佐藤 心路 の留学レポート


I injured my knee before study abroad, so I couldn’t go to Australia with my classmates. My parents found new host family in New Zealand, and I could go to New Zealand by myself.

I got on an airplane by one self. I transit Malaysia, then I felt loneliness and I was about to cry in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Malaysian’s English was difficult to listen for me, But I could overcame that. I went to Auckland that big city in NZ. Auckland was cold and usually rained. But the air is clean and there were a lot of green.


I worried about my host family before I met them. But when I met them first, they gave me a warm welcome and they look so kind, so I relieved. My host family was parents and two sisters. My host mother was Kiwi, and father was Irish. Mother loves to talk, so she always talked to me. Sometime, I couldn’t understand what she wants to say. However, I overcame such that situations and I could enjoy talking with her. She is working at kinder garden. Father is working at the company about art or design. He couldn’t drive a car, so he goes to office by bicycle. He was very kind and has a large stock of knowledge about Japan. Sisters were four years old and seven years old. Their names were Avie and Roasy. Avie was a cheerful and bright, but crybaby. She told me a lot about her toys and dolls. Roasy was a shy girl, sometimes very noisy. She was interested in Japanese, so she often ask me “How to say ○○ in Japanese?”. They love Japanese anime character. So we could talk about that and watched “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “Spirit Away” and “PONYO” together. They said they likes “Totoro” the best. I watched many English movies that I have ever watched with them too. It was great time. The house was very old and big. There were many big trees and a swing for sisters in their garden. They took me zoo, park, museum and some shopping moles. In zoo, I saw kiwi bird. They were so cute! But kiwi is nocturnally, so their cage was dark and I couldn’t take a picture. I saw a lot of beautiful photos and took picture of traditional kiwi things in museum. I bought many things in some shopping moles. Sometimes we ate lunch outside. My mother paid money for my lunch. So I don’t have to pay money by myself. I always had a toast with hazelnuts chocolate spread and orange or pineapple juice for breakfast. Host mother made scrambled eggs, crisp fried bacons, waffles and pancakes for me on every Sunday. It was so delicious and I miss it. My host family ate rice almost all every day. Rice in New Zealand was not good as Japanese rice, but I was glad to eating rice for dinner almost all every day. I was not expectation for meal in NZ, but mother was good at cooking and every food was very good. I think my host family was most kind people of all of my classmate’s host families.


I went to English school on the Queen Street. The school name is Dominion English School and Queen Street is the biggest street in Auckland. I had a test on the first day of school. My test’s score was good, so I could enter the highest-level teen class. My class’s teacher is Diana and she was Argentinean. My classmates came from many countries  doesn’t speak English. For example, Saudi Arabia, Russia, France, China, Korea, Thailand, UAE, Laos and Japan. So we could understand each other because every student came there for studying English. Saudi Arabian’s English pronunciation was a little bit difficult to listen. If I didn’t go to New Zealand, I couldn’t make friends who came from many other countries. There are many people in the world and many students wanted to study English. I came to realize again about it. I could make many friends at school. Most of them are Japanese, but I could enjoy using English and my school life in NZ. We ate lunch outside every day. Every after school, we ate Ice cream, went shopping or did sightseen. Ice cream in NZ was very delicious. Hokey Pokey is famous flavor in NZ. It is simmerer to caramel flavor, and it is my favorite flavor. And I went to Sky tower with them. It was simmerer to Sky tree, but it was not so high. My class was difficult, so sometimes I couldn’t understand about it. I didn’t like grammar class but we had a small grammar test on every Friday, so I studied hard for that every day. One day, we went to art glary in class. I was not interesting in art, but I could enjoy taking pictures with my friends. My Japanese friends came from many other places in Japan, for example, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagasaki and Ishikawa. Our age was disjointed, but we didn’t care about it. They are my best friend forever, and I will never forget memories with them. I didn’t want to say goodbye to my friends. I hope we can meet again someday.

I love my host family. I think they are my second real family. I definitely go back to New Zealand and meet my host family again. I promised that with them. So I’ll study English harder.

Thank you to my parents, all people who supported me and all encounters in New Zealand.





















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