堀 萌乃 の留学レポート

We repeats challenge something always,

   To be honest with I don‘t like challenge. Every time, I used unfair things because I want the right answer to live comfortably. Example when I doing my homework, I search  answer on the internet. In addition I ask answer from my friends. Anyway, always I keep away from challenge when I was alone.

   But Australia was different. I can’t use my cellphone free and not exist Japanese.

At the very time I was to fall into confusion.  I can not to spoke to my host family because I can’t founded the subject.  When I went to my school which name under dale high school, I was surprised because My English ability was meager at that time.

When any one spoke to me I answered “yes” or “no” all of the time.  That puts me in a crisis-ridden.  at that time my host mother asked me “You write a

Diary every day and I want to read this diary details” I think This will certainly be a good chance and every day I wrote a diary a little number of lines.

My host mother say to me state one’s impressions and advised my English. I wrote this a diary every day when I was tired and Can’t get motivated. That it became the reason that I spoke English it just connect words but my English expressions are clumsy so some people want to repeat I has just said and changed question. I was upset but I doesn’t give up to challenge talked student and some people. It was important for me to lived in Australia.

 First, I doesn’t have no confidence  And I don`t have a vitality but I thought that you should change oneself triggered by the words of the host mother. English  than the day that came for the first time in Adelaide improved And I knew the importance of challenging.

I think that it is that it is difficult at all to talk with people not to know at a place not to know. However, I was able to deepen relation by challenging it and I was able to sympathize with somebody and a feeling. It was always to challenge it that I learned this time. Of course a challenge has failure. But It’s necessary for me to have a challenge that I am not afraid of failing. I work on everything positively from now on and I take responsibility for everything I do and sincerely try my best.

Please challenge it without being at a loss if there is a person thinking about studying abroad. It may be a chance to change some oneself.



  しかし、留学先のオーストラリアでは通用しません。当たり前ですが携帯が自由に使えない、日本語が無い。まさに英語だらけの日々を過ごすことは戸惑いでもありました。ホストファミリーに自分から話せない、まず何を話して良いかすら分からない。派遣先の学校であるunder dale high school でも自分のコミュニケーション能力の低さに驚くほど何も話す事ができませんでした。話し掛けられても yes と no しか言えない、そこから先に話題が発展しないので英語力が上達するわけがない。そんな危機状態に追い込まれてしまいました。そんな時、ホストマザーが私に「毎日英語で日記を書いて、それを読んでほしい」と言われました。これは良い機会だと思い私は2、3行だけでも書く努力を擦る事にしました。ホストマザーは私の書いた文に感想を述べたり、修正を書いてくれたりしました。その日記だけはどんなに疲れていても、やる気が起きなくても毎日継続しました。




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