Experience in Australia life.

I went to Australia to study abroad for one month.  I think not become homesick, but I miss my family more and more each day and I might have known that something would I was fat and return to Japan.  I tell a one-week flow of such me. 

Monday is I went to bakery, I spread bread all into large case, so after that my host mother is deliver bread for her friend.  Incidentally, I never seen that her paid money at bakery.  Tuesday is the grandsons of my host parent come to my house.  I do not understand it for some reason, they always watched the TV earnestly so I cant speak to them.  But second older grandson was played the card game with me last Tuesday.  His name is Jake, so he was moved with blanket, but he always wear shorts and T-shirt haha.  The most surprising thing that they said Todays so cold, but open the door of balcony in my house.  At first, I thought Why dont you close the door?.  Before I knew it, I used to common scenery.  

  Wednesday is most favorite a day of the week, because I joined to Boys & Girls scout.  The children who are there is so cute, friendly, cheerful and powerful.  Scout turn into a topic a week.  The most impressive things in scout topic is Dark night.  That is do coloring, look for a toy star and play the bowling in the dark.  It is so fun.  I make friend with Rani at scout.  She is go to Japanese school so she good at Japanese so she always announced a speak to Japanese.  Last scout day, she said please dont go back to Japan with a sad face.  I am really glad to hear that, but I was become sad of that time is still clear in me. 

Thursday, Friday and Saturday is nothing special so I played card game, puzzle, and go to shopping. 

Sunday is I got up early so I went to market.  There were a lot of vegetables, clothes, general goods and delicious food.

I had the impression that people in foreign country were not friendly, but after visiting my opinion changed since I encountered a lot of nice people there.  I think its wrong to judge whole people with an image.  As mentioned, I was able to have many good experience and moreover I learned how I live in a happy environment in this study abroad.  I appreciate everyone involved with me.  For example, my host parent didnt let me feel reassured, and taking me a lot of place and showed me beautiful of Adelaide city.  And my family had me waiting in Japan etc.  Finally, I thought most important thing in study abroad is live and let live.  Theres not need to do everything like everyone else, that was my senior taught me.  I want to tell a junior going for studying abroad in the future.  Thanks for the lucky chance to meet everything, I would like to finish this report.        


そして火曜日は孫たちが家にやってくる日でした。彼らはいつもテレビを見ていてそして尚且つ無口で私は話すことができませんでした。でもアデレードで送る最後の火曜日には二番目の孫が一緒にカードゲームをやってくれました。彼の名前はJakeで、移動するときは必ずブランケットを持っていたのに、彼はいつも短パンにTシャツでした(笑) オーストラリアに行って一番びっくりしたのは寒い寒いとみんな言っているのにおうちのベランダの扉が開いていたことです。「いやじゃあ閉めようよ!」と最初のうちは思っていましたがいつの間にかそんな風景に慣れていました。

水曜日は私が最も好きな曜日になっていました。なぜかというとボーイズ&ガールズスカウトに参加できたからです。そこの子供たちはすごく可愛くて、人懐っこくて、元気でパワーに満ちあふれていました。スカウトは毎週ごとにテーマが変わって、私が一番好きだったのはDark nightというテーマでした。それは暗闇の中で塗り絵をしたり、星型のおもちゃを探したりボウリングをしたりして楽しみました。私はそこでRaniという女の子と仲良くなりました。彼女は日本語学校に通っているので日本語が得意でした。なのでよく私に日本語を披露してくれたんです。最後のスカウトの日には悲しい顔をして『日本に帰らないで』と言ってくれました。それを聞いてすごく嬉しかったのもありますが私もとても悲しくなったのを今でも鮮明に覚えています。






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