My experiences in Australia

I studied in Australia for one month.

I was filled with anxiety before the study abroad in Adelaide.

It was a school excursion feeling, but my studying abroad began until I arrived at Adelaide after I met a host family.

My host family is a mother, a father, a sister and two cats. My mother is kind and loves exercise. She coaches the fitness club. My host father is excels in all sports and devoted to family. He works as a teacher of the soccer in the school where the host sister goes to. My host sister is elementary school student. She loves horse so much. She always watched animation after school. My host family has two cats. The university student who came from Korea stayed with the family of the host family. She is very kind for me. She had a hobby same as me. So we were able to make friends immediately. I was substantial very much on a host family and a holiday to spend. I went to the zoo with them and went to watch a game of the football that a host sister belonged to. I was glad to be able to experience that I could not do it in Japan. I went to the church on Sunday. I visited a Protestant Church and the Catholic Church. It was interesting to compare two churches.

My school name is Henley high school. This school has many international students. For example, Chinese, French, and so on.

I was able to choose seven classes. The class winning through up to an impression in particular is a drama. At first a scenario is handed by this class. I select the position who I am divided into every group each, and plays it. Exercise time is given. If there is the signal from a teacher, we announce the performance each other. For a performance, we interchange in an opinion. The second announcement thinks about a scenario in oneself. I was desperate at the start to hear English. Whenever the number of times of the class increased, I became able to give an opinion by oneself. The conversation bounced when I became able to give one`s opinion. And, friends increased.

In the high school where I went to, we cannot stay in the school after school. So I did my homework in a house and I went to the city with my friend and enjoyed shopping. There were many shops in the city. For example, it is a shop of a general store and the chocolate shop which only Australia has.

I learned a lot thought this studying abroad. Because the culture was different, I was able to often learn. I want to make use in English study in the future. It is full of the feelings of thanks for the parents who let studying abroad reach. This valuable thing that I was able to experience is very nice. The English drama to begin keeps this experience alive and wants to wrestle from now on.




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