My life of study abroad in Australia

I went to Australia for one-month to studying abroad in this summer. Therefore I learned much experience and knowledge. There were a lot of being surprised than the things which I imagined.

First; school;

My host school’s name is “ wirreanda secondary school “. This school’s teachers were very friendly, kind, and very funny. They were very kind for me, so I could talk so much with their. I took a class of Music, Science, Math, Health, English, Photography, ESL, so on. They were difficult level and simple level. The music class was most difficult for me, because this class had to compose original music, and we had to do a quiz not to be possible when the width of the sound is not identified as a musical scale. It was very difficult, and I had to ask that in English.

I though the parson who is in this class is meeting of people liking music so much.

That is a very wonderful and amazing. I watched them and though they are cool.

I thought that there is a lot to worry about now, but, what is important is that you see through to doing what you think is right. I felt it is difficult to talk with somebody and express one’s thoughts. But, it is good experience to overcome, and make friends. I gain confidence to speak English. It is important to a challenge somethings, I thought. Thanks to this thought, I could talk about some topic with many people, and could make friends of exchange students which they from other country.  I understood that I should do somethings positively. I am thankful for my kind friends in this school.

Second; homestay;

My host family is a family of 4. There are mum, dad, son, and mother’s sister.

A boy is 5, I tried to speak with him. But, it was very difficult because I couldn’t understand what he speaking. His speed of speak was very fast, and he always spoke large voice, so it was hard to listen it. But, when I spend with family for a while, I became to talk with him. I always talked about my school life or my Japanese school or my favorite things with my host family. This time was very important and my favorite time. The host family told me a lot of things. They provided me with a lot of experience, and told me about Australian sport, culture, building, so on. I could know many things more deeply when I went to Australia. It was big progress for me that I was able to take the permission in a host family where you wanted to go to, and what I wanted to do. Host family said me “your English is very well. We know that you are trying to tell to us hard. I was very happy, and I said to host family “thank you so much, I really appreciate your gentle heart. I am happy to meet you.”

Thanks to support from my family in japan, my school teacher, my host family, I could spend my life in here, and I could finish studying abroad safely without incident. I will never forget these memories. When I go to Australia again, I will be well to speak more than now. This is because the language barrier was very big problem for us. It is expressing that we have not understood word yet, and you don’t know other word. So, we must study more, I thought.

I thought this project is important to us and good experience to know how many people haven’t understood English, and can speak well.

I want to apply to the next English play that I learned through this studying abroad.

October 11, 2016, Moeha Shimizu



初めに、学校について。私の派遣先の学校名はwirreanda secondary school です。この学校の先生方はとても気さくで、優しくて、とても面白い先生です。彼らは私にとても優しくて、私は先生方とたくさん話すことができました。私は、音楽の授業と、理科と、数学と、保健と、英語と、写真と、留学生のためのスペシャルイングリッシュという科目を取りました。簡単なレベルと難しいレベルがありました。音楽の授業は私にとって一番難しい科目でした。なぜならこの授業ではオリジナルの作曲をしなければいけなく、また音階がわからないと解けない難しいクイズをしなければいけなかったからです。それはとても難しくて、また私は英語で答えなければいけませんでした。私はこのクラスをとっている人たちは本当に音楽が好きな人の集まりだと思いました。それはとても凄くて、驚きました。私は彼らを見てかっこいいと思いました。私はいま心配事があるけれど重要なのはあなたが何が一番正しいかを判断することだと思いました。


次にホームステイについて。私のホストファミリーは四人家族でした。お母さん、お父さん、息子、そしてお母さんのシスター。私は5歳の男の子と話そうと挑戦しました。しかし、彼が何を言っているのか理解できなくてとても難しかったです。彼の話すスピードはとても速くて、いつも大きな声で話していたので聞き取ることがとても難しかったです。しかし、ファミリーと過ごしていくうちに彼と話せるようになりました。私はいつもホストファミリーと学校のことや、日本の私の学校のこと、私の趣味、その他のいろいろなことについてたくさん話しました。この時間がとても大切で大好きな時間でした。ホストファミリーは私にたくさんのことを教えてくれました。ホストファミリーは私にたくさんの経験をさせてくれて、また、オーストラリアのスポーツ、文化、建物、その他いろいろについて教えてくれました。私はたくさんのことをより深くオーストラリアに行く前より知ることができました。私にとって、自分が何をしたいか、どこに行きたいか、をホストファミリーに許可を取ることができたことが大きな進歩でした。ホストファミリーは私にあなたの英語はとても上手いよ。あなたが一生懸命に私たちに伝えようとする姿を私たちは知っているよ と言いました。私はとても嬉しかった、そして私はファミリーに本当にありがとう、私はあなた方の優しい心に感謝しています。あなた方に会えてよかった“ 






                      1011,2016, 清水 萌葉

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