My experiences in Australia

I experienced studying abroad in Australia during summer vacation. Actually, I was a little nervous about it just at first. But, I had a great time. So, I’ll talk about my experience a little.

First of all, we went to Hong Kong because we couldn’t go to Australia directly. It was the time such a school trip inside of an airplane. Probably, I think we were not nervous at that time. However, we were very nervous when arriving at Adelaide airport. Because we met our host family for the first time. At airport, Dad and Mom came to pick me up. They greeted me with a smile, and their smiles calmed my nerves.

There are four people in my family. My father who is a businessman is great fun. He always makes with the joke. My mother is an artist. The portrait of my father was limned by my mother. Also, she is very skillful at cooking, so no matter which one, the food that she made was very delicious. I have a sister who is 10 years older than me. She is very kind and slightly mischievous. But she is deucedly clever, because she is an able lawyer. And, my older brother is a university student. He studied educational psychology in college. Also, his hobby is playing the guitar, so he plays guitar very well.

My family is interested in Japanese culture. So, I was often caught in a cross fire of questions about Japanese culture. It was too hard for me, but I am happy just with my family having an interest in Japan.

My family is very close, so we spend usual time together. For example, I saw the movie with my family every Friday night, I had them take me around to various places every weekend, and we cook dinner together. The cooking which left an impression, is pavlova. It could make surprisingly easy, but very delicious, so I love it. There were other foods, mom taught me many kinds of recipe. So, I am doing her best at cooking now.

Out of all the classes in this school, I like cooking class the best. I was able to really enjoy cooking because I could cook with my friends. Any other subject, I like tourism, history and psychology. Tourism is fun because I have never done that before. Australian history is very interesting, so I think that I want to learn about it more and more. And, I was interested in psychology since quite a while ago. So, it was very nice time. Off course, I love recess time and lunch time too. I like that time, since I was able to hear everyone’s stories. Also, we play cards just for the fun of it, and we would play hide and seek. That is very fun time. That is a nice memory for me.

Since it was so fun, time passed by before I even knew it. I am looking forward to being able to meet their again sometime somewhere. I want to be able to speak English much more by that time.








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