One month is like the wind for me. It was a good memory and experience.


At first, I was really nervous. I couldn’t even tell what I want to drink in the airplane which is go to Hong Kong airport. I was frustrated. I thought if I can talk with my host family, I can make friends, I can understand study. Anyway, I was so nervous. However, I could figure out telling my feelings is not so hard.


My host family is young couple and a baby. Father is Australian and name is Tim. He is very bright and cheerful. Also, his face is similar to Steven’s. Please look at pictures. Mother’s name is Barbie and she is Filipina but her stepfather is Japanese so she lived in Japan when she was a girl. We talked a lot of things of Japan. Host brother is still young boy. His name is Caleb and one years old. He is really active and loves balls. He always holding a ball with his hand. They are really good family and I love them.


I learned many things, but I can’t say everything in this report, so I will introduce about religion.


Do you know Hokusei’s religion is Christianity? We sing a hymn, read bible, listen to someone’s story, and pray every morning. Japanese is so quiet while service. My host family believe Christ and they took me to their church. When I saw service in that church for the first time, I was very surprised. People is not quiet. They raise their hands and say “Yes, Jesus” keep closing their eyes. I thought this is not Christianity, very strange. One day, my host father said “Would you believe Christ?” to me. To tell the truth, I like precept but I don’t have faith because I want to change everything by myself. So, I didn’t want to say yes, but I can’t betray their expectation. As a result, I was lost and said yes. At first, I was confused because I didn’t know anything about Christianity of Australia but I think it was good I said yes. To spend the day with them, I had a question. Why do they believe so hard? I asked my host father and mother, and then, they talked something incredible. Originally, my host father had a cancer so the couple wasn’t able to get a baby. But his cancer has gone while they prayed for god and they got a baby! They were saying this is miracle, amazing. I think so. When I heard that, I could understand their feelings. So, I went to church with them and join the home group, and also, I shared the bible. At the end, my host father and mother gave me a bible in English. This bible is my treasure, and this experience was good for me.


I really appreciate my parent let me going study abroad. By having studied abroad, I noticed good point of foreign country, and also, Japan too. I really like my country, my school, my family and my friends. I will never forget this summer.











 皆さんは北星女子の宗教がキリスト教であることはご存知ですか。私たち生徒は毎日礼拝の時間に讃美歌を歌い、聖書を読み、誰かの講話を聞いて、お祈りをします。日本の礼拝はとても静かです。私のホストファミリーはキリスト教信者でした。そして私も留学の間は日曜日の礼拝に一緒に行かせてもらっていました。初めて教会に行った時、私はとても驚きました。日本の礼拝とは違って静かなものではないのです。人々は両手を高くあげて目を閉じたまましきりに“yes, Jesus”と言っているのです。これはキリスト教ではないのではないか、おかしいぞと思ってしまったほどです。そんなある日、ホストファザーが私にキリストを信じるかと聞いてきました。実を言うと、私はキリスト教の教えは好きですが宗教というもの自体信じていません。なぜならすべてを自分自身の力で変えたいと思っているからです。そのため、はいと言うのを躊躇いましたがファミリーの期待を裏切りたくはなくて迷った末に信じると答えました。最初はオーストラリアのキリスト教について全然知らなかったので戸惑ったこともありましたが、あの時信じると答えて良かったと思っています。ファミリーと時間を過ごすうちに私はひとつの疑問を抱きました。どうしてこんなにもキリスト教を熱心に信じているのか。私はホストファザーとマザーに聞いてみると信じがたいことを話してくれました。元々、ファザーはがんを持っていたらしく、そのために子供もできませんでした。しかし神に祈るうちにがんは治り、子供もできたそうです。これは素晴らしいことで奇跡としか言いようがないと言っていました。私もそう思います。この話を聞いた時、彼らの気持ちを理解することが出来ました。それで教会、ホームグループ、聖書のシェアなど積極的に参加できるようになりました。最後はファザーとマザーが英語の聖書をプレゼントしてくれました。この聖書は私の宝物で本当に良い経験を出来たと思います。



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