Unforgettable experience

I went to Australia’s Adelaide to study abroad from July 22 to August 2. It was only one month, but I will never forget this experience.

First, I will talk about my host family. My host families were mother, father, and two host sister who came from Italy and Germany. My host family treated me as one of their family. They were always so cheerful, so I did not boredom every day.

My father and mother were both working, so came back at 6:30 pm every day. They looked tired. However they made interesting dinner for me. For example alligator hot dog, kangaroo hamburger!! Alligator was taste like chicken. Kangaroo was unusual taste… 

My family watched the movie every weeknight. While we watched movie, we talked about the event of the day, and we told about each other’s country. My host sisters have a firm opinion for their countrys problem. They discussed about their country’s economy and environmental issue and politics. I did not know about my countries problem, so I became ashamed. Then I thought I had to learn about Japan more as Japanese.

Of course we enjoyed the movie. The most interesting movie was Ant-Man. It was easy to understand! I loved this relaxing time because I could learn English from my family, and I knew their kindness.

“It is ok Yui” was my mother and father’s favorite. I love their kindness and smile.

Second I will talk about my school. My school was Heath filed high Scholl. It was rich in nature and homey school. The first time I did not know what should I do and where should I go, but when I was troubled, a lot of students helped me with easy English, so I was able to spend school life comfortably. My elective subject was English, Design, EAL, Math, Hearth PE, Art (2D), and Science. Especially, I enjoyed Art because I like Art very much. Teachers let me drew a picture freely, and praise my painting. I think that this picture became a part of the communication. I come to like to draw a picture more thorough this experience.

My most favorite time at school was lunchtime. I got up early, and I made lunch box every day. I putted sandwiches, apples, bananas, and Tim Tam.

I ate lunch with a lot of country’s friends. Chinese, Thai, German…

They were long-term overseas study students, and they had strong will to fulfill their dream. They gave me a chance that I thought about the future.

I always tried to smile, and I did not forget feelings of thanks. If I could help something, I helped. “Actions speak louder than words” This is proverb that I learned it in Adelaide. I met many people in Adelaide. The time I spent with them is a treasure to me.  

Thanks to teachers, and family. Thank you very much for gave me the chance to study abroad.

5F 31 Yui Tanoue








「大丈夫だよ 優衣」これがファザーとマザーの口癖でした。ファミリーの優しさと笑顔が私は大好きです。

次に私が通った学校についてお話ししようと思います。私が通った学校は Heath filed high Scholl という学校で、自然が豊かでアットホームな学校でした。学校に通い始めて始めの頃、私は何をするべきなのかそしてどこへ行くべきなのかわからず困っていましたが、沢山の人たちが優しい英語を使って私を助けてくれたので快適に学校生活を送ることができました。

私が学校で選択した科目は英語、デザイン、EAL, 数学、Hearth PE、美術(2D)そして、理科でした。特に、美術はもともと好きな科目だったのでとても楽しかったです。先生方は、自由に絵を描かせてくれ、さらに私の絵を褒めてくださりました。この絵がコミュニケーションの一部になっていたのではないかと私は思います。この経験を通してさらに絵を描くことが好きになりました。







5年F組 31番 田之上 優衣

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