村元 鈴香の留学レポート

I had been studying in Adelaide, Australia for a month. Although I was worried about my English could be understood because it was my first time abroad. However, I was able to live a very fulfilling life in Adelaide.


First, I will talk about my host family. I had host father, mother, brother and dog. When I came home from school, there was always host mother and father. So they heard a lot about the school of the day until I had dinner. Host father asked me every day, “Do you have a good day? What did you do today?”. So I liked that time. The dishes made by the host mother were very good. My favorite dishes were mashed potatoes and pasta. Thai rice was also good. My host mother works as a nurse, so at night I was watching movies with my host father and brother, and playing with dog. I sometimes saw horror movies. It was very scared. And they took me to the beach and Japanese garden during the weekend. I enjoyed playing golf the most. It was difficult to play golf for the first time. However, I was able to do it  because father taught me. My host mother always took me where I wanted to go, so it was a very fulfilling weekend. I also went to the host sister birthday party. At first I was surprised by how many people there were and I could not talk to myself. However,it became a very good experience because I gradually got used to talking with many people.

My host family was not only took me to various places, but also took a bus together to teach me how to get to school. It was a very friendly family.


Second, I will talk about school. I went to a school called Roma Mitchell Secondary School. I was in an international student class called ISEC, and there were 4 Japanese people including me and Honoka and 9 Vietnamese students. P.E, Dance and Japanese were in regular classes, so most of the time I was with the people of the ISEC class. My favorite subject was mathematics. It was easier than mathematics studied in Japan, so I thought it was good every time. At, recess and lunch, Vietnamese people talked to me and everyone was able to eat lunch  together on the first day. The teachers were also very kind and interesting, so I had a great time at school. It was a very good experience because I made many friends.


I want to talk a little about my friends. I was going to and from school with a girl named Dhwani who was using the same bus stop. She and her friend Clara sent me to my classroom every morning, while she went to a girl ’s high school in the next to school. Mia, who was together in the Dance class, often cooked Vietnamese food. The dish she made was delicious. I was very happy that everyone gave me a gift on the last day.


My life as an international student was fun. To be honest, there was not much pain. So I was able to have fun without becoming homesick. I am grateful to my parents for giving me this experience thanks to my host family and many friends.

Thank you for reading to the end.







次に学校について話します。私はRoma Mitchell Secondary Schoolというところに通っていました。私はISECという留学生のクラスで、私と帆夏さんを含めた4人の日本人と9人のベトナム人の留学生がいました。P.EとDanceとJapaneseは普通のクラスにいたのでほとんどの時間はISECのクラスの子たちといました。一番好きだった科目はmathでした。日本で勉強している数学と比べて簡単なので毎回これがいいなと思うくらいでした。RecessやLunchではベトナム人の子たちが話しかけてくれたので初日にして全員でご飯を食べることができました。先生たちも優しく面白い人が多かったので学校でも楽しく過ごすことができ、沢山の友達ができたのでとても良い経験となりました。






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