Hi I’m Suzuka Yanagiya. I went to Adelaide in Australia to study abroad for a month. I thought little worry before I went to study abroad but I was able to live a wonderful life.


First, I’ll talk about my host family. My host family is mother 35 years old and sister 1 year old. My host mother like anything for example listen to music, running and walking. We always walking once a week at the park near house and she always running once a week with her friend. She made dinar almost every day. I thought these are so delicious and I like that.

My sister is so cute. She loves read books, light things and sound-blowing toys. So, I always reading books for her when she gives me books and sit on me. I was ever day play with her. Sometime she’s friend came house so I like play with them so much.

Also, my host grandparents live in near house. They pick up to school when mother have work so I almost every day met them. I went to museum, zoo and watching soccer with them it was so fun for me!! They always give me newspaper part of about Japanese people.

My mother is 3 sisters, old sister lives in Sydney and yang sister live in near. Mother’s yang sister has son, he is 7 years old. He came home every Tuesday after school so we always talked and played. Also, he can speak Japanese just a little because he leans Japanese in his school.

My host mother is always introduced relative and she’s friends. They are so kind for me, so I liked talking with them. My English is not good and I stop when I can’t tell what I want to say but they were waiting for me when I stop. They told me “your English is so good and you should have confidence because you can tell me yourself.” So, I thought what I must more study English and I want to speak more with them.


Second, I’ll talk about school. I went to Charlse Campbell College, this school have many country exchange students for example from China, Paris, India and etc. I study Woodwork, PE, Music, science and etc. I thought that is different from Japan so almost lesson used laptop and homework submission is send to teacher this system is so easy I like it is. And the students mast moving each lesson that is so hard for me because I can’t remember where classroom is, the first week I ask many people where this classroom is. The students are so kind, and funny. Also compared with Japan, Australian school is so freedom and everyone friendly so I was able to make friends. However, I regret that I should more talk English because I always been with Japanese people so I used Japanese so much.


I experienced a lot in Adelaide that is so great memories for me and I’d like to make the most of what I have learned.

Thank you so much for reading!!!












次に学校のことです。私は、Charles Campbell College という学校に史花さんと通っていました。この学校はとても留学生が多く日本人も私と史花さんを含めて8人くらいいました。私は、技術や体育、音楽、化学などを選びました。基本授業中は各自のlaptopを使って授業を受けていました。また、すべての授業が移動教室なので最初の週は迷子になりそうですごく不安でした。体育の授業では初めてアーチェリーをし、最後の授業で真ん中に当たってすごく楽しかったです。技術の授業は私以外みんな男子で最初は少し怖かったのですがみんな優しくていつも助けてもらっていました。






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