昆 深月 の留学レポート


 On July 21, I left Japan with both concerns and hopes in my mind. When I arrived at Adelaide airport, my host father and my school teacher welcomed us holding our name plate.

     There are three people in my host family, an elderly father, mother, and a dog Betty in addition to that. Host mother has difficulty on her legs, but she is very kind. Host father cooks meals for many people in Mt Barker, and his meals were very delicious. However, there are age differences between they and I, so I was little bit hard to tell my mind. I didn’t like dogs before, but Betty is a good dog, so I could stay without any anxiety. After school or weekend, I sometimes went to host sister’s house, I played with her children. Besides her son-in-low is a professional drummer, so he taught me how to play the drums very well. I played twin pedals for the first time! It was very difficult, but very excited.

     I went to Mount Barker High School. It seems to be nearby mountain.lol The day before the school starts, I went to school to fit school uniform(foodie). There were students and teacher from Funabashi City, Japan, or other exchange students. I was lectured about Mount Barker High School, but I couldn’t understand English well because I was nervous. Next day, I went to school by myself, and I went to the classroom with Hina and a teacher. The students playing outside, colorful and big lockers, I never forget that scene. Then, a teacher introduced one girl to me. Her name is Annabelle, she is our buddy. She took us to the classroom. The class which I take with Annabelle was only one(Positive Education), but in recess or lunch time, she took us all around the school, and we took many pictures using SNOW. It’s kawaii, isn’t it?lol However, she was absent very often. When she was absent, other students supply the place of her, I had many friends when I noticed. There were a lot of naughty students, but when I asked questions, students answered me.

     Next, I’ll talk about the class. In selected classes, it didn’t come out as I wanted. Actually, after I went to the school, then teacher arranged my classes. Among then, I like Math and Science. In Math class, I learned Linear equation, Linear inequality, and Simultaneous equations. I have learned them when I was 4th grade (maybe), so it was easy for me. The class didn’t go too fast like Japan, so I had enough time. When students answer the question, students don’t have to raise their hands, so I could answer many times. I was so glad to be praised from teacher with saying “That’s right!” when I answered the question. I nearly died! I could make myself understood in English! Other students asked me “please teach me this question”, and I answered the question using a white board. Imperceptibly, I was a popular person in math class. Yay~. On the last day of school, I had a test. There were some sentence questions, so it took a long time to read and understand. But it was alike practicing problem before the test, so I could finish answering them early. I had enough time until the time limit, so I wrote the message on the other side of the test paper. In Science class was Biology. It was same range which I’m learning in Japan, so it was useful to have learned in English. However, there were many technical terms which I have never learned in Japan, so it was very hard for me to understand. Well, in Music class which I was looking forward before study abroad, I majored the drum. Other than drum, I played the acoustic guitar, and piano, too. But I can’t play them well.

     Every Wednesday, students can get home early, so I went to Mount Barker central – something like a shopping mall – with Hina to go shopping. Then I went to McDonald’s after school for the first time. Usually I don’t (can’t) stop by somewhere after school, so I enjoyed for the first time. I think that was not in Japan, but I felt enjoyment.

     I wrote many things for a long time, my life of studying abroad is like these. I have been to Canada four times with my family for sightseeing, so I hardly felt culture shocks. But this was my first visit to Australia. In fact, I felt regretful when I couldn’t understand their English, or I couldn’t tell something well using my English. If I studied English more seriously, I might not feel so sad. But thanks to Math class, I could decide to speak a lot with a little courage. Actually, I went through rough times too, but my classmates made me laugh, and cheered me up.   In this way, I could spend happy days in foreign country. That was my dream! I have to say I am lucky that I could meet lovely friends. I still get in touch with Aussie friends. I certainly continue using English, so I think I must use English as much as possible. Except for English, I decided to use English without hesitation in my class. Someday when I could brush up my English, I would go to Australia again to meet my best friends.

   Let me tell you one last thing. Immigration check at Adelaide Airport, authentication system didn’t work well three times! What the hell! At Chitose Airport, I passed at a time.



 私のホストファミリーは、年のいったファザーとマザーと犬一匹でした。マザーは足が悪いのですがとっても優しく、ファザーはMt Barkerでご飯を提供しているのでご飯はとてもおいしかったです。しかし私とはかなり年が離れているので、自分の気持ちを伝えるのにすこし苦労しました。水や電気には特に厳しくはありませんでした。放課後や週末にシスターの家に行って、シスターの子供たちと遊んだり、シスターの夫がプロのドラマーなのでドラムも教えてもらいました。人生初のツインペダルに触れました!意外と難しかったけど楽しかったです。


 私はMount Barker High Schoolという、名前からして山に近そうな高校に通いました。案外そんなことはありませんでした。登校日前日(月曜日)に、制服(パーカー)を合わせに学校に行きました。広い部屋に入って、そこには船橋市から語学研修に来た生徒や先生、他の国からの留学生がいました。学校の説明を聞きましたが、緊張しすぎて英語が理解できませんでした。次の日学校に行って、先生と教室に向かいました。寒いのに半袖で外で遊んでいる生徒たち、カラフルで大きなロッカー、ドキドキしながら見たあの瞬間は忘れません。そして先生は私たちに一人の女子生徒を紹介してくれました。彼女の名前はアナベル、私たちのバディでした。彼女が私たちを教室まで連れて行ってくれました。バディと一緒に受ける授業はPositive Education(必須科目)しかありませんでしたが、リセスやランチタイムでは学校中を案内してくれたり、一緒にSNOWで写真を撮って遊びました。可愛いでしょう??風邪で休んでしまった日が多かったのですが、彼女がいない時、他のクラスメイトがアナベルの代わりになってくれました。気づけばたくさんの生徒と仲良くなっていました。結構やんちゃな生徒が多いですが、疑問に思ったことは優しく丁寧に教えてくれるので、良い人ばかりです。

 授業に関しては、選択教科は日本で選んだ教科の全ては思い通りではありませんでした。実際に学校に行って、学校に決められます。中でも私はMathとScienceが好きです。Mathは一次不等式と連立方程式をやっていて、4年生で習った内容が多かったので簡単でした。日本みたいにサクサク進まないので時間があまる時が多かったです。挙手制でもないので、結構発言しました。発言して先生が笑顔で私のほうを見ながら”That’s right!”って言ってくれたときは死ぬほど嬉しかったです。私の英語通じたー!!って。笑 周りの生徒から「これ教えて」と聞かれて教えたり、前に出て計算をして、いつしか私はMathでの人気者になっていました。やったね。最終日にテストも受けました。文章問題もあり、読んで理解するのに時間がかかりましたが、練習問題でやったものとそっくりだったのですぐに解き終わりました。時間が余ってしまい、裏に計算スペースがあったのでメッセージを書きました。Scienceは生物でした。日本でやっている生物基礎と同じ範囲である遺伝子のことをやっていたので、それを英語で学べてとても役に立ちました。ただ、日本で習ったことのないものや専門用語などが出てきて理解するのにとても苦労しました。問題を解くたびに先生が例をあげて教えてくれました。MathとScienceは問題を解いて、合っていたら嬉しい感動があるので好きですね。久々にこの感動を味わいました。あ、そうそう。留学前から楽しみにしていたMusicでは、ドラムを専攻しました。ドラム以外でもアコギやピアノも演奏しましたよ。上手くないですが。

 また、毎週水曜日は普段より早く帰れるので、ひなとセントラルにお買い物に行きました。初めて学校帰りにマックに行きました! 放課後に寄り道をすることが(でき)ないので、初めて通学生の気分を味わいました。日本じゃないからかもしれないけど、こんなに楽しいんですね!





Mathの結果を知りたかったので学校にメールを送りました。次の日には返ってきていて、結果は82点だったそうです。自分なりには頑張ったほうだと思いますが、もう少し英語を理解できていれば、それよりも高い点数が取れていたと思い悔しいです(笑) そして計算スペースに書いたメッセージも読んでくれたみたいで安心しました!


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