川邊 百夏 の留学レポート


The Moment That’s The Brightest in My Life


I went to Adelaide, Australia to study abroad for a month in this summer. It’s not easy to put into words what I learned many things in there and how much it meant to me but I’ll introduce one of my experiences during the studying abroad.

       Firstly, I’ll talk about my wonderful host family. My host family is a father, a mother, a little brother, and two little sisters. Also, there were two bunnies at the garden in my house. I was especially really close friends with two sisters who became attached to me on the first day. They’re always full of energy as I had a lot of time with them every day. So loved me they that sometimes fight each other by scrambling for me. I felt it’s complicated though I was happy about it. My host brother likes playing game and watching movie so he talked to me a lot about it because he knows that I love watching movie. My host father and mother were so much kind to me and took me many great places such as my sister’s game for Netball, the beach, the city, and the zoo to hold a koala. They also always spoke to me slowly, and listened me earnestly. The dishes my mother made were so delicious and I sometimes helped her. Also, she made my lunchbox for me everyday. My host father was funny, often told me a joke. At first, I could’nt understand what he said to me because he had a strong accent. They made my life in Australia unforgettable and amazing. At the same time, I deepened the compassion with my family in Japan.

      I went to Underdale High School in there. There was no other exchange student and also, we were the frst from Hokusei. I was so nervous on the fist day of school but some students who took the same class talked to me, then, could get along with them. I took Math, Drama, Science, Visual art, Digital photography, Netball, and EAL. My most favorite subject was Drama because I was interested in acting, and my classmates were so much kind and lovely people before anyone else. After acting in front of them for the first time, so many classmates told me that I did good though I didn’t work well. I was so happy to hear that and won’t forget that things. I thought what beautiful things to accept others and to smile each other in spite of difference to nationality and race were. However, I couldn’t make friends so many because I had stayed with only certain friends. I should’ve had courage at that time, no matter other’s attention. Through school, I was deeply touched by importance of having courage to do something.

   Everything in my life in Australia was so fresh for me. I especially learned a lot about difference of culture. I never took a shower at all in there. It was once a 2 or 3 days. Washing laundries was once a week as well. For this, I noticed that I’m so lucky and luxury in Japan, which it’s not natural in this world through taking shower, bath and my mother had me washed laundries every day. That had a major influence on me.

      Japan has only Japanese, Asian if it’s separated us into race. There were discriminations as especially, Australia is multi-culturalism and accepting many people all over the world as immigration. I wasn’t discriminated from others because of me whose Japanese but I fully felt the importance and seriousness what happening is every single day in the world even if I saw them with my own eyes.

      As for English, I learned delight and necessary of speaking English again through this studying abroad. However, it’s only one of tools. I cannot live without English in this world. Moreover, not to be able to speak English makes my chance small. It was true though it sounds little bit strict. I will try to make efforts studying English.

       I had experienced such an amazing in Australia. I really appreciate my host family who accepted me willingly. Also, my family in Japan as well who had me study abroad and always wait for me to come back safty. I’ll never forget these experiences in my life. Thank you so much for everything. Hope I can go back to Adelaide again.



まず、私の大好きなファミリーについて。私のファミリーは、ファザーとマザー、10歳のブラザーと、9歳と6歳の2人のシスター、そして2匹のバニーちゃんでした。私は特にシスターたちと仲が良く、初日から懐いてくれました。毎日元気いっぱいで、私は家でシャワーを浴びる時と寝るとき以外は、いつも彼女たちと過ごしていました。時には、私の取り合いで大喧嘩して大変でした。嬉しかったのですが、複雑な気持ちでした笑 ブラザーはゲームや映画が好きで、私も映画が好きだったのでよくその話をしてくれました。マザーとファザーはとても私に優しくしてくれて、週末はシスターたちのネットボールの試合、シティ、ビーチ、またコアラを抱っこするために動物園に連れてってくれました。英語をうまく話すことができない私のために少しゆっくり話してくれたり、下手な英語を必死に聞きとろうとしてくれて、彼らの優しさをいつも感じていました。私のマザーが作る料理はとても美味しくて、時々シスターたちと一緒に手伝っていました。ランチボックスも私のために毎日作ってくれました。ファザーはとても面白い人で、度々私にジョークを言ってきてしかも鉛の強い人だったので理解するのに時間がかかることもありましたが、優しくて大好きでした。私のオーストラリアでの生活は、彼らのおかげで本当に忘れることのできない素晴らしいものになりました。それと同時に日本の家族への思いやりや大切さを深めることができました。

  私は現地でUnderdale High Schoolという共学の学校に通っていました。この学校には私たちの他に留学生がいなくて、また北星として留学に行くのは私たちが初めてでした。初日は本当に緊張していたのですが、何人か同じクラスを取っていた子たちが話しかけてくれて仲良くなることができました。私は、Math、Drama、Science、Visual art、Digital photography、Netball、EALの授業を取っていました。特にDramaの授業が大好きでした。先ほどもお伝えした通り私は映画が好きだったので演技をすることに興味もありましたし、何より友達やクラスメイトが優しくて面白かったからです。授業では好きな台本を選んで自分の役のセリフを覚えて、グループで何度か練習してみんなの前で演技を発表したり、映画を観て友達と分析してレポートを書いたりしていました。初めてみんなの前で演技をしたときは緊張で膝が震えましたが、終わった後にたくさんのクラスメイトが「よくやったよ!」、「演技も英語も上手で驚いた」などと声をかけてくれて本当に嬉しかったのを覚えています。国籍や人種が違っても笑いあえて、友情を築けることは本当に素晴らしいことだと思いました。ですが、普段の学校生活では特定の仲の良い子たちと行動を共にしていたので、あまり多くの友達を作ることはできませんでした。「あの時、あと少しの勇気があったら」と思うことがあります。学校を通して、勇気を出すことの大切さを身に染みて感じました。







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