24 Shibata Momoka

What I learn in Australia 

I learned many things in Australia.  I realized I have been always supported by a lot of people.  I thought usual is not usual.  I was very hard in the beginning.  But I was challenged to anything.  So I can grow as humans being.  I owe it to my parents this school that I was able to study abroad.  So I appreciate it.  I will never forget the feelings of gratitude.

Then, I will write about what I learned by study abroad.

First, my host family was six and four people were girls.  Also, they have a big dog.  It was very lively there so it was like a zoo.  Everyone was very cheerful and they always called me Momo.  We watched movie and danced together every day.  Especially, one of them Zoe liked me very much.  After school, when I got home, Zoe always said to me ‘’Let’s play! Let’s play!’’ and then she brought a lot of toys to play with me.  Particularly, hospital pretend game, she operated me twenty times and injected fifty times a day.  Zoe smiles made me happy every day.  I feel that as if I have a little sister.  My host parents as well as my host sisters were kind to me and supported me every day.  I felt smile is the nicest thing in the world as if language which I used is different.  I want to continue smiling every day.

Next, in my school life, I was very nervous and uneasy because there were no Japanese, but such uneasiness went away soon.  It is because students in my school were very friendly and talked to me many times. When I was lost, they always helped me and they always kept the door opened for me.  At first, I thought that there were so kind to me.  But as a matter, of fact, it was natural for them to do such things.  So I was impressed it.  Therefore, I think if exchange students come to my country, I want to help them.  Consequently, it was nice school life.

My host family often took me a lot of place in holiday.  All of places were very beautiful.  I’ve never seen them.  Stimulating scenes made me surprised every day.  I experienced the warmth of koala when I held them.  For example, there are beautiful night view, delicious dish I have never eaten, wonderful museums, and the blue transparent ocean in Adelaide.  And more than anything, I feel tenderness of people in Adelaide.  I was so impressed, and thank to a lot of people in Adelaide.  When I see beautiful scenery, I found myself what I worried about little problem.  Then I felt that I had to self-sustaining.

Before study abroad, I always depended on my parents.  But after study abroad, I was not only able to glow up as humans, but also the warmth of the existence as a parent was able to be realized.  I am thankful sincerely that my parents made me experience studying abroad, and my parents bore me.  In the future, I want to study abroad in university and I would like to broaden my field of view more and more.

I have a dream.  Do you know what it is?  The dream is to get married in Australia.  This is because there are a lot of wonderful nature, culture, and people!  Then I want to meet my host family.  Especially, I’m looking forward to growing of Zoe. 

I love Australia very much!  Thank you for wonderful one month!!










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