I went to Adelaide in Australia for a month to study abroad. One month was very short, but I could get a lot of experiences. I’m going to talk about a little about my study abroad.


First of all, I’ll talk about my host family. My host family is a mother who is 70 years old. She likes cats, and so she has four cats. In addition, she is a teacher and has her own shop. Before I go to study abroad, I was really looking forward to meeting my host family and spending a month in Adelaide, but when I got the airport, I became very anxious and was so nervous. However, when I talked to her, she was very kind and lovely woman, so I could relax. I cannot speak English well, but she talked a lot, and she took me to many places such as beaches, cafes, her children house, and her shops on every weekend. When we went there, she taught me a lot of things, and when I had words that I couldn’t understand, she explained that clearly. Therefore, I could spend great time and had good experience, thanks of her. At first, I had a hard time speaking and listening to English all day, so I didn’t want to get up, but I didn’t become homesick because she was always kind to me. I think my English skill was improved because I could talk a lot with her. I was glad I could come there.


Second, I’ll talk about my school. I went to Blackwood High School. There are many international students, and all teacher and students are very nice, so I think this school was very good. At first, I didn’t know how to make friends, so I couldn’t make it, but when I talked them, they are friendly. Then, they are also international student, so I could become friends quickly. I was happy when I was able to make friends for the first time. Since then, I thought topics that I will talk to my friends every night. We ate a lunch together, talked to many things, and taught our own language. It was fun to know about other countries. Finally, I could get many friends and I became able to introduce myself in eight different languages. Moreover, I could become friends who live in Adelaide and I was taught Australian English by them. I think it is amazing that there are friends in different countries, and I had good experiences to go to the school and talk a lot.


Lastly, it was very worth for me to study abroad. I will study English more, and I want to go to study abroad again. I really appreciate my host family who accepted me as a member of family, friends and teacher who talked a lot together, and my parents let me study abroad. My appreciation can’t be expressed in words. I’ll never forget what I learned in Australia. Thank you so much for everything!








次に学校のことについてお話します。私はBlackwood High School という高校に通いました。そこにはたくさんの留学生がいて、その学校の先生も生徒もとてもいい人たちだったので、わたしはすごく良い学校だと思います。初め、私は友達の作り方が分からず友達ができませんでした。しかし、話してみるととっても気さくで、その上、その人たちも留学生だったのですぐ友達になることができました。初めて友達ができたときは本当にうれしくて、それからは毎晩、友達と何を話すか考えるようになりました。私たちは一緒にランチを食べたり、たくさんのことを話したり、自分たちの国について教えあいました。ほかの国のことについて知るのはとっても楽しかったです。最終的には、たくさん友達ができて、自己紹介を8か国語で話せる世になりました。そして、私は現地のこともお友達になれて、オーストラリア英語も教えてもらいました。他の国に友達がいることはすごいことだと思うし、学校に行ったり友達と沢山英語を話すことはとても良い経験になったと思います。




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