品川 琴子 の留学レポート


I went to Adelaide for a month and I could productive experienced what I can’t experience at usual in my life.

First, I’ll talk about my host family. My family is father, mother, their daughter and three exchange students from Switzerland and Singapore.

My host mother is 56 years old and her name is Mel. She had accepted exchange student many times before. So, she is used to accept the student.   Her cooking is very delicious and cooked a lot of Aussie food so I was looking forward to her dishes every dinner. My host father who is business man. Because he often go to on business trip so, we couldn’t spend a lot of times. But he is a kind person and has a bit of humor. There are three exchange students from Switzerland and Singapore. They can speak English well so I was confused for the first time. But they sometimes talk to me and helped to me if I have a trouble. To be honest, I couldn’t talk positively to them. It cause to anxiety about my English skill before I go to study abroad. I reflected on what I have done. Now, I think that I shouldn’t afraid of my English skill and have to try.

Next, I’ll talk about my school life at Charles Campbell College. This school has a lot of international students from Italy, Chinese, Korean and Germany and so on. Especially, there are many Asian including Japanese . I was so happy because I’m so glad to interacted with many people from a lot of countries. In the class, I majored English, Music, Food, P.E and so on. In the PE,I play basketball and netball with not only the girls but also the boys . Australian students are athletics so I was confused but they are very kind person so I was so fun at that time.

In the music class, music is difference from Japan and Australia. I was singing a lot of songs and played instrument. I sang Ed Sheeran’s song who is my favorite artist. It was so fun.

Next, about Food class. Actually, I didn’t like this class because the teacher is always angry at students every class.


If they talk to with their friend, the teacher’s face turn red and scolded at students every class. But I thought ‘’this is the culture’’. So, I could accept her class. The most interesting subject was English. This class has only Asian and 8people. For the first class, I introduced by myself in a group. It is good memory for me because I could a lot of communicate with class members. 

 Last school day, home group members gave me a present and a message letter. I was so moved.


Through this study abroad one thing I can say is English skill is important but it’s not all. The most important thing is to try to express my feeling to them. 

Thanks to my study abroad, I could learn a lot of things.