小原 早瑛 の留学レポート


I went to the Seaton high school in Australia.

I chose the metal work, art, and out door.

And I must study English, science, and math.

I had two favorite subjects.

The one is English.

Because English teacher got pregnant, so other English teacher came to my class.

New English teacher is so kind.

His name is Mich Mune.

You know Australia has many types of faces and heir colors.

Also he is right.

For the first time I looked him, I thought he is French.

His face is white, thin and his nose is very high.

And his heir is orange and a little long.

When I talked with him, he said “many Japanese girls has short heir. So if I go to japan, I am looked long heir.”

He is very tall, and his foot is same my chest.

He always found me and talks with me.

I cannot speak and listening English well.

So many teachers don’t know how to contact me.

When I talked with them, their faces were always worried.

But Mr. Mune was only different.

He always smiles, of course during talking with me.

When I a little lost he helped me earlier than all others.

I was so glad for his kind, and when I felt depressed or troubled, I was helped by him many times.


Other one is Metal Work.

Metal Work is like craft using metal.

I can remember vividly about The First Metal Work’s day.

Because when I came into the Metal Work’ class room, there are many boys.

They were kicking a rugby ball or chairs, listening music by cell phone without earphone, shouting and standing on the desk.

I was so surprised about the noisy condition.

And to make matters worse I am only one girl’s.

Almost boys are looked scary.

Their styles of hairs are like Justin Bieber.

Some students are piercing.

I was very anxious.

But I soon like the class room.

The first reason is the teacher is so kind and cute.

He is old and short man.

When only I a little away from him, he soon calls out my name.

It is like “Saya!? Where is Saya!?.”

Some boys were laughing about his panic.

I was laughing, too.

When some boys said “Saya is here!”, he was made relieved by that.

Many boys who I felt scary were kind.

They taught me all about the class with great smile.

For example, how to use some machines, and what is teacher’s words.

When I alone, one boy talked with me.

When I can use the machine, some boy said me “good!” or “awesome!”.

I can make good memories in Metal Work class.


The other, I can have many friends.

And my host family is so good.

Good meal, funny conversation and so on.

Thank you for Australia!



私はオーストラリアで、seaton high school という高校に通っていました。

家から徒歩10分程でその学校には行くことが出来て、その間にはスーパーマーケットやsabwayなどがあり、少し離れたところにはWest Lakes という大きなデパートもありました。



Seaton high schoolで私は、英語、数学、理科、美術、メタルワーク、アウトドアを学びました。
























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