I went to Australia for a mouth to study abroad. In the airplane, I was so nervous but also exciting. When I actuary spent, I felt short to stay there, but I had a wonderful time. I will talk about my Australian life.


First, I will introduce my host family. There is mother, sister age of fifteen and brother age of twelve. They accepted me warm and they were so lovely. On the weekend, they took me the beach, zoo, movie and shopping. I also went to my host sister and grandfather’s birthday party. I enjoyed everything. In the evening, I did homework with my host sister and brother and watched the TV or movie. I was being able to relax.       It was valuable experience that speaking only English and it was hard for me because this abroad was my first time to leave Japan such a long time. In the begging, I did not put in easy word and I could not tall that I want to say. However, my host family tied to understand my bad English and they spoke slowly for me. I cannot thank you enough.


Next, I will talk about my school life. On weekdays, I usually got up at about 7:00, I was happy because I could sleep better than Japan. I ate break first. After that, I got on school bus, I went to Heath Field High School takes 10 minutes by bus. The class start time was about 9:00. I took two different grovel innovation, math, science, girls get active, heath sports and food study. It was too difficult for me to take class in English. At first, I almost could not understand what teacher says. However, I got used to my ears listening to English little by little. I was delight, when I felt my own growth. Especially, I liked food class. Because, we made an Aboriginal food that bread and kangaroo meat tacos that using Aboriginal seasoning. Also, we went to restaurant in the city to learn Aboriginal food. In addition, I could get to know many diffident school lives between Australia and Japan. I surprised that they were so free. They were wearing a short skirt, ring, earing and changing their hair in various colors. Some students were wearing a summer uniform in sprit of winter. In the class, they were eating something and starting ready for go home 10 minutes before the bell rings. I cannot believe that in Japan. However, I think that even such they were taking an active part in the class. They have own opinion and they speaking it without they are not afraid of making mistake. When I saw it, I thought that don’t people judge by looks.

I made a friends who are from Brazil, Juryman, Italy and Thailand. They were kind and funny. I especially liked Taina who is from Brazil. She always said “Sonoka, I love you!!” and she made me laugh. We told own langue each other, it was so interesting. I made international friends and we have a different langue but I thought that if we speak English, I can communication well with people all of the world. I felt that is excellent things.


Finally, I experienced not only joy but also painful in this abroad. At matter of course, I missed japan sometime, when I was lost to make mistake the bus, I thought I was crying and I was affair to talk to students. However, everything was exciting for me there. I think that I could widen of my view. I am grateful to all the people for every encounter and help me. Thank you so much!!







次に、学校での生活をお話しします。平日はいつも7時に起きていました。日本にいる時よりも遅くまで寝ることが出来たので嬉しかったです。朝ごはんを食べて、その後スクールバスに乗って、10分くらいのところにあるHeath Field High Schoolという学校に行っていました。授業は9時に始まりました。私が取った授業は、2つの種類の違うグローバルと、数学と理科と女子だけの体育、ヘルススポーツ、フードです。英語で受ける授業は私にとってとても難しかったです。初めは、ほとんど先生の言っていることがわかりませんでしたが、少しずつ耳が慣れてきました。それが分かったと感じたときはとても嬉しかったです。特に私はフードの授業が好きでした。私たちはそのクラスでアボリジニのパンを作ったり、アボリジニの調味料を使ってカンガルーのお肉のタコスを作ったりしたからです。アボリジニのレストランに行ったりもしました。また、私はオーストラリアと日本の学校の違いをたくさん知ることが出来ました。彼らの自由さに驚きました。短いスカートを履いて、指輪をして、ピアスをして, 髪の色は色んな色に染めていました。ある生徒は冬なのに夏服を着たりしていました。授業では、何か食べ物を食べていたり、授業が終わるベルが鳴る10分前には帰る準備をしていました。日本では信じられませんね。しかし、そんな彼らですが授業には積極的に参加していたと思います。彼らは、自分の意見を持っていて、間違いを恐れずに発言していました。それを見たとき、人は見た目じゃないなと思いました。