I went to Australia, Adelaide and I did homestay from one month. I was very uneasy at the beginning, because there only things that I had not done before.


First of all, I will talk about school life. My school is “HALLETT COVE SCHOOL”. It is a very big school with year 12 from year 9. Basically, classes were able to select my favorite subjects by selection system. I chose subject the most fun is “Cafe skills”. This subject is like home economics in Japan, but All what you make is a cafe menu. I was expecting this class because I was cooking practice once every two weeks. Please also select this subject if you have this subject.

Next I talk about friends of school. My school has a few Japanese. Many Chinese students were in international students. I have always been acting with Chinese and Korean. It was a nice experience for me to be involved with people from other countries. International students talk to us a lot, but the local students did not talk to me so much. During my first lesson I will ask a lot. However, it did not continue after that. International students are not rare in countries other than Japan, so I felt that I had to go actively from myself.

Next, I talk about homestay. I changed hosts so I write about the second house. Family composition is host mother, host father, host brother, Isabella from Brazil. My host family is very kind for me. Also, took me to various places. for example, there can touch the animal, it is “wildlife park”, city, shopping center, movie theater and restaurant. Isabella of the same international student was wiser than I am, although I am younger than I. And she was very beautiful. And she looks like adult. I felt Japanese people look younger again. The school which goes with her was a lot of fun time. Mother and Father went to have a shop in a nearby shopping mall and I went to see. There were products using words to imagine Japan such as samurai and ninja in the store. Mother and Father seemed to be interested in Japan. One day I was told to “tell you the place where you live in” I was saying to the video of Sapporo on You tube. They were a favorite snow festival, they said “I want to go here now”. That word was very pleasing for me. I hope to see the next time in the place I live. I appreciate them for giving me a good time.


I was able to learn a lot from this study abroad. It is not only the language but also the cultural differences and Japan is a very useful country. Every day was new thing and unfamiliar so many things were difficult. But this learning has become a very valuable experience for me. I don’t forget what I learned from this study and I would like to make use of it for my future life.


まず、学校生活について話します。私の学校は “HALLETT COVE SCHOOL”です。

9年生から12年生までが在学する非常に大きな学校です。基本的に、自分の好きな科目を選択できました。私が1番好きだった授業は “カフェスキル”です。日本の家庭のようなものですが料理というよりカフェメニューのものだけを作ります。2週間に1回調理実習をしていたので、このクラスを心待ちにしていました。








ある日、「あなたが住んでいるところをみせて!」と言われ、私はYoutubeの札幌の動画を見せました。雪祭りや寿司を気に入ったらしく彼らは “私達は今すぐにでもここに行きたい”と言いました。その言葉は私にとってとても嬉しかったです。いつの日か私が住んでいる場所で再開できることを願っています。私は素敵な時間をくれた彼らにとても感謝しています。 私は留学から多くを学ぶことができました。言語だけでなく文化の違いもあり、日本は便利な国ということに気付かされました。毎日新しいことがあって慣れないことばかりで辛いこともたくさんありました。 しかし、この留学は私にとって非常に貴重な経験となりました。私はここから学んだことを忘れず、将来の生活のためにそれを活かしたいです。






I could gain precious experience and change myself a little from studying abroad. I want to talk about my experience studying abroad from now on.


At first, I will talk about my school life in Australia. I went to Charles Campbell College. International Students of various countries go to this school. I think this school’s charm is the close relationship between students and teachers. This school provides an environment which students can talk anything to their teachers.

The teachers asked me “Did you understand this class?” after the class. And the teachers also talked to me in lunch time and so on outside class. The school teachers were really easy to talk with.

Moreover, the students there taught me kindly when I didn’t understand the class. And The students spoke easy English for me. I was able to enjoy the classes every day.


This school’s elective subject are four subjects. The subjects I took were Music, Health, Art, Italian. To tell the truth, I hoped to take PE. But, the number of people in the class was already at its limit. So, I couldn’t take PE. It was difficult for me to learn Italian. But, I was so excited to lean a language that I.


By the way, there was something I was amazed by in my school life. It is about students took their classes. The students suddenly stood up to go the next classroom. And they ate some snacks or used a smartphone during class. At first, I was confused by the gap between Japan and Australia, but, I gradually became used to the environment, and I had come to like how there are no school rules and everyone being free.


Next, I will talk about my host family. My host family structure was father, mother, and a study abroad student from Italy. The father cooked delicious dishes for me every day. But, there were many problems between me and my host family. So, I decided to change my host when there were only ten days of my studying abroad life was. I usually can’t express my feeling well. So, it was so a big decision for me. I think it is big progress to express my feeling in English to my host family that time.


I really appreciate Angela, the coordinator who I looked after me at that time.


I want to talk about the unexpected incident during my study abroad.

I was usually picked up by my host father until then, but on the third week of my homestay, I was suddenly told to take a bus by them. It has at that time, the unexpected incident happened. I took the other bus by mistake. So, I got off the bus hastily. I thought I must go home somehow, so, I asked many people how to get to the house. But, I didn’t understand. I was so worried. To make matters worse, it was raining. Moreover, my smartphone’s charge was only 1 %! So, I decided to go in to the Taiwan food store nearby. When I told my circumstances, she contacted my host family. Then I got to go home. I felt relieved that she was kind. It was a very hard day, but I got to communicate with many people. This is good memory.


My second host family is father: Robert, mother: Adela are two people. Robert was such funny person and always had a smile on his face. He always says funny things. So I never got tired of talking with him. Adela is very kind person and always concerns about me. She talked to me about a lot of things on dinner time. They also bought me favorite food. They also supported me so that I could enjoy the rest of the day. So, I got to talk with them without having a tension even the first time.

What was especially for me was happy that whenever I say something, they said “The way of speaking is good. But, you should speak in other words” They corrected my speaking. Thanks to them, I leaned many English expression and use it one day.


Now that I think about it, I was good to change my host. I was worried it I could grow before going abroad, but, I clearly grown up compared to before going abroad. I knew the importance to tell my felling again. Studying abroad was a short while ago, but I really appreciate Robert and Adela though host change was without notice. I was blessed with good people and I felt that many people supported me. I will never forget their kindness. I want to do something for many people. I made use valuable experience and I want to grow up more. Thank you for reading my report.






初めに学校生活についてお話します。私はCharles Campbell Collegeという高校に通いました。この学校は様々な国の留学生が通っています。私が思うこの学校の魅力は先生と生徒との距離が近いということです。なんでも相談しやすい環境が整えられています。





















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I went to Adelaide, Australia from July 20th to August 19th. I’ll write about my study abroad for a month in Australia.


I’ll introduce my host family. My host family has mother and a international student who is Vietnamese and 16 years old. My host mother is a great woman, who has kindness, socialibility and humor. The international student is attention to the people around her and hard worker. These two womans live happily, they looked like real family.

Especially, I like dish host mother made, I was looking forward to have dinner with them every night. At then, they are talking a lot about many things, I could get many knowledge. I think it was good study for me to improve my listening ability.

Every Saturday night, I watched some movies with my host family. Movies were not written subtitles. It was hard for me to watch them at first , but I could enjoy the time.

Host family are really good womans. If I asked who is your respect people? I will not hesitate. I will answer my family in Australia!! I’m very proud of became a member of their family.


I’ll talk about school. My school’s name is Seaton High School. I had English , Japanese , science, math, PLP and history class. Most Japanese school’s homework is paper, but Australian school is makes student use power point or word. I had some homeworks for a month, the history homework was the hardest of them. Japanese class student were so good, I could enjoy the class. I liked the class the best. It was good experience for me to go to the school.

I had a plan of every afterschool and weekend which my host mother made by. Monday and Wednesday was the day I go home directly. On Sunday , I went to the city or Marion shopping center. Marion shopping is the biggest shopping center in Adelaide. I took to get to there for a hour by bus. On Tuesday , I went to the city, because the day’ school finished at 2pm!! On Thursday, I went to westlakes shopping center which the nearest shopping center from Seaton High School. I could go to there by bus for about 10minutes. On Friday, I went to the city. Most student in Australia usually goes to the city after school and my host family were relaxing on Friday. On Saturday, I went to the city too. Saturday was the day I met friends who were living far away. I went to supermarket many times for a month. Supermarket has difference with Japanese supermarket, so I liked to go and buy many snacks. It was fun to take Australian snacks and I eat them at school.



I could have fulfilling days when I was in Australia and get many valuable experiences in this study abroad. I want to go to Adelaide again. And, I want to look back on this study abroad. Thank you for all of this study abroad.

















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Before I go to study abroad, I was really feeling anxiety whether I could live with people who can’t understand Japanese for a month. So I cried before I boarding an airplane. That anxiety lasted until arriving at Adelaide. But when I arrived at Adelaide and confronted my host family, that anxiety I felt at that time had disappeared because they were very kind.


 When I arrived at host family’s home first time and I saw my room, I surprised them because they are very fashionable. In addition, breakfast, lunch, and dinner which made by my host father was always delicious, so I did not become homesick.


 I did not like any cats before I go to study abroad, but there were two cats in my host family’s home. I scared the cats for the first three days, but I became to like cats because they always open my room’s door themselves and came to my room and they slept on my bed every day. When they were sleeping on my bed, I teased with them. It was a valuable experience and fun because I don’t have any pets in Japan.


 As I mentioned, I did not like any cats before I went to Australia, but the cats were great friends of mine and they were so cute. When they saw me and I called their name, they mewed. My host father said to me, “They have never become great friends with any Japanese students, so you are especially for them. They really like you.” I was glad to hear about it.


 I hated my Australian school on the first three days since the school started. Because someone threw me pencil when I attended Art class, someone threw me rubbish when I was having lunch, someone said to me “Asian” when I was walking in the corridor. I was very hurt at that time. One day, I left school early. My host mother worried me and heard my stories. She said to me, “Maybe they want to be friend with you, so you don’t have to care about it.” I got a little cheerful and I have laughed when I hear it.


In the evening, I talked with my host father about it. He said to me after I told my stories, “Boys are stupid and girls can do something only within a group, so you don’t care about it. Please contact me if you have some problems. In Australia, I’m your Dad.” I was very glad to hear it, so I have cried a lot. I thought that I was able to stay them home from the bottom of my heart at that time.


 I’m very grateful to my mother who let me go to study abroad. I would like to go back to Australia someday.















y3 y1 y2




I studied abroad in Australia for one month from July 20 to August 19. I had a great experience there. The time with people that I met there is the best treasure for me. I’ll never forget my wonderful memories. I have so many memories so I can’t tell you all of them but I’ll do my best to share my great time with you.


     I was very nervous before going to Australia but the nervous feeling went away soon when I met my host family. They are standing with a card written “Riko” and shared a hug with me. I was excited about my Australian life.


    First, I will talk about my lovely host family and memories with them. The members of my host family were host mother, two host sister and an exchange student from Italy.  They don’t have boys so they are only girl’s family. My host mother, Cathy was so kind and friendly. She always took me around place like zoo, shopping mall, swimming center and so on. She is very good at cooking so I couldn’t waiting eating dishes cooked by her every day. Especially, her pasta with lemon and cheese was so good. She told me that I had to speak English as much as I can and I must not hang out with Japanese friend in Australia to improve my English. She also added my phone app called NETFLIX to watch a movie in English. I could always speak and think in English thanks to her. My older host sister, Sabella is 14 years old but she looked older than me. She is beautiful and has a kind heart. She always smiled at me. She is into Korean bands so I talked with her about it. Our type of men is same so we were grinning at hot guys when we met them. Other host sister, Zalia is 12 years old. She is kind and like my real sister. She came to my room to spend the time with me every day so we danced, sang, talked about cuties, took a selfies and so on. She is innocent and active so I think she is like my real sister. We call everyday even after I left Australia. An exchange student, Erica is 17 years old and we went to same school. I cannot thank her enough. We went to same school. Erica always took care of me, for instance, she helped me with my homework and she explain English that I couldn’t understand gently. I might be trouble in the life without her. I have many memories with them. I sometimes went to a shopping mole with Sabella, Erica after school. We tried using cosmetics each other and put on a face pack together. I was glad to have a great host family such as them.


    Next, I’ll tell you about my school life. I really enjoyed my school life in Australia. I went to Wirreanda secondary school There are students from 8 to 12 year. This school is like junior and senior high school. I have taken a lesson of English for local students and exchange students, math, science, health keeping education, photography and food technology. I’ll talk about these subject briefly. In the class of English for local students, I read a novel in English.  In English for exchange students, I talked with other exchange students in English and made a presentation about Australian histories and animal in front of other students. In the math class, I learned about trigonometric ratio in the science class. I took a lesson about atom. (Actually, I always watched music video of K-pop on youtube with my Australian friend secretly…….) In the health keeping education, I went to gym then I exercised with EDM. In photography, I took pictures of play ground or nature with a digital single-lens reflex. In food technology, I cooked many kinds of dishes with my friends. All lesson was sensational and fun for me.  The school’s students were friendly and kind. For example, many students talked to me and gave me high fives even though I didn’t realize who they are. Boys explain lesson`s contents and took care of me in the health keeping education. They also sometimes talked to me in Japanese. I enjoyed the time of lunch and recess I danced to k pop songs with my friend and talked with them so much in the time. The time was the best memories in my life. I miss my awesome friends, Shanaya, Tiana and Kathleen.

 Among them, I am especially grateful to Shanaya. I could have a great time in school thanks to her. She always helped me when I’m in trouble in the school. In one cooking lesson, I couldn’t understand a recipe written in English and I’m not good at cooking so I had cooked a disgusting dishes like monster and burned the frying pan, then, Shanaya came to me and said me “Why are you so pretty.” so she helped me with washing burned frying pan nevertheless she didn’t have cooking lessons. It is also my best memories to have watching and listening to our favorite Korean songs in boring lessons with hiding not to find out it by teachers.

Last school’ day, my friends met in Australia

gave me albums and letters. I can’t help crying when I had to say goodbye to them.


    Finally, I realized that I live supporting a lot of people through studying abroad. I really thank all people that I met in Australia for having supported me. I also thank my family for having let me study abroad. Thank you for cheering me up when I was crying and feeling depressed by my not enough English skill. I keep studying English harder to talk with my lovely friends and host family more fluently. I definitely visit Australia. I really love you guys. Thank you for reading my report.






     最初に、私のホストファミリーについて話します。私のホストファミリーは、ホストマザーのキャシー、14歳と12歳のホストシスターのサーベラとザリア、そしてイタリアからの留学生の、女子だけのファミリーでした。日本人留学生の受け入れは6人目で、私がいままでで一番長くホームステイする留学生らしいです。キャシーは私のことをいつも気にかけてくれる本当のお母さんのような人でした。マザーが作る料理はどれも本当においしくて、特にチーズとレモンのパスタは絶品でした。留学した初めにマザーは私に、私の英語力を向上させるために、毎日できる限り英語を使い、日本人の友達とは遊ばないように言いました。そして、洋画を見るためにスマートフォンにネットフリックスを入れてくれました。私は彼女の協力もあり、英語漬けの充実した日々を送ることができました。ホストシスターのサーベラは本当に美人で大人っぽくて、私より年下だなんて考えられませんでした。彼女は学校でも家でもいつも笑顔で話しかけてくれました。そして、K POP が好きという同じ趣味を持っていたのでいつも韓国のイケメンについて話して盛り上がりました。ザリアは、人懐っこくて本当にかわいかったです。毎日、私と話すためだけに部屋に来て、夜はずっと彼女と一緒におしゃべりしていました。私が英語を理解できないとき、ゆっくり話してくれたり言い換えたりしながら話してくれたので本当にありがたかったです。彼女とは今でも毎日電話をしたりLINEをしたりしています。イタリアからの留学生エリカには本当に感謝しています。彼女がいなかったら、私はたぶん死んでいたと思います。いつも宿題を教えてくれたり、英語を聞き取れなくて戸惑っている私に優しく教えてくれたりしてくれたおかげで助かりました。





     次に、学校生活について話します。私はWirreanda secondary schoolという、中学2年生から高校3年生の生徒が通う学校に通いました。私の学校は留学生がほとんどおらず、ほとんどが現地の生徒でした。私の選択した授業は、English、math, science,  PE, photography, food technologyです。どの授業も刺激的で、とても楽しかったです。Englishの授業ではオーストラリアの歴史や動物について調べてプレゼンをしました。数学の授業は簡単で、授業の進度も遅かったので授業にちゃんとついていくことができました。scienceの授業は原子について学んでいました。(この授業の間は、オーストラリアの友達とyoutubeでKpopアイドルのミュージックビデオを見るという勉強を頑張ってしました…笑) PEの授業では、パリピな音楽に合わせて運動ができて楽しかったです。photographyの授業では、一眼レフで学校の外の写真を撮りました。Food technology の授業では毎週いろいろな料理を作りました。私は料理が得意ではないのでやらかしましたが、ある女の子に救われました。このことについては後に書きます。


 ランチとリセスの時間は、友達とおしゃべりしたり踊ったり(笑)して本当に楽しい時間でした。 シャネイヤ、キャサリン、ティアーナ、ブリアナにまた早く会いたいです。









1photo 2photo 3 photo









“If you don’t do anything, nothing happens.”


I spent a time under this word. In this report, I’m going to talk about my experiences in Adelaide, Australia.


In July 20th, we left Japan for Adelaide and I was so excited about seeing my host family but, I was a little bit nervous. I think it is important to contact with host family before seeing and, you might want to ask a house rules.


I lived with a woman and two cats named Bella and Venus. She is very kind and strong woman but, she sometimes behaves an absurd thing so, I don’t like everything for her. I really grateful to her for doing anything around me anyway.


I went to Wirreanda Secondary School and, I went to the coeducational school for the first time in five years so, I enjoyed going to school and taking a class with boys. I was blessed with friends and teachers because they always helped me and talked me a lot.

I took seven subjects: English, EALD which is English for exchange students like us, Science, Math, Concept to CASH, Wet & Wild(PE), and Down South Adventures. All subjects I took was really interesting especially I enjoyed EALD and Science class. Five Italian exchange students came to school at the same time with us so, I could talk to them and learn Italian words in EALD class but, I couldn’t pronounce them perfectly because they are a little bit difficult for me. Math and Science was easy to me because I had learned all thing when I was in junior high school so, I could take a grade A in science and, my science teacher gave me a present on the last day of school for me. I had to exercise at gym in Wet & Wild but, I’m not good at exercise so, I couldn’t get used to this class but, thanks to teacher assistance, I could enjoy it. Besides, he is really awesome and really kind person. I think he is one of the best teachers in school. In Down South Adventures, I researched about reading the weather with classmate. I could learn about clouds types and climate in Australia. And, I went to the Hallett Cove where we can see the ocean as outdoor education of this class and then, I walked 6 km so I was so tired but enjoyed.

My school teachers and my friends were very kind and always helped me so, I could enjoy my school life in Australia.


I went to various places. For example, zoo, museum, art gallery, beach, and restaurant of many countries’ food. I could learn about the history of Australia though watching many precious things in the museum. It was good experience for me to go to the museum and art gallery. And, my mother took me many places so, I could see lots of people and watch many things. Thanks to her behave, I could get lots of experiences.


I had lots of things I felt in Australia, but I pick up two topics.

First, If I don’t act, nothing will start, A few days from I started to go to school, I got nervous so I couldn’t speak to students in school but I thought it is wrong so, I tried to speak to students actively. Thanks to it, I could make many precious friends.


Seconds, I felt that my English skill isn’t enough. I had trouble speaking English and, I thought if I could speak English more and know more English words, I would spend more good time with my friends and teachers and family. I’ll study English more and I’d like to do studying abroad again.


Lastly, I’m full of gratitude for everyone who support me for this study abroad.

My teachers, my friends, and my lovely family, I really appreciate you from bottom of my heart. Thank you for giving me a chance to go to study abroad. I really enjoyed studying abroad in Adelaide for one month.














私は、Wirreanda Secondary Schoolという学校に通っていました。そして、私は5年ぶりに共学の学校に通ったので、学校に行くことも男子と一緒に授業を受けるのも楽しかったです。そして、いつも私を助けてくれて、たくさん話してくれた友達や先生方には感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。

私は、EnglishEALD(私たちのような留学生向けの英語)、ScienceMathConcept to CASHWet & WildPE)、Down South Adventuresの計7つの授業をとりました。私がとった全ての授業はとても興味深く、特にEALDScienceの授業が楽しかったです。私たちと同じ時期に5人のイタリア人留学生が来ていたので、EALDの時間に彼女たちと話したり、イタリア語を学ぶことができましたが、私にはイタリア語は少し難しくて、完璧には発音できません。


Wet & Wildの時間はジムに行って運動をしないといけなかったのですが、私は運動が苦手なので授業に慣れることができませんでしたが、先生のおかげで楽しむことができました。さらに、彼はとてもかっこよくて、とても優しい先生で、学校の中で1番良い先生だと思います。Down South Adventuresの授業では、天気の読み方についてクラスメイトと調べました。私は雲の種類やオーストラリアの気候について学ぶことができました。そして、この授業のアウトドア学習として、海の見えるHallett Coveというところに行って、そこで6キロ歩きました。とても疲れましたが楽しかったです。私の学校の先生方や友達はとても優しく、いつも私を助けてくれたので、私はオーストラリアでの学校生活を楽しむことができました。











BBBR3392 IMG_0180



I went to Australia to study for a month. Before I went to Australia, I just excited to go to Australia and I don’t have any goal of this program, but I could feel something I never felt. I’ll tell you some experience in Adelaide.


My host family is mother, sister who are from England and also they have two cats. My host mother always made sandwich for lunch and sometimes made pizza together for lunch. My host sister went to dance lessons almost days and sometimes she showed me the dance. She is so funny and cheerful, so she always made me laugh. When I heard that they had 15 Japanese student before, I became nervous. Because I thought my English skill is poor may be other students, but my host family didn’t care about it. They took me beach, movie, night market, food land and Marion mall. It was so excited, but I have one amazing experience that you can’t believe. I took pictures with Katy Perry who is famous all over the world! I love her since I was elementary school student. One day, I went to Marion shopping mall to join her event with my host family and we could get ticket to enter inside of fence. We waited 3 hours until she coming. I was first time to see her and she was very beautiful, fanny and cute. When she came down the stage to autograph and take selfie with some of her fans, I called her name loudly again and again then she took my phone. She took two selfies with me! It’s my valuable things and also valuable experience. July 30th, I went to Katy Perry’s concert with my host family and my friend Yume. It was so excited! Her concert was not just singing and playing. It was amazing entertainment. After it, I shared videos which took at her concert and feelings with my host family. I spend really great time there.


Next, I’d like to talk about school. I went to Mitcham Girls High School for a month. First day of my school day, I was so nervous about something at school, but my buddy Shiza who is international student was so kindness and she taught me everything at school. We had recess which is a short break that we don’t have in Japan. When time to recess, I always went to canteen which is like school food store with same school Japanese student. I always eat some snuck and food which bought at canteen. I think Japanese high school should have recess time.



I think Adelaide is global city in Australia. Because when I ride the bus, every time change driver’s skin color or English pronunciation. I was so surprised about it. Also there are many Asian food shops in Adelaide. One day, I went to Vietnam food shop and ate Vietnam style soup noodle with my host mother. It was yummy and I loved it! You should go there, when you go to Adelaide.


I noticed that this program is thanks to my host family and also my family. I noticed that many people supported me through the difficult time in Australia. I could felt something which are bad things and good things from this program. Thank you to all experiences in Adelaide and also my both family!





私のホストファミリーはイギリス出身のマザーとシスター、そして2匹の猫がいました。私のマザーはいつもランチにサンドイッチを作ってくれ、ランチのためにピザを一緒に作ったりしました。私のホストシスターは、ほとんどの日にダンスのレッスンに通っていました。彼女はとても面白く陽気なので、いつも私を笑わせてくれました。以前に15人の日本人学生がホームステイしたと聞いて、私は緊張していました。私の英語能力は他の学生より貧しいのじゃないかと思っていましたが、ホストファミリーは気にしませんでした。彼らは私をビーチ、映画、ナイトマーケット、フードマーケット、マリオンモールを連れて行ってくれました。どこもとても楽しかったですが、私はきっと信じられない素晴らしい経験をしました。私は世界で有名なKaty Perryと一緒に写真を撮りました!私は小学生から彼女が大好きでした。ある日、マリオンのショッピングモールに行き、ホストファミリーと一緒にイベントに参加しました。私たちはフェンス内に入るための数少ないチケットを手に入れました。そして彼女が来るまで3時間待ちました。私は彼女を見て初めて生でみましたが、彼女は非常に美しく、おもしろくてかわいかったです。彼女はファンの何人かにサインをしたりファンの何人かと自撮りをするためにステージを降りてきました。私は彼女の名前を何度も大声で呼ぶと、彼女は私のスマートフォンを取り、二枚も自撮りをしてくれました!それは私の宝物になり、また貴重な経験になりました。 730日、私はホストファミリーと友人の由芽とKaty Perryのコンサートに行きました。とてもとても楽しかったです!彼女のコンサートはただの素晴らしい歌と演奏だけではなく、演出が素晴らしい、いわばエンターテイメントでした。その後、ホストファミリーとコンサートのビデオや感情を共有しまし、すごく楽しく素晴らしい時間を過ごすことができました。


次に、学校について話したいと思います。私は1ヶ月間Mitcham Girls High Schoolに通いました。初登校の日、私は緊張していましたが、同じ留学生である私のバディーShizaはとても親切で、学校のことをたくさん教えてくれました。日本にはないリセスという2時間目と3時間目の間に休憩時間がありました。リセスの時に、私はいつも同じ派遣校のりさとキャンティーンと呼ばれる購買のような場所に行きました。私はいつもリセスにはスナックやキャンティーンで買った食べ物を食べていました。日本の高校にもこのような休憩時間があるべきだと思いました。








I went to Australia to study during this summer vacation so today, I’d love to talk about how was my study abroad and what I experienced.

Firstly, let me talk about my host family. My host family had accepted about 20 exchange students before they are got used to having me at their home. So it was very comfortable homestay for me. They came from Zimbabwe and had lived in New Zealand,

therefore they knew three countries’ cultures well and are very interested in Japanese culture also, sometimes we introduced about own countries’ culture each other. They made Zimbabwean dish such as sadza, boerewors, and vegetable soup. My most impressive was sadza, it is kneaded corn powder and hot water, and it is staple food in Zimbabwe. I ate it twice it was not bad, but I think it’s not for me. They sometimes talked about New Zealander culture also. People who live in New Zealand eat law fishes like Japanese people, I thought eating law fishes is only Japanese culture, but it’s not only our culture so I remember I was really surprised. In addition, we watched Netflix every day and my hot mother found Japanese TV program which shows us a lots of Japanese culture. She really liked it and we watched it many times. And I introduced Japanese culture by using English textbook and read it with my host mother, she was interested in Japanese curriculum and she also taught me how is African school. She said African culture is very strict, they can’t go to university easily, so she said that she was surprised at Australian too freely students and she likes Japanese strict culture because if teenagers get married and have baby, they can’t control themselves and confused. I was moved by her opinion sometimes I’ll never forget that. And almost every day I cooked dinner with my host father. He always asked me how was my school and what did I learn. He got up about 3 or 4 o’clock because he was Uber driver and was really busy with his work and so tired every day but, he talked to me gently. And he took me many beautiful, funny, and famous places sometimes with my friends also. I liked Adelaide zoo and Cube. Cube was really funny place I ever visited! I want you to know about Cube well but unfortunately my English skill is not enough now, so I will explain it someday. Anyway, I had lovely time with my host family! I love them!

Secondly, I talk about my host school. Australian school was so different from Japanese, I found many interesting things. These findings are too much to explain, so I will talk about only my favorite class. I had Humanities & Social studies in Australia. In this class we compared Australian Government and other Asian countries’ governments. This class was interesting however I really was not interested in government or politics before this study abroad. Many young Japanese people don’t know about politics I think, but Australian students think about Australian Government seriously. I was really surprised and I noticed Japan has something must change.

Through this experience I could find Japanese and Australian bad or good things, and know about Japan more also. Certainly I try again in the future so I study English harder! My host family, school, Australian people, beautiful sky and places, and of course my family and all friends! Thanks for everything!





まずは私のホストファミリーについて話します。私のホストファミリーは過去におよそ20人ほどの留学生を受け入れたことがあり、留学生のホームステイにとても慣れているようでした。だから私にとってとても快適なホームステイとなりました。私のホストファミリーはジンバブエ出身でニュージーランドにも住んだことがあるそうで、三ヶ国の文化について詳しく、また日本文化にもすごく興味を持ってくれました。時々私たちはお互いの国の文化について紹介しあったりしました。ファミリーはサザやソーセージや野菜スープなどジンバブエの食べ物を作ってくれたりしました。その中でも一番印象的だったのはサザで、トウモロコシの粉をお湯で練ったジンバブエの主食らしいです。見た目は大根おろしに少し似ているのですが、なんとも言えない味をしていました。そしてまたファミリーはニュージーランドの文化についても教えてくれました。私はどうしてもお寿司のイメージが強く、生の魚を食べるのは日本独自の文化だと思っていたのですが、ニュージーランドでも食べられているみたいです。あと、マザーがある日「和風総本家」という日本の番組をNetflixを見つけてみんなで何回も観ました。二人がすごく日本文化に興味を持ってくれるのはうれしかったのですが、5本くらい立て続けに観ていてここだけの話少し疲れました。Japanese Cultureの教科書も持って行っていたのでマザーと一緒に読みました。彼女は日本の教育制度に興味があったようで、アフリカの教育制度についても教えてくれました。アフリカの文化はすごく厳しく、Aランクをとった人しか大学に行けないとのことでした。アフリカまでとは言いませんが日本も負けてないですよね。マザーは自由すぎるオーストラリアの文化より日本の厳しい文化が好きだと言っていました。たとえば、10代のうちに結婚してしまい子供が生まれると、彼らは自分自身をコントロールできずきっと混乱するからです。この話をしたときは価値観が同じ気がしてうれしかったのですごく熱く語り合いました。平日はファザーとよく晩御飯を作りました。ファザーはウーバーの運転手をしていていつも3時か4時には起きて多忙な生活をしていたのに毎日私に優しく話しかけてくれました。週末にはアデレードの美しい場所や面白い場所などたくさんの場所に連れて行ってくれました。その中でもキューブという場所が一番おもしろかったのですが、説明しがたいのでそれはまた今度。とにかく素敵なファミリーでした!

次は学校についてです。日本の学校はオーストラリアの学校と違ってたくさんの面白いことがありました。全部話すと長くなるので、私の一番好きな授業について紹介します。Humanities & Social の授業を受けました。この授業はオーストラリアとアジアの国についての勉強です。この授業は面白かったですが、ここに来るまではとても興味のないジャンルでした。たいていの日本人は政治について知らない人が多いと思います。でも、オーストラリアの生徒はオーストラリアの国について真剣に考えていました。私はそれに驚き、日本も何か教育に取り入れるべきだと思いました。



あ r い