Precious experience in Australia

5F 20 Hibiki OISO

On July 23, I landed on Adelaide Airport with my hart filled with happy.  My host father and host mother welcomed me with a nameplate that was written big “Hibiki” at the airport.

My host family is a father, a mother, a 16 years sister, and a 13 years old brother.  They are family of 4 and they host two students from Italy and Brazil.  This is because I have no sister and brother, it was so funny.  My host sister and brother are active as a singer so there are many microphones and musical instruments in the home.  And once a week, the instructor comes the house and they were had a guitar and song lesson.  It was a wonderful space for me that like music very much as a member of the music club. 

By the house, there is a big beach and there I could see the wonderful sunset at 5 o’clock.  When I see the scene first, the grandeur and magnificence of the sight took my breath away.  In Japan, the sunset that I can see from my house goes down in the mountain, so I was deeply impressed by how beautiful the sunset that goes down in the sea.  The beach is my favorite place.

  I want to Seaford Secondly College for a month and the school does not have a lot of students from foreign country.  Especially, there are only a few students from Asia.

In the school I felt many difference of culture between Japan and Australia.  Of course the kind of class is different, and also the form of lesson is different too so every day was fresh.  My favorite subject was music.  I said just “music class” but it is not like Japanese music class, for examples learn old songs or history of music.  It is unthinkable form of lesson in Japan that makes a band and play popular songs.  I played the keyboard in the band and we could play 4 songs in a month.  Probably we had same hobby music, we could become friendly soon.  Sometimes I was told them their favorite songs, and sometimes I told them my favorite Japanese songs, I could make many friends through music.  The reason we that word is not through much became good friends is we have a second communication tool “music”.

As you can see, I could have a happy study abroad life, but first few days I was worried about cannot understand what to say, differences of culture, and difference of thinking and I became homesick.  Now I think, then I was very negative thinking and become negative to take the communication.  

However, the reason of I could escape from such situation is want to change myself and took a step.  From concern in everything positively, I was able to spend the life full of laughter.

And I learned to understand differences of culture and difference of thinking, also to acknowledge each other are important thing to communicate with people.  This one month that I live in foreign lands is connected with my big confidence.  Surely, I could grow up than before.  Last, I appreciate my family and my teacher to give me a chance.  I want to help in my future this precious experience. 

720日、期待に胸を膨らませ、私はアデレード空港に降り立ちました。空港ではファザーとマザーが、大きく “Hibiki” と書いたプレートを持って笑顔で迎え入れてくれました。



私が通った学校は Seaford Secondary College というところで、留学生があまりいない学校でした。特にアジア系の人は私たちの他に3人ほどしかいませんでした。






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