What I learned in Australia                        5F MIZUNO KANAKO

I stayed and went to school in Australia during summer vacation. There are many students since kindergarteners up to specialized course`s, school is so big. In addition to many new students came to school the first day, so there are troubles of computer system. For example our time tables were made mistakes, wrong homeroom class, subjects and not existence classroom. We got it the second day, we could not notice it. When we noticed it, we did not know who we should ask. We cried. Then Japanese students helped us. They taught us school`s rule in English. They told us several time until I understood. I saw their attitude they are doing their best, I made up my mind to change the current my school life`s situation. Next day I told teacher in charge of exchange students “ If you do not become clear, I do not want to come the school. Please fix our time tables.“  “I am sorry we were a lack of preparation. I will do my best for you “ said teacher. After that day we got new time tables. After we could take proper classes, I had inner peace of mind. Little by little I could talk with students.

But I had other problem. It is about homeroom class. I was poor at classmates. They looked mature for their age . Two weeks had passed since I come Adelaide, a Chinese student came to my class. I was scared to talk him because he is too tall {probably over 180 cm} and fashionable person. However, one day, I tried to talk him, conversations with him are very fun and he amuses me. Since then, I pass meaningful homeroom class. First I had many worries, I could enjoy day by day. I made many friends until the last day. They said me “I miss you“. To change the subject, I talk with Chinese student he was classmates in Australia after I came back Japan. These days we talk about PPAP. {He told me PPAP is so popular in Australia than Japan.} I introduce about my host family. My host families are from Nigeria. So I spent a valuable experience than I think. For example, do not use shower head. We store water in a bucket before we take. I used only a cup of bucket water. It was too cold for me but I can treasure water.  Next is I could understand African pronunciation than before. It was difficult to understand conversation with host father. Thanks to he said me again and again and Nigerian movie, I could at least.

The most wonderful memory is spending with host brother. He is three years. Firth he was shy, I was avoided him. My host parents was busy, because of it, I played with him. I am appointed his best friend. He always showed me his toy, tablet and drawing with explanation. And he gave me his favorite cookies. To visit Adelaide zoo, Adelaide Oval to watch Australian football was very interesting too.

Though this program, I experienced a great many situations. These are not only merry. Accordingly I grew up. Besides I noticed the importance of brothers and parents. Be living away from my family, I learn about a family in warmth. And it supported me through difficult time in Australia.

 But I have regret. If I know more expression, I can see other sides to all. I will learn more, I want to study abroad at not only Australia in the future.

私は夏休み期間中オーストラリアでホームステイをし学校に通いました。学校は幼稚園児から専門学生のような学生までいる一貫校で、とても大きかったです。更に初日にはたくさんの転校生・留学生がいてコンピューターのシステムでトラブルもあったそうでした。例えば私たちの時間割に間違いがあって、違う学級、教科、また存在しない教室が書かれていたとか...私たちがその間違っている時間割を手に入れたのが登校二日目で気づけませんでした。それに気づけたときも誰に相談すべきなのか、わからず私たちは泣いてしまいました。そのとき助けてくれたのは日本人の留学生たちでした。彼女らは私たちに学校のルールなどを英語で私が理解するまで何度も英語で教えてくれました。彼女らの全力・本気で。しかも英語で教えてくれる姿勢を見てこの学校での現状を変えようと決心できました。次の日、教えられた留学生担当の先生の所へ行き、時間割を直して欲しい。またトラブルに気づいたときに誰に相談すべきなのかはっきりしてほしい。そうでなければ学校にくるのが辛い旨を伝え、先生から謝罪と迅速に対応すると言われ、後日正しい新しい時間割を貰いました。本来の授業を受けられるようになってから少しずつ余裕がでてきました。しかし私はほかに悩みがあって、それは学級についてでした。クラスメートは思ったより大人っぽく雰囲気に流されてしました。アデレードに着いて2週間経った頃、ある中国人の生徒が学級に入ってきました。私は初め180㎝以上もあっておしゃれな格好をした彼に怯えていました。このままではいけないと思い、ある日彼に話しかけてみました、彼との会話はとても面白く、いつも私を楽しませてくれました。それ以来、有意義なホームルームを過ごせました。最初は心配事も多かったけれど日に日に楽しくなっていきました。話はかわって、その中国人の友達と帰国後もLINE を通じて話をします。最近はPPAP について話し、オーストラリアでは日本以上の人気があるようです。


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