I left japan by studying abroad for the first time, and went to Australia. There was an anxiety, but I decide that we don’t waste time of one month, and spent each day carefully. At first, I talk about my host family. My host family was two people of single mother and the 8-year-old sister, and there were any animals in a house. My mother was tender and spirited and always made me a smile. the dish which my mother cooked was very delicious. My sister is also tender, and pretty. I was often playing on the trampoline and making slime with my sister. study abroad life began and I was talking with my host family when I happened that couldn’t understand English, so I thought if I were able to understand English better, I’d be able to express lots more of my feelings, and if I were able to speak English better I would have been able to speak with my family more. However, I thought I have never give up to speak English here, so I tried to talk in living room with family. When I cannot understand or hear English, I asked family again and again until it could be understood, and talked with them. When I discovered that there is way of such expression, I was learning and using it. In this way, a conversation in English gradually smoothened.



Next, I talk about my school. The school I attended was an international school where students from various countries attended this school. I had science, English, mathematics history, culture, visual art and photography. In the lesson I was taking, there is a photography class, each one with a decided theme. I went back to the classroom and edited the pictures taken with my computer, but it was a class that was not in Japan, it was very fresh and fun. In addition, in the classes of culture, it was content to learn about the culture of Australia, so the international understanding lesson in Japan was very helpful. I was very worried that my friends could make friends when school started. However, there was a day school bus, the student sitting on the bus was talking about Japanese, so when I saw the person who heard the voice, I got to see an Iranian girl, and we laughed with nice each other, and I could talk to the girl from me and get along with that girl. Even if you wait anything, no one will come. I felt that nothing started without going me.



My first overseas life ended quite quickly as if I was watching even a little long dream a day. However, I learned a lot in such situation. I felt that I wanted to improve my English ability even more. Although it was only one month, it become the densest thing in my life and made me grow big. I feel that I was able to make such experience thanks to Dad and Mom. Thank you very much!







次に学校生活についてです。私の通っていた学校はインターナショナルの学校でいろんな国の生徒がこの学校に通っていました。私が取っていた授業の中でphotography という授業があったのですが、一人一台カメラを持って外に行き指定されたテーマで、好きな写真を撮る。そしてパソコンでコントラストやトリミングなどを加えながら編集していくという授業内容なのですが、日本にはない授業だったのでとても新鮮で楽しかったです。また、文化の授業では、オーストラリアの文化について学ぶという内容だったので、日本でやっていた異文化理解の授業がとても役に立ちました。私は学校が始まった時 最初は友達ができるかとても不安でしたが、ある日帰りのスクールバスで、バスに座っている生徒が日本語について話していたので気になり私は声の聞こえた方を見てみるとイラン人の子と目が合いました。そしてお互いにニコッと笑いあい私から話しかけ仲良くなることができました。なんでも待っていても誰もこない。自分から行かなくては何も始まらないのだと感じました。





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