I love them.    


Through the experience, I came to think “I want to study English more and speak more with my host family and friends” so I have to study hard.


And to listen the Adelaide radio is my morning routine, I like to listen to the radio. Especially, many kinds of music.


This experience became important for me, I think a lot of things. And I want to come true my dream, but first I have to study more from now on.





























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