増田 絢女の留学レポート

I went to Adelaide for a month during the summer vacation.  At first I was full of anxiety what I could speak well and my host family would accept me, but I immediately lost my anxiety and was able to spend a pleasant month.


My host family is mother who is 71 years old and brother who is 48 years old.  My mother worked as a designer and teacher, working as a teacher during the day and as a designer at night. When she had no job as a teacher, she went to my shop. My brother was a security guard, and he didn’t really come back home. So I couldn’t talk so much with him, but he was very kind when I was together. I wasn’t very good at speaking English, so I listened a lot, but my family didn’t show me a bad face and spoke me carefully so that I could understand.


Mother welcomed when I arrived at Adelaide Airport. On the first day, she introduced her daughter’s family and talked so much. So I was able to quickly relieve tension. Mother has a very human network and was introduced to a lot of families. So I talked a lot over the past month. I didn’t become homesick at all, and I wanted to stay more, so I think this host family was really good.


There were four cats in her house. I love cats, but I had no pets at home, so I was really looking forward to it. Although I was wary by cats at first. But I could be friend with them quickly. Only 3 out of 4 were able to deepen their relatives, but I was very happy because he let me touch without saying anything. I was mostly in touch with the cat while I was at home. So memory that my clothes became full of cat hair is good.


I went to a high school called Blackwood high school. The distance from the house to the school is not so far, but the walking time is very long, 20 minutes walking, riding on the train, walking again for 20 minutes. So if I miss the timing of the train, I take more than an hour. The school welcomed many international students, and there were about 10 international students who entered at the same time. There were many Asian students such as Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. The first week was only a class with local students and it was difficult for me, so I changed to classes for only international students except Dance and World Outdoor in second week. There were so many time to be friend with other international students, I was able to make friends with many international students.


The seniors who studied abroad last year didn’t get very good evaluations, so they were anxious in first day. But there was no discrimination, and the buddies, teachers and students were very kind and friendly. So I was able to think that it was very good.


Lastly, I am very grateful to my host family, my family and school for experiencing this precious study abroad program. When I left from my parents and do some work alone, I was impressed by how blessed I was and my surroundings were kind. I think that I wouldn’t have noticed that soon without studying abroad. I’m really thankful to you!










私はBlackwood high schoolという高校に通いました。家と学校までの距離はそう遠くはないのですが、徒歩の時間がとても長く、20分歩き、電車に乗って、また20分歩くという通学だったので、電車のタイミングを逃せば1時間以上かかりました。そこの学校は留学生をたくさん迎え入れていて、私と同時に入った留学生が10人程度いました。中国人、ベトナム人、韓国人といったアジア系の留学生が多かったです。最初の1週間は現地生との授業だけで、私には厳しかったので2週目からDanceWorld Outdoor以外は留学生だけの授業に変更させてもらいました。そこからは他の留学生と交流する機会がとても多くなったので、たくさんの留学生と友達になることができました。





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