What I learned in Australia

Study abroad in Australia went by like a dream. But I feel it became unforgettable memories, and it will have a major influence to my life.

At first, I was not under tension until meet my host family, and I realized that “I am studying abroad” on that time.

My host family was friendly and very kind to me. My host father, who is interested in collecting many kind of old money and about guns and rifles, gave me a lot of knowledges which about history, Australian climate and the lay of the land, or how to write a report of school’s task. My host mother is Pilipino, and she said to me that “It was really hard to speak English at first” and she told me a knack of learning. Thanks to that kindness, I didn’t have any big problems about English, and I could send very good time in there. They took me around Adelaide and near in every weekend. So I could look many sightseeing spots and get much information about Australia such as the history of aborigine. I feel really happy to be a member of the family, and I’m so grateful to them, and I really love them.

In my school life, I had trouble taking notes in the beginning. I didn’t know how to do that because I have not taken communication in English before go to Australia.  I terribly regret that I did not do that. I missed the right timing while thinking how to describe my feeling in English. However, I noticed that trying to use the word if I don’t know the way to use is faster than thinking the right usage completely. Then I follow my host family or friend’s example about taking notes. And after that, I’ve become better at taking notes naturally than before.

In addition, there were many different cultures and the habits, and some of that were unthinkable to me. However, I think we have to abandon Japanese obvious thing in other country. This is because Japanese natural think is not always regarded as natural by people in other countries, so we have to understand that the other country has their own natural think. I really thank to be noticed that by this study abroad.

I also realized that I could finish it thanks to the support by a lot of people.

I sincerely thank to my host family who accepted me in the family, friends who were very kind to me and told me anything about the school or their home town, my parents who is always support from Japan, and the member of 5F who were in the same city and encouraged each other.

I believe that I grew up greatly, and lived a fruitful life in Australia.

I will make use of my experiences in the past month. Besides, I will study more to improve myself, and I want to broaden my horizons.

Lastly, I would love to visit Australia sometime again. Thank you.

                                                                    5F 27 Haruka









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