I went to study abroad to Adelaide in Australia.  My host family is an elderly couple.  They are very kind to me.  Host father is British and very fashionable.  Host mother is Scottish and she loves teddy bear.  They had already made a plan what we go to anywhere when I arrival at Australia.  So, I could go to famous tourist site.  Every Saturday and Sunday we go to famous places in Australia.  I went to GORGE WILDLIFE PARK, The Toy Factory, Dolphin Explorer, Migration Museum, Adelaide Himeji Garden, Hahndorf Village, MELBA’S Chocolate Factory, Glenelg Beach, and Victor Harbor.  There were many interesting things and unexpected meetings.  The most amazing thing was that the woman sat next to us, and she talked to my host father.  All at once she talked Japanese to me.  Actually, she was ALE in Tokushima, so she can speak Japanese very well.  I was very surprised and puzzled but I’m glad to talk to me.

My host father likes sweets and cooking.  Dinner’s dessert and Holiday’s breakfast was made by host father.  I like sweets too but some dessert was too sweet for me.  All most of dessert is delicious.  My grandfather is the boss in the family, so he cannot any housework.  However, my host father is helpful around the house.  I was very surprised that.  My host mother said me “You should marriage to domestic, kind and tall man. Like Gordon.”  Then, I want to marriage to that person.  My host mother is very kind.  When I came home and went to living room, she asked me what I did in high school.  She listened to my awkward English the end and taught an expression peculiar to English.

I’m in the badminton club.  So I think I cannot practice badminton during the study abroad.  But my host family contacted South Australian Badminton Association. 

Then, I could practice every Wednesday night.  I took part in Jr team.  I deeply appreciate coach and player giving me invaluable advice.  I could spend precious time there.

My host school is Reynella East College.  This school has many international students so, it has the international room.  We can go at recess and lunch time, study and talk with friend.  My buddy is very kind and mind person.  She studied Japanese before I go.  It is because she interested in Japanese Animation and comics.  At it happens, I like amination and comics too.  So, we become friend soon.  All subjects were very difficult for me.  And teachers always asked me “Do you understand this question?”  I could call for a report and resolve.  I could make many friend because, I majored many kind of subject.  I studied Math, English, Japanese, Geography, Music, Science, Early child education and Health introduction.  I like all subject very much.

There are many Japanese students here so, I talked them about each schools.  We go to shopping together after school.  It was so fun because, I am in badminton club and I cannot go shopping after school with my friend.  I love my host school friend.  I want to meet them. 

I never forget great time with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!