稲荷 妃奈子 の留学レポート

I went to Adelaide for a month.  I’m going to share two things which I learned through my study abroad. I think I grew up a lot. Let me share about  school life and my host family.

First, I went Seaford secondary college. There were no Asian except a few international students from Japan so I was very nervous first day. However, I could make friends from Italy, Germany, Brazil and I spend time with them at school. At school, I had a hard time in class because it’s very difficult for me to understand fast teacher’s English. But class can’t wait so I tried to talk to my friends. My friends were kind to me so I could understand. I learned that it’s important to do something when I need some helps. If I don’t do anything, it’s not good for me to improve my English and must be regret. Also I made many memories with my friends. For example, at lessee and lunch I spend time with my friends and talk about our country. It was interested learn to other country’s culture. We have group of Instagram and we went hung out after school such as shopping and roller skating. I thank for them to kind to me. Before I go to Australia, I thought Australian people are not kind to Japanese but in fact they were very kind and friendly. So I thought I shouldn’t decide personality by image. Also, my school had three excursions then I went to the famous beach, city and zoo with international students. Especially I enjoyed zoo because there were many animals and we can touch and  feed to them. At last day, I got koala doll from my school and my friends and classmate wrote their name on it. Seafored College taught me many important things.

Second, my host family was so nice. There are Mom, Indy(10), Maya(8), Paris(dog) and Mia(cat). Indy and Maya like playing games so they played Wii with me. I don’t play Wii or something like that in Japan, so I noticed they’re fun. Host mom is kind and she likes children so much. I think that’s why she accepts international students. She interested in Japan so we talked each country’s culture. Also she comes from Holland, so she made Dutch food and talked to me the story which when she went study abroad. In Australia, I tried to talk my opinions clearly and my host mom said to me “That’s helpful for me you say your opinions clearly. The student who I accepted last time said only good every time.” At weekends we went shopping, beach, playground, picnic, water fall and more. All of them are my treasure. However, I couldn’t success without supports from my family, teachers and my friends. Especially, I want to say thank you for my parents because they paid the cost of study abroad. I want recognize for them a lot.

To sum up, I could improve my English and myself. I want to visit Australia someday. Thank you for leading!




次に、私はとても良いホストファミリーに恵まれました。私の家族は、お母さん、ホストシスターのインディ(10)、マヤ(8)、犬のパリスと猫のミーアです。マヤとインディは、ゲームが好きなので私と一緒にWiiをして遊んだりしました。ホストマザーはとても優しく子供が大好きで、そういうわけで留学生も受け入れているのだなと思いました。マザーは日本に興味があって、よく日本の文化についてはなしたり逆にオーストラリアのことを教えてくれたりしました。またマザーはオランダ出身でオランダ料理を作ってくれたり自分が留学した時の話をしてくれたりしました。私はオーストラリアで話す時、できるだけ自分の意見を言うようにしました。そうするとホストマザーが「前受け入れた日本人の子は何に対してもgood しか言わなかったから、あなたが正直に思っている事を言ってくれてとても助かるわ。」と言ってくれて、積極的に話していて良かったなと思いました。週末には友達と遊びに行ったり、ビーチ、公園、ピクニックに行って滝を見たりしました。これらは全部私の宝物です。しかし、先生、親、友達の支え無しでは留学が成功することはありませんでした。特に費用を払ってくれた親には1番ありがとうと言いたいです。


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