I could gain precious experience and change myself a little from studying abroad. I want to talk about my experience studying abroad from now on.


At first, I will talk about my school life in Australia. I went to Charles Campbell College. International Students of various countries go to this school. I think this school’s charm is the close relationship between students and teachers. This school provides an environment which students can talk anything to their teachers.

The teachers asked me “Did you understand this class?” after the class. And the teachers also talked to me in lunch time and so on outside class. The school teachers were really easy to talk with.

Moreover, the students there taught me kindly when I didn’t understand the class. And The students spoke easy English for me. I was able to enjoy the classes every day.


This school’s elective subject are four subjects. The subjects I took were Music, Health, Art, Italian. To tell the truth, I hoped to take PE. But, the number of people in the class was already at its limit. So, I couldn’t take PE. It was difficult for me to learn Italian. But, I was so excited to lean a language that I.


By the way, there was something I was amazed by in my school life. It is about students took their classes. The students suddenly stood up to go the next classroom. And they ate some snacks or used a smartphone during class. At first, I was confused by the gap between Japan and Australia, but, I gradually became used to the environment, and I had come to like how there are no school rules and everyone being free.


Next, I will talk about my host family. My host family structure was father, mother, and a study abroad student from Italy. The father cooked delicious dishes for me every day. But, there were many problems between me and my host family. So, I decided to change my host when there were only ten days of my studying abroad life was. I usually can’t express my feeling well. So, it was so a big decision for me. I think it is big progress to express my feeling in English to my host family that time.


I really appreciate Angela, the coordinator who I looked after me at that time.


I want to talk about the unexpected incident during my study abroad.

I was usually picked up by my host father until then, but on the third week of my homestay, I was suddenly told to take a bus by them. It has at that time, the unexpected incident happened. I took the other bus by mistake. So, I got off the bus hastily. I thought I must go home somehow, so, I asked many people how to get to the house. But, I didn’t understand. I was so worried. To make matters worse, it was raining. Moreover, my smartphone’s charge was only 1 %! So, I decided to go in to the Taiwan food store nearby. When I told my circumstances, she contacted my host family. Then I got to go home. I felt relieved that she was kind. It was a very hard day, but I got to communicate with many people. This is good memory.


My second host family is father: Robert, mother: Adela are two people. Robert was such funny person and always had a smile on his face. He always says funny things. So I never got tired of talking with him. Adela is very kind person and always concerns about me. She talked to me about a lot of things on dinner time. They also bought me favorite food. They also supported me so that I could enjoy the rest of the day. So, I got to talk with them without having a tension even the first time.

What was especially for me was happy that whenever I say something, they said “The way of speaking is good. But, you should speak in other words” They corrected my speaking. Thanks to them, I leaned many English expression and use it one day.


Now that I think about it, I was good to change my host. I was worried it I could grow before going abroad, but, I clearly grown up compared to before going abroad. I knew the importance to tell my felling again. Studying abroad was a short while ago, but I really appreciate Robert and Adela though host change was without notice. I was blessed with good people and I felt that many people supported me. I will never forget their kindness. I want to do something for many people. I made use valuable experience and I want to grow up more. Thank you for reading my report.






初めに学校生活についてお話します。私はCharles Campbell Collegeという高校に通いました。この学校は様々な国の留学生が通っています。私が思うこの学校の魅力は先生と生徒との距離が近いということです。なんでも相談しやすい環境が整えられています。





















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