I went to Adelaide, Australia to study abroad for one month during summer vacation. I had really good time there so I’d like to write about it here.



First, I’ll talk about my host family. There were host mother, father,2 sisters,1 brother, exchange student from Germany and the dog named Choco in my host family. They were nice and lively because they had 3 small children.

Mother liked running so we went running together. Father was a doctor and had many topics to discuss. We discussed about daily news every night. Children loved Netflix and we watched a lot of movies every day. Especially they loved Shrek. So we watched it over and over. My host father is German and host mother is Australian so they talked with their children their own language for education. When I listened their talking in Germany, I really confuse but it’s common thing in Foreign country that children learn several languages at the same time. I could experience different culture from Japan.

They took me to the beach on every Saturdays. We took a walk over hot chocolate. The hot chocolate drunk there was exceptional.

 On last week of my staying in Adelaide, we visited Victor Harbor in 3 days and 2 nights. We went Granite island and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I climbed the top of the island. I could see coast line of Australia.

As I said, my host family had an exchange student from Germany. Her name is Helen. She was like my older sister in Australia. We went same high school and took same bus. I’m so bad with direction that I always went the wrong way. When she saw me, she always guffawed at me and help me. We went many places such as city, beach (after school for 4 time), ice cream shop, shopping…. I had really good time with Helen. I think I spent most of my free time with Helen.



Second, I’ll talk about my school life. I went to Mitcham Girls high school. Nobody went girls high school in Australia from Hokusei except me and another student. I think many people can go to mix high school so I had an interesting experience.

At Mitcham, there were a lot of exchange students from various countries like India, Pakistan, France, Germany, China, Korea, Bulgaria … and Australia. we have many differences from Japan like We had recess to eat snacks or lunch before lunchtime, we took class by using laptop. So we don’t have to take notes in handwriting These differences are inspiring to me.

We had buddies from India and Pakistan. They taught many things. We grew up in different culture so we had many kinds of discovery. Maybe everybody know that Hindi people don’t eat pork meat. We have food class and we cook fried rice. Then the class were divided into Hindi people (include don’t eat pork meat) and others. My food class’s teacher said it’s also common things in the country which has several regions. I was surprised because I knew about Hindi but it’s only in my head. I could experience it on my own. By this experience, I came to thought no matter I have knowledge, it should be meaningless I don’t use them.



       Maybe the people reading up to here will know that I’m interested in cross country cultures. I think learning new things are very interesting, aren’t they?

I had valuable experiences for my life and I’ve changed. I’m shy and not good at talking with someone . I just waited to be talked by someone. So I decided my goals for this study abroad before I went to Australia. For example, I decided to talk with everyone which had eye contact. It doesn’t have to be long sentence just like “Hello! “or “Have Fun!” I tried starting to conversation. I thought I stayed only 1 month in Australia so I don’t have to pay mind to be nervous and ashamed. Then, I came to try everything that I wanted to try. In Japan, I didn’t take any picture with my friends. However, in Australia, I took many picture with my best friends, teachers in Mitcham and my host family. Maybe I couldn’t say “Can I take picture with you?” before I went to Australia. It’s big change for me. I have no regret my study abroad.




Finally, I want to say thank you to my parents. I couldn’t go to Australia and had the most wonderful time of my life Without their cooperation. Thanks mom and dad, I love you!!














           次にオーストラリアでの学校生活について書きたいと思います。私は Mitcham Girls high school という女子高に通いました。北星から女子高に行ったのは私ともう一人の生徒だけでした。多くの人は共学の学校に行くことができますが、外国で、しかも女子高に通うということはなかなかできないことで、貴重な経験ができたと思います。学校には世界各国からの留学生がいました。2時間目が終わるとリセスがあったり、授業はノートをとるのではなく、ラップトップを使って受けたり、日本の学校とは違う点がたくさんあり、興味深かったです。











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