西村 真鈴 の留学レポート


I studied abroad in Australia in summer vacation. I learned two important things. That are importance of family and difference of race. First, I talk about first thing. My host family was very kind to me. I didn’t expectation to host family but they were kinder than I expected. Particular, host mother was usually gently touched me. For example, she spoke to me unaccustomed and she care about me everyday. In weekend, they always took me many places. Moreover, they took me around like me to have fun. There are others. Mother or father always cooked lunch for me, mother washed my laundry, and they cared about me when I go home. I thought there were natural in Japan but I being cherished even in Australia, I noticed importance of my family. Even though only a month stay but they cared about me too much enough and they told me < you are our the another family so if you get painful, you can go back here anytime.> when I heard that word, I almost cried because I never thought that they were thinking so much about me. I could recognize importance my family again though host family. I’m grateful for noticing the importance of my family. If I stayed different family, maybe I couldn’t notice that. Second thing is about difference of race. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy school because there was discrimination. For example, I sometimes I had the part which I don’t understand in class but most students didn’t teach me. Of course there were kind students. Other thing I was the most wounded thing that is in drama class, a boy student pointed me and said < look, there is a Japanese. > he told other student to be foolish. Then I thought why do I have to say such a thing just different race. At that time I was very sad so I wanted to consult someone but at that time I didn’t want to say that thing. Thinking now, I should consult someone. There were a lot of hard things to me but I think that these are good experience for me because I can learned that all that aren’t good things and I found out that there are various people. This time, I can let valuable experience. I really thank my parents for making such precious experience. My study abroad this time become meaningful time but reading this sentence, please keep in mind that will not only have fun thing. Thank you for reading.



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