眞田 悦圭 の留学レポート


I went to Australia for a month to study abroad. I spent a wonderful time there. I’ll write about my experiences a little.


First, before I went to study abroad, I hadn’t be nervous at all but, when I finally met my host family, my hurt swelled with a little bit tension and lots of expectation. My host family had a mother who is a nurse, brother who is a six year-old boy, two Chinese students who are 14 and 19 years old. The brother whose name is Kevin learns Japanese at school, so he talked to me a lot in English and Japanese which he knows like counting numbers and singing a song of colors and so on as soon as I arrived Adelaide airport. I was surprised because he speaks Japanese better and knows Japanese words more than I thought. Thanks to him, I could relaxed. My host mother is also very kind. She talked to me a lot, took me to many places and others. In a conversation, she praised me saying “ Your English is very good!” I was very happy to hear that. After school and holidays, I usually watched TV and played with Kevin, and sometimes, I went to shopping mall. They were very good time.


I went to Werrianda Secondary School. There were the students who were Year 8 to Year 12, in total, about 900 students, which wasn’t so big. There’re many differences between Japanese school and Australian, but it was very hard for me to hand in the assignments and take notes using a laptop instead of a notebook, because I hardly use a computer. I had difficulty until I used to using it. My friends helped me such as keying sentences, teaching kindly. Thanks to that, I used to using a computer a little and I came to be able to do almost every thing by my self, for example, I came to be able to type faster than before, I learned how to open the page that I used in class.

In Australian school, there was Recess which is 20 minutes break in addition to Lunch, and we had to spend both of them outside. Australian season is opposite to Japanese, so during I stayed, it was winter. It wasn’t as cold as Japanese and it didn’t snow, but it was cold to spend outside. There were some time when suddenly it rained hardly. Looking back it now, eating snacks and lunch and Talking with my friends a lot standing the cold are the great memories.

There were many interesting classes that are nothing in Japan. My favorite subject was “Outdoor Education”. I studied about outdoor such as doing rock-climbing, learning how to view compasses and maps, something like that. It was very fun and interesting because I could learn things what I can’t learn in Japanese class.

Every local students were friendly, and they talked to me a lot. At first, I thought “I’m embarrassing” and “I wonder whether I make a mistake or not”. But in talking a lot, I came to be able to think “ It’s not matter if I take a mistake, so I’ll try to talk”. My friends waited until I finished talking, and if I asked same question for many times, they answered gently until I understood. Thanks to them, I could spend a wonderful school life.


Through the study abroad, I realized “The importance of challenging” once again. Before I went to study abroad, I usually missed the chances by being negative. But from this time experience, I learned “Failure is never bad thing” “ If I make a mistake, I’ll do it again” so, from now on, I’ll challenge everything positively before I think too much.

I learned one more thing. That is “Gratitude”. It’s very common thing, but I realized so much when I least expected it. Thanks to my mother, who allowed to go to study abroad and got me off willingly, host family, who accepted me like a real family, friends and teachers, who talked to me friendly and taught what I couldn’t understand until I understood, senior students, who told about study abroad to me, I could go to study abroad like this and experienced many valuable thing. And also thanks to other many people who supported me, I could spend this one month effectively. Thank you very much for everything! I’ll make use of this experience for my life in the future.






私はWerrianda Secondary School という学校に通いました。Year8~Year12(中学2年生~高校3年生)までの生徒がいましたが、全校生徒900人ほどのあまり大きい学校ではありませんでした。日本の学校と違うところはたくさんありましたが、中でも大変だったことは、ノートはほとんど使わず、laptop で課題を提出したり、授業のメモをすることです。普段ほとんどパソコンを使わない私は、慣れるまでとても苦労しました。しかし、周りの友達が文章を打ち込んでくれたり、優しく教えてくれたりしました。そのおかげで、帰る頃には少し慣れて、タイピングが以前より早く出来るようになったり、授業で使うページの開き方など使い方を覚え、大抵のことは自分で出来るようになりました。


授業は、日本にはないような科目がたくさんありました。私のお気に入りの授業は、Outdoor Educationです。ロッククライミングをしたり、コンパスや地図の見方を学んだりと、アウトドアに関することについて勉強しました。日本の授業では学ぶことが出来ないようなことをたくさん学べてすごく楽しかったです。





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