5F No.15 Hinako Muto

October 6, 2016

What I learned

First, I want to talk about “School life”.  My school’s name is “Sea View High School”. I saw the introduce video on YouTube before I go to school.  My first impression was “Wow! Cool! They have many international students!”  I made many friends. (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, Italy, Afghanistan, African, Vietnam etc…) I learned other country language as well (not only English).  For example, “Graze”.  This is Italian and the meaning is “Thank you”.  Anyway, I took mathematics, Health and P.E, Music, English (only international student), Japanese, Dance, Visual arts.  I hate mathematics in Japan so I don’t want to study it, but I did it.  I was surprised because everyone used laptop and they didn’t use any textbook so I couldn’t understand some questions.  In Health class we watched some movies.  I learned about “1980’s Medical hospital” and “How to save psychosis”.  Topic of that movie was dark so I didn’t to watch it.  However, we discussed about it, but some of my friends didn’t understand so I explained them.  I thought, think about these things is necessary for us and maybe teacher wanted to think all about the problem deeply so we should discuss more.  P.E and Health teacher was same and I really love his personality because he is kind and he is funny and he understood about international student, so I like him.  I did badminton, tennis, and basketball.  First time I feel embarrassing to play sport with strangers, but when I played basketball, I did good work, so everyone praised me.  Last day, two boys fight in class (it was stupid) so I cannot stop laughing with my friends… maybe everyone thought they are stupid…  Music class inspired me.  This is because all of student has to choose own instrument. Before I go to Australia, I was looking forward this class.  I like to singing and my friend plays the guitar and piano so we tug a team.  Teacher gave us task (Blank Space / Taylor Swift, Stay / Rihanna).  Our music opinion was difference so it was hard to explain how to express my ideas, but her guitar and piano getting well and also we are get along more and more!  She always blush me because she said “Your English is good and I like your voice!”  Last day, our music teacher doesn’t come to class so we couldn’t show our music performance but they showed me their performance so I was moved.  In English class, I designed a model car.  Our group named “Pineapple express”, and our group member account of Chinese so sometimes I was mistaken for a Chinese (haha).  We put together a model car.  English teacher is kind but she always angry because some of student don’t hard work, just talking in class, and use laptop or iPhone, but I like all of them! Only in Japanese class, I grade to 11 years because I’m Japanese.  The teacher was polite and I thought she study Japanese mind as well.  I love everyone in the class because almost of student talk with me (I talked to them positive) and I could teach Japanese!  In Art class, I learned about “cray”.  First, when I took the Culture in Hokusei, I don’t like to express or explain to someone in English because my English vocabulary is really poor.  However I have to do it in this class so I feel I’m not good at doing this one, but I have to do it.  Art teacher didn’t remember my name and almost student hate her.  I think I did well in art class because I could understand teacher and local student words.  In Dance class, it was the first time to learn the different type one (Indian dance and Jazz) so I excide to do that.  In fact, I cried in this class because the teacher said “You can’t join this performance with us because you only stay in Adelaide one month.” I was really really shocked to hear about it.  As you know, I really wanted to study abroad one year, so I feel sad and I remember my painful memories (last year)…but my friends (Japanese) helped me, like how to stay longer in Adelaide. Not only one person (3 ~ 4 people).  One of my friends takes me to the city library and listen my story and search study abroad company.  I’m glad about it.  Now I can’t go back to Adelaide but I’m proud that my first study abroad finished successful and I made many many many great, wonderful friends.  I will visit Adelaide again, and I will study abroad in near future!!!!  Definitely!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then, I’ll talk about “My Daily life”.  My host mother is 24 and she is nurse.  My host father is 26 and he is teacher.  I like both.  Mother loves music and she always listen to music or singing, and she likes training.  She always said me, “How was your day?” and she talks me lot, so I like her.  Father likes to play soccer and he join in the local soccer team.  He is tall so first time I’m afraid to talk with him but I notice he is kind and funny person.  My family is 日本語から翻訳

Christian.  I went to church once.  It was really nice place.  There had band like one person sing with the guitar and others played their instrument.  Minister use the IPAD and big screen.  People in church talked me lot and they said “Your English is better than other Japanese”, “You speak English very well! I think you talk well than my brother” (maybe joke).  I feel comfortable and I thought I want to speak English more!!!  My host mother makes me blush because she praised me as well.  I visit church only once because I always hang out with my friends every weekend!!  Now, I little bit regret about it because I like the people in church, but I love my friends as well so I can’t chose…  Anyway, I did well in Adelaide!  


もう1か月前のことですが、言いたいことがあまりにも多すぎて書ききれません() 私は日常会話をはじめ、授業でも英語にたくさん触れ、すごい良い経験をさせてもらったな。と実感しています。また、友達も他校の友達もいたりなど。。。たくさんできて、今でもチャットや電話をして交流できているので幸せです!!私の学校は多国籍の人たちがたくさんいたので彼らと話すときは彼らの言語を軽く話してみたり、教えてもらっていました。まず、彼らと交流するうえで学べたことは、英語のほかにも世界中にはたくさんの言語がある。日本語にも独特な表現があるように相手の言語にもそのようなものがあり、もっと深くコミュニケーションするには他の言語にも興味を持ち人々とかかわることによってもっと自分の視野が広がる!ということです。当たり前なことかもしれませんですが、留学前、私はずっといろいろな人と英語でコミュニケーションしたいと思っていて、それが叶ったわけですが、現地へ行って一番に感じたことはそれであって、英語以外の言語にも興味を持ちました!また、自分から積極的に話しかけることは英語力向上の一番の方法だと思いました。たとえ文法が間違っていても伝わればこちらのものです!()「伝える」ということはとても大事です。なぜなら人と関わるときに一番必要で、「伝える」からこそ「伝わる」、そして人の温かさやぬくもりを感じるのだと思います。アデレードに行きみんな私によくしてくれてかけがえのない出会いのチャンスをつかめた私はとても幸せ者だと思います。つらかったことといえばみんなと一か月という短い時間しかいれないということが私にとって一番つらかったことでした。そしてそれだけ自分がみんなに対しての気持ちが大きかったのだなと感じます。一年留学を希望していて金銭面の問題で行けなかったときはすごく悔しくてどうしようもない気持ちでしたが、今思うと、一か月留学を選んでみんなに出会えたことに感謝でいっぱいです。「一年留学に行けなかった」ではなく、「一か月という短い期間を通して自分がどれだけ何かを得たのか」ということを考えると、「あぁ。内容の濃い良い留学だったなぁ。」と深く感じます。留学に行かせてくれた保護者たち、英語を教えてくれた先生方、また応援してくださった多くの方々に感謝します。ありがとうございました。

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