遠藤 百華 の留学レポート

I went to Adelaide in Australia for one month to study abroad. I leave Chitose airport in July 21st, then I arrived Adelaide in July 22nd. This is my first visit to Australia and doing study abroad as well. It was very great experience for me. When I arrived to Australia, I felt something different with Japan. First, large amount of houses are looks very flat. Second, there are many trees. There was very beautiful place.

I was going to go to Golden Grove High School. The school is a public secondary school located with Gleeson College and Pedare Christian College private schools in Golden Grove, South Australia. The three schools share a common campus.  The school opened in 1989. This school has about 1600 students. A special education unit is included for students with intellectual and physical disability. It is also a special interest dance/drama school. I`m join dance club in Hokusei, so I choose dance class at there. The school has the classroom for the dance. There has big mirror, big CD player, and dancing bar. Dance class was 2 times in a week, Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday`s lesson is about contemporary, and Friday`s lesson is about hairspray. Both were very fun and interesting for me. Especially, I love Friday`s lesson. Because I love movie of Hairspray, and Dance in the movie. In dance class, I learn not only dance skill, but also segregation and systematic discrimination. That class was good chance for me to think about discrimination and level up to my dance skill. I played football in P.E. Football is very popular sport in Australia. It is very different to soccer. It`s similar to rugby. The shape of ball is like rugby ball. When I played it, I could make a goal. Then, some students gave me high five. I was so happy. I like it now.

Next, I will write about my host family. The family has a father, a mother, and two daughters. They are so kindness and funny. I was very happy to join them. Father (Chad) is very good at cooking. We had special breakfast every Sunday. It has baked eggs, tomatoes, bacon, mushroom, and bread. On the other hand, the breakfast on Monday to Saturday was self-dishes. It is to choose something to eat from yourself. I could choose bread, cereal, yogurt, and so on. I love both style of breakfast. But I felt much different with Japanese style. Normally, staple food in Australia is bread or potato. So I became to want to eat Japanese rice. It was selling at Japanese shop at there, but it was so expensive. Instead Japanese rice, I ate Thai rice. It was drier and harder than Japanese one. Mother (Keily) is very kind. I felt her as a real mother. When I first arrived to their house, she said, “Please stay comfortable.” I was relieved to hear that. If I want to eat something, I can get snack from the kitchen, I could take a shower at my favorite time, and I could do something I want. The parents take me some places which famous in Australia every weekend. All places are beautiful and interested. I`m very happy to be able to went there. One sister is Indy. She is 10 years old. She is very smart and good at making strawberry milk drink. The drink was very delicious, I loved it. She liked origami, kendama, and Japanese flat marbles which I brought. I played those with sisters. It was lovely time. She loves animal. Other sister is Koko. She is 8 years old. She is very powerful and active girl. She has powerful big voice as me. One day, she wants to be able to do round off. I can do that, so I taught her how to do that. Then she could do that better.  I did many things with them, so I have much memory. When I holding hands with them, I felt so became my real sister. Her smile is so cute. I`m really grateful they helped me a lot of good experience.


At last, I`m very appreciate to my mother. Thanks for my mom, I could go to study abroad. I want to pay my mom who support me back.



私は、ゴールデン・グローブ・ハイスクールという学校に通いました。全校生徒が1600人ほどいる、とても大きな学校でした。その学校の敷地はとても広く、2つの私立学校と一緒に共有していました。体育館は一般の人も使える施設になっていたり、フットボール専用のグラウンドがあったりと、設備がとても充実している学校でした。美術やダンスなどの特別教科もいくつかありました。私は北星でダンス部に所属していて、ダンスがとても好きなのでダンスの授業を選択しました。ダンスのためだけの教室があり、そこには大きい鏡、大きいスピーカーやバレエ用のバーなどがありました。ダンスの授業は、月曜日に1限、水・金曜日に2限ありました。月曜日の授業では実技ではない授業で、人種差別や体系の差別について学びました。水曜日の授業では主にコンテンポラリーを、金曜日の授業では私の大好きな映画のHairspray のダンスをしました。どちらのダンスも好きでしたが、私は特に金曜日の授業が好きでした。クラスのみんなは11月に発表会を控えており、オーディションに向けて必死に練習していました。最後の日に私のお別れ会を開いてくれて、お手紙を貰ったり、「もっとここにいて~!」と言われたりしたことがとてもうれしかったです。ダンスの授業は、私にとって差別について改めて考え、ダンスの技術も挙げられたよい機会となりました。学校ではたくさんの友達ができ、最後の日には写真を撮ったりプレゼントをもらったりしてとても楽しかったです。ゴールデン・グローブ・ハイスクールに通うことができて本当によかったと思います。



最後に、こんなに貴重で最高な留学をさせてくれたお母さんに本当に感謝しています。この留学を絶対に無駄にせず、将来に活かしてお母さんに恩返ししたいです。5-1 5-2 5-4