Before I go to study abroad, I was really feeling anxiety whether I could live with people who can’t understand Japanese for a month. So I cried before I boarding an airplane. That anxiety lasted until arriving at Adelaide. But when I arrived at Adelaide and confronted my host family, that anxiety I felt at that time had disappeared because they were very kind.


 When I arrived at host family’s home first time and I saw my room, I surprised them because they are very fashionable. In addition, breakfast, lunch, and dinner which made by my host father was always delicious, so I did not become homesick.


 I did not like any cats before I go to study abroad, but there were two cats in my host family’s home. I scared the cats for the first three days, but I became to like cats because they always open my room’s door themselves and came to my room and they slept on my bed every day. When they were sleeping on my bed, I teased with them. It was a valuable experience and fun because I don’t have any pets in Japan.


 As I mentioned, I did not like any cats before I went to Australia, but the cats were great friends of mine and they were so cute. When they saw me and I called their name, they mewed. My host father said to me, “They have never become great friends with any Japanese students, so you are especially for them. They really like you.” I was glad to hear about it.


 I hated my Australian school on the first three days since the school started. Because someone threw me pencil when I attended Art class, someone threw me rubbish when I was having lunch, someone said to me “Asian” when I was walking in the corridor. I was very hurt at that time. One day, I left school early. My host mother worried me and heard my stories. She said to me, “Maybe they want to be friend with you, so you don’t have to care about it.” I got a little cheerful and I have laughed when I hear it.


In the evening, I talked with my host father about it. He said to me after I told my stories, “Boys are stupid and girls can do something only within a group, so you don’t care about it. Please contact me if you have some problems. In Australia, I’m your Dad.” I was very glad to hear it, so I have cried a lot. I thought that I was able to stay them home from the bottom of my heart at that time.


 I’m very grateful to my mother who let me go to study abroad. I would like to go back to Australia someday.















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