佐々木 汐音 の留学レポート


I went to Australia to study abroad for one month. I thought it is fun before I go to Australia, but it was hard. I am going to introduce about my experience in Australia.    


My host family has host father, host mother, Chinese student and Malaysian student. I was very nervous when I met them for the first time. Also, I got homesick for one week, but they are very kind and they talked to me a lot. They celebrated my birthday. Also, my host mother made a birthday cake for me. It was delicious. The meal which she cooked is very tasty. I love it. Sometimes, host mother’s two grandchildren came to my host family’s house. They are little boys and very cute. When they came to the house, we ate dinner with them. After that, I played with them. It was very excited.


I went to Norwood Morialta high school. It is very big school. Honestly, I did not like this school. I did not want to go to the school because there were few kind students. Especially, I did not like science class. There were many local students in my science class. They spoke bad language to me. So I felt racial discrimination. I was sad, but I think it is good experience to think about the racial discrimination. I like P.E class. It was cheer dance class. When I was 6 years old, I started dancing. So, I was able to be myself. Also I had photo class. I took pictures around the school. It was a lot of fun. I made a friend in woodwork class. She is Angele. She is very friendly. She became my best friend. She always told me what I did not understand.


In the weekend, I went to the city. There are a lot of cosmetic. So I bought a lot. It is cheaper than Japan. Sometimes, my friend’s host mother took me to the various places. Her family has a daughter, a dog, a rabbit and two cats. She is very kind. She took me the ice cream shop in my birthday. I felt happy. Also, she took me the Hahndorf. It is like German village. I ate giant pork there. It was delicious, but I was very full. Another day, I played table tennis and I jumped on the big trampoline with them in her house. It was a lot of fun.










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眞田 悦圭 の留学レポート


I went to Australia for a month to study abroad. I spent a wonderful time there. I’ll write about my experiences a little.


First, before I went to study abroad, I hadn’t be nervous at all but, when I finally met my host family, my hurt swelled with a little bit tension and lots of expectation. My host family had a mother who is a nurse, brother who is a six year-old boy, two Chinese students who are 14 and 19 years old. The brother whose name is Kevin learns Japanese at school, so he talked to me a lot in English and Japanese which he knows like counting numbers and singing a song of colors and so on as soon as I arrived Adelaide airport. I was surprised because he speaks Japanese better and knows Japanese words more than I thought. Thanks to him, I could relaxed. My host mother is also very kind. She talked to me a lot, took me to many places and others. In a conversation, she praised me saying “ Your English is very good!” I was very happy to hear that. After school and holidays, I usually watched TV and played with Kevin, and sometimes, I went to shopping mall. They were very good time.


I went to Werrianda Secondary School. There were the students who were Year 8 to Year 12, in total, about 900 students, which wasn’t so big. There’re many differences between Japanese school and Australian, but it was very hard for me to hand in the assignments and take notes using a laptop instead of a notebook, because I hardly use a computer. I had difficulty until I used to using it. My friends helped me such as keying sentences, teaching kindly. Thanks to that, I used to using a computer a little and I came to be able to do almost every thing by my self, for example, I came to be able to type faster than before, I learned how to open the page that I used in class.

In Australian school, there was Recess which is 20 minutes break in addition to Lunch, and we had to spend both of them outside. Australian season is opposite to Japanese, so during I stayed, it was winter. It wasn’t as cold as Japanese and it didn’t snow, but it was cold to spend outside. There were some time when suddenly it rained hardly. Looking back it now, eating snacks and lunch and Talking with my friends a lot standing the cold are the great memories.

There were many interesting classes that are nothing in Japan. My favorite subject was “Outdoor Education”. I studied about outdoor such as doing rock-climbing, learning how to view compasses and maps, something like that. It was very fun and interesting because I could learn things what I can’t learn in Japanese class.

Every local students were friendly, and they talked to me a lot. At first, I thought “I’m embarrassing” and “I wonder whether I make a mistake or not”. But in talking a lot, I came to be able to think “ It’s not matter if I take a mistake, so I’ll try to talk”. My friends waited until I finished talking, and if I asked same question for many times, they answered gently until I understood. Thanks to them, I could spend a wonderful school life.


Through the study abroad, I realized “The importance of challenging” once again. Before I went to study abroad, I usually missed the chances by being negative. But from this time experience, I learned “Failure is never bad thing” “ If I make a mistake, I’ll do it again” so, from now on, I’ll challenge everything positively before I think too much.

I learned one more thing. That is “Gratitude”. It’s very common thing, but I realized so much when I least expected it. Thanks to my mother, who allowed to go to study abroad and got me off willingly, host family, who accepted me like a real family, friends and teachers, who talked to me friendly and taught what I couldn’t understand until I understood, senior students, who told about study abroad to me, I could go to study abroad like this and experienced many valuable thing. And also thanks to other many people who supported me, I could spend this one month effectively. Thank you very much for everything! I’ll make use of this experience for my life in the future.






私はWerrianda Secondary School という学校に通いました。Year8~Year12(中学2年生~高校3年生)までの生徒がいましたが、全校生徒900人ほどのあまり大きい学校ではありませんでした。日本の学校と違うところはたくさんありましたが、中でも大変だったことは、ノートはほとんど使わず、laptop で課題を提出したり、授業のメモをすることです。普段ほとんどパソコンを使わない私は、慣れるまでとても苦労しました。しかし、周りの友達が文章を打ち込んでくれたり、優しく教えてくれたりしました。そのおかげで、帰る頃には少し慣れて、タイピングが以前より早く出来るようになったり、授業で使うページの開き方など使い方を覚え、大抵のことは自分で出来るようになりました。


授業は、日本にはないような科目がたくさんありました。私のお気に入りの授業は、Outdoor Educationです。ロッククライミングをしたり、コンパスや地図の見方を学んだりと、アウトドアに関することについて勉強しました。日本の授業では学ぶことが出来ないようなことをたくさん学べてすごく楽しかったです。





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小原 早瑛 の留学レポート


I went to the Seaton high school in Australia.

I chose the metal work, art, and out door.

And I must study English, science, and math.

I had two favorite subjects.

The one is English.

Because English teacher got pregnant, so other English teacher came to my class.

New English teacher is so kind.

His name is Mich Mune.

You know Australia has many types of faces and heir colors.

Also he is right.

For the first time I looked him, I thought he is French.

His face is white, thin and his nose is very high.

And his heir is orange and a little long.

When I talked with him, he said “many Japanese girls has short heir. So if I go to japan, I am looked long heir.”

He is very tall, and his foot is same my chest.

He always found me and talks with me.

I cannot speak and listening English well.

So many teachers don’t know how to contact me.

When I talked with them, their faces were always worried.

But Mr. Mune was only different.

He always smiles, of course during talking with me.

When I a little lost he helped me earlier than all others.

I was so glad for his kind, and when I felt depressed or troubled, I was helped by him many times.


Other one is Metal Work.

Metal Work is like craft using metal.

I can remember vividly about The First Metal Work’s day.

Because when I came into the Metal Work’ class room, there are many boys.

They were kicking a rugby ball or chairs, listening music by cell phone without earphone, shouting and standing on the desk.

I was so surprised about the noisy condition.

And to make matters worse I am only one girl’s.

Almost boys are looked scary.

Their styles of hairs are like Justin Bieber.

Some students are piercing.

I was very anxious.

But I soon like the class room.

The first reason is the teacher is so kind and cute.

He is old and short man.

When only I a little away from him, he soon calls out my name.

It is like “Saya!? Where is Saya!?.”

Some boys were laughing about his panic.

I was laughing, too.

When some boys said “Saya is here!”, he was made relieved by that.

Many boys who I felt scary were kind.

They taught me all about the class with great smile.

For example, how to use some machines, and what is teacher’s words.

When I alone, one boy talked with me.

When I can use the machine, some boy said me “good!” or “awesome!”.

I can make good memories in Metal Work class.


The other, I can have many friends.

And my host family is so good.

Good meal, funny conversation and so on.

Thank you for Australia!



私はオーストラリアで、seaton high school という高校に通っていました。

家から徒歩10分程でその学校には行くことが出来て、その間にはスーパーマーケットやsabwayなどがあり、少し離れたところにはWest Lakes という大きなデパートもありました。



Seaton high schoolで私は、英語、数学、理科、美術、メタルワーク、アウトドアを学びました。
























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西村 真鈴 の留学レポート


I studied abroad in Australia in summer vacation. I learned two important things. That are importance of family and difference of race. First, I talk about first thing. My host family was very kind to me. I didn’t expectation to host family but they were kinder than I expected. Particular, host mother was usually gently touched me. For example, she spoke to me unaccustomed and she care about me everyday. In weekend, they always took me many places. Moreover, they took me around like me to have fun. There are others. Mother or father always cooked lunch for me, mother washed my laundry, and they cared about me when I go home. I thought there were natural in Japan but I being cherished even in Australia, I noticed importance of my family. Even though only a month stay but they cared about me too much enough and they told me < you are our the another family so if you get painful, you can go back here anytime.> when I heard that word, I almost cried because I never thought that they were thinking so much about me. I could recognize importance my family again though host family. I’m grateful for noticing the importance of my family. If I stayed different family, maybe I couldn’t notice that. Second thing is about difference of race. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy school because there was discrimination. For example, I sometimes I had the part which I don’t understand in class but most students didn’t teach me. Of course there were kind students. Other thing I was the most wounded thing that is in drama class, a boy student pointed me and said < look, there is a Japanese. > he told other student to be foolish. Then I thought why do I have to say such a thing just different race. At that time I was very sad so I wanted to consult someone but at that time I didn’t want to say that thing. Thinking now, I should consult someone. There were a lot of hard things to me but I think that these are good experience for me because I can learned that all that aren’t good things and I found out that there are various people. This time, I can let valuable experience. I really thank my parents for making such precious experience. My study abroad this time become meaningful time but reading this sentence, please keep in mind that will not only have fun thing. Thank you for reading.



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西 明歩 の留学レポート

I went to Adelaide of Australia about for a month. I was looking forward to meet them before I meet my host family, but I was getting nervous when I met them in the airport. At first I was happy but gradually became nervous, and only the mother came to the airport. Then, we went to her house. When I went to backyard of house, family and their friends were making sausages. Because my family is Italy and also their friends is Italy, too. I saw making sausages for the first time. That was so strange and interesting for me. And my host family’s member is maybe 5 people, host mother, host father, host older sister and two older brothers. The top older brother got married and lives in Melbourne so they are not live together. Just come to Adelaide a few days. And they have 3 dogs and 5 chickens. Everyone finished making sausages and eating meals in the living room. I was nervous and could not talk much. But they were very kind to me. That is made me happy. Next day, I spent a holiday alone until my family came home. Because every family member is working. So I felt very lonely at sad. And I cannot go to anywhere with my host family. So I only went out with my friends or I spent most of the day in the room and as my family did not take me anywhere, he took me to a zoo or party with a family of Kyoka Nagasawa my family did not take me anywhere, he took me to a zoo or party with a family of Kyoto. Finally I went to school on Monday and decided classes. I could not choose the lesson I chose in Japan. That was so sad for me because I wanted to attend an art lesson. And next day, I went to Charles Campbell College School.. There was a lot of Japanese and Chinese. I think that half of the students are Asians. So I spent a lot of time with Japanese. And I got a few Chinese friends for the first time in my life. I have noticed about Chinese and learned a lot of things from them. I was walking home with a Chinese man every after school because he lives near my family’s house. He is likes Japan very much and he is interesting in Japanese culture. I was surprised because the Chinese thought that they are not like Japan, so I was happy hearing that. He took me to a cat café with his 2 Chinese friends, and I thought that they are so kind to me. Because they were speaking with Chinese while I am with them. He took me to eat Chinese food. That is for the first time for me. It was so delicious. Because I did not have a metro card, I lent the card all day. That day was very fun and became great memory for me. I didn’t have good images to China because Japanese news is always telling us almost bad image, but Chinese was very kind. My image for China was changed. So I learned to have prejudice is not good.



中嶋 菜月 の留学レポート


My stay in Adelaide was wonderful. I noticed some differences from Japan so I was stimulated by everything there almost every day because everything such as culture, language, people were completely different from Japan. I will tell you my experience there on this report. First, I will tell you about my family.  My host family had father, mother two little sisters one of them were one and another one were there years old, and grandmother. They had never hosted someone, so I was the first person who my host family hosted. They said, “You have only a month here so we will try to make your stay in Adelaide wonderful.” They planed so many exciting plans for me every day. With them, I did many exciting things in a month. We went to many places, did some card games, played in the park, and read some books. I came to read Japanese fables that I brought for souvenir for my host sister every night. She seemed to have liked one of them. She always chose it if I asked, “Which book do you want me to read?” and after she fell asleep, I did some card games, watched some movies, and TV with my host parents. It became my daily routine.

Next, I will tell you about my experiences at my school. I went to Roma Mitchell Secondary College. I was surprised about the students there.  I heard that I can play badminton in the gym, then I went there to find many students were playing it. And I received a warm welcome. And I noticed the difference. There were not any up-and –down relationships there between older one and little one. I thought it was completely different from Japan. And I thought Japanese should be like them because I don’t think it good.  In lunchtime of another day, my friend who had lunch with me brought a topic about our future job. Although everyone except me had their own goal,moreover, they had decided what they wanted to do, and tried to do smenthing to realize it. And they had great interest in social problem. They told me how they fell about it with zest.

I thought that was the differece between Australia and Japan. I respect and thank them very much because after that, I came to think about my future more.

These stories sound happy, but I regret spending my precious time there vaguely. I had felt “I don’t have to try everything hard. I still have enough time to try something.” So I had only a week until I leave Australia when I changed my mind to make my rest stay more enjoyable. After that I tried evrything I could do such as talking to my friends and family from myself acitively. The more the day I would leave Australia, the more I got sad because I knew that I might never see my family and friends. I regret not trying to do my best from the beginning again. I want everyone who is going to study abroad and is staying in America or Canada to have a great time. So try tour best and tresure your precious time there. I recommended my host family to come and let me introduce Sapporo in the near future. So I hope they do. In this experience in Adelaide, I have got great things and memories. My English have improved, I understood different cultures, and came to appreciate my parents. I think I can do them by studying abroad. So I thank for every experience in Adelaide.





私はRoma Mitchell Secondary College という学校に通っていたのですが、そこでもたくさんの刺激がありました。私が特に刺激を受け、素晴らしいと思ったことは、学年の区別があまりないため先輩後輩の区別がないこと、生徒のほとんどが自分のしっかりとした考えを持っているという点です。

私がそれらに気づいたのは、昼休みのときでした。私の学校は昼休みの時間に体育館でバトミントンなどのスポーツをすることができたので私も試してみたいと思いそこに行くと、そこですでにプレーを開始していた話したことのないクラスメイトたちが私を迎え入れてくれ、プレーに参加しました。それは交代制で順番を待っているときにふと思いました。みんな学年が違うのに、日本のように年上の人に気を使っている感じがしないことに気づきました。私はこれを見て、日本との違いに少し驚きましたが、日本もこうあるべきだと思いました。歳が1つ2つ違うだけでどちらかが有利になり一方の身分が低くなってしまうのは少し悲しいと思いました。また別の日の昼休み、一緒にランチを食べていた友達から将来の仕事についての話が持ち出された時のことです。私の友達は皆それぞれの夢を持っていて、なぜそれになりたいのか、それになったらどんなことがしたいかが定まっていてそれに向かってそれに必要な勉強を一生懸命していたのです。また社会問題についての話題が出た時もそれについてどう思うか尋ねると彼女たちの考えを熱く教えてくれるのです。私だったら社会問題について関心が無くあまり考えがなかったので恥ずかしかったです。それほどオーストラリアの生徒たちは彼女たち一人一人のしっかりとした意見や考えを持っていて彼女たちがとても偉大に見えました。私はこの1か月間で、少しだけ後悔していることがあります。それは、この1か月をなんとなく過ごしてしまったことです。「そんなに頑張りすぎなくても大丈夫 まだ何日も残っている。」と安心してしまっていたため、気づいたらあと1週間しかない!という事態に陥っていてとても焦ったことをまだ覚えています。そのことに気づいてからはできるだけその日を精一杯過ごすことに勤めました。具体的に言うと、自分から友達やファミリーに積極的に話しかけたりするなど、とにかくその時できることをしました。オーストラリアを去る日が近づくにつれてホストファミリーや友達と会えなくなることに対してのさみしさがこみ上げてきました。今までの1か月をなんとなく過ごしてきたことに再び後悔しました。来年オーストラリアやカナダ、アメリカに留学する後輩たち、そして今長期留学に行っているみんなには後悔のない留学を体験してもらいたいです。1日1日を大切に、自分にできることをできるだけして、素晴らしい留学を作り上げてください。ホストファミリーとは、近い将来にまた会うことを出発の日に約束しました。英語力の向上はもちろん、異文化に対する理解、そして今の日本での暮らしの素晴らしさを感じることがこの留学のおかげでできました。きっとこれらのことは日本で感じることは難しく、留学をして初めて気づくことができるのではないかと私は思います。この貴重な留学をすることができたことにとても感謝しています。ホストファミリーに会える日が楽しみです。

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中川 みちか の留学レポート


I went to Adelaide in Australia. I learned, we need say “Thanks” for own everything. In Australia, I was helped a lot of people. I felt Australian people is very kind. I remember to my host mother’s birth day things. That day, I thought I was cooking Japanese food for my host mother. Because, my host mother said “I like Japanese food.” She likes Japanese goods, food and culture. Therefore, when I gave Japanese souvenir for my host mother, she was very glad. I gave a Sumo pen. It was one of the souvenirs. It was a cute Sumo boy pen. However, the pen     was broken. I felt sad. However, she laughed. She said bad boy! She is so kind for me. Therefore, she was decorating bad boy to her house. Mother’s birthday, she said, “We can go to the Sushi restraint. Because, my old friend invited me and she said Michika is a Japanese student, so she wants go to there with you.” I was glad. Because, her friend to care about me. Therefore, I gave pocky for my host mother. In Sushi restraint, I met Sharan and her husband Peter. They looked so kind. Moreover, Sharan and my host mother were both close. I was shy and I did not talk mother and Sharan. Peter and I fall silent. I thought, if I will not talk with Peter, Peter would not talk with me. I was mustering up one’s courage. I was talking about many TV shows. I thought my English so amazing, but try is so important thing. Moreover, Peter was so kind, so he talked about him hobby and Saharan. I had a good time. I thought, if I did not talk there, I didn’t feel happy and glad, and the time was just memory. Moreover, I remember my school things. In my Australian school was very international school. Therefore, there were many kinds’ country students.

Moreover, there were some Japanese students. I feel relieved. They were very kind. I could go to city and shopping moil. I had a good time and we were good friends. However, I spoke Japanese. I had regaled. They can speak English very well. However, I did not speak English first one week. I thought, “This is not good.” Therefore, I will try speaking English to my Japanese students. Moreover, I could make Australian students. Moreover, same time, Indonesian students came in my Australian school. I tried talk in English. Indonesian students and I are good friends. I thought, try is so important things,Ⅰwill never forget this memories. Now I have a courage.  



が始まりました。スペルミスや、文法チェック。最初は、モノクロだった日記もいつしか絵やデザイン豊富の鮮やかなものに変わっていきました。学校生活もそれと比例するように、だんだんと友達が出来たり、認められたり、助け合えたり、笑いあえたり。マザーが毎日笑顔を絶やさず楽しそうに過ごしているのを見て、私はいつでも感謝を忘れないように心がけていました。Thank you. その一言で、次からhelloと言われるのかはまさにその時の自分の対応次第。私には、ずば抜けた英語力がもともと備わっていたわけでもなく、話しかけてもらえるようになる魔法が使えたわけでもなく、唯一の武器と言ったらHi! とThank you!ぐらいでした。誰にでも話しかけよう精神は持っていたと思います。たまに、女の子だと思って話しかけたら、男の子だったり、学校関係者じゃない人に挨拶してみてり。いろいろな黒歴史は作ってきましたが、それはのちに思い出話になったり、笑い話に

なったりまたどこかで誰かを笑顔にできたり、誰かに勇気を与えることにだってなり得ます。Wood work という授業では木を使いました。インターナショナルな生徒は私だけで、簡単にいうと 四面楚歌 状態でした。また、木を扱うということもあってかその授業には男子生徒が多く、女子生徒は、私を含めても両手で数えられるほどでした。つまり、性別的な意味でもほぼ四面楚歌状態でした。そして、その女子生徒は大体の生徒が男子生徒とも仲が良いor 私よりも年上という、武器がHi! かThank you! しかない私には一番辛い授業でした。もちろん、その授業では「あの、日本人はなんでこの授業選択したのだろう?」とかいう声はちらほら聞こえてはいました。最初の授業の印象は、本当にやっていけるのかな。と不安になりました。ですが、二回目以降の授業で私はHi!とThank you!

を沢山使ってとにかく、意思表示をしまくりました。そうしたら、助けてくれる人が次第に増えていきました。それは、一回一回の言葉には少し時間がかかってしまうけれど、私なりに自分の成長を感じた瞬間でした。そしてだんだんと、授業もたのしくなっていきました。四面楚歌から一面楚歌ぐらいには、なったと思います。そして、周りの人たちから見て当たり前に出来ていることを自分が出来た時には、達成感というものがあります。私のマザーは、学校帰りもむかえに来てくれていたのですが、毎日「Did you have a good day?」

と聞いてくれました。私は、そんな小さな達成をマザーに聞いてほしくて、Yes! の後に少しずつその日あったことを話していきました。マザーはそんなワクワクした様子の私を見て嬉しそうでした。日記にも、かけることがだんだん増えていきました。そこで、私は思いました。きっと、自分の身近な人が幸せそうにしていると、自分までなんだか満たされていくように感じるのだろうなと。とは言え、無理に幸せそうにして不敵な笑みを浮かべると身近な人も不敵な笑みになりそうですから、注意が必要そうですが。不敵な笑みになった時気付いてくれる友達や家族は本当に大切な方々ですから、そんなときにしっかりと感謝を述べられる。そんな人になりたいなと思います。

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長澤 杏香 の留学レポート


The school

 My school in Adelaide, Australia was Golden Grove High School that is a part of three school; Gleeson College, Pedare Christian College and GGHS. This school is the biggest school of the three. My host house is located at near the school. It took about 10 minutes on foot, so I walked to there every morning. Classes were so interesting to me. I took Japanese, science, DTW, math, history, P.E, and EAL. DTW is a one of the class with using some lumbers, and in EAL class, students from other than Australia, or not using English as public language in own country. Each class is 40 minutes, or 85 minutes class called double lesson that is no recess time between the class. In the Japanese class, I and my buddy, Momoka became Japanese teacher as native speaker. Not only the language, but also teaching Japanese culture such as snacks or system of Japanese school. One day we and our Japanese class mates went on an excursion to Adelaide city to studying about Japan because there were some import shops from Japan. We experienced Japanese food.

In the science class, I experimented using a flask and chemicals. It was so fun, but the most interesting experiment which I surprised was using sheep’s liver. The best class was DTW. I made a bottle holder and a chopping board. It was first to use machines and cut lumbers. I could communicate with students through talking about the works. I had sandwich that I make every lunch time, but from middle of the 1 month, I brought rice, chicken or fish, some vegetables; bell pepper, onion, broccoli as leftovers. I could see some difference between Japanese school and Australian school. First, all students are given a laptop by the school in Australia. I also borrowed it, I used it hard in each lesson. Second, there is a recess after lesson 3. It’s 20 minutes. During this time, everyone was eating some snacks, talking with friends or buying drinks and bread at the school shop. I also bought a donut and a cookie. I could make friendship with many students and teachers.


The family

 My family has father; Jamie, mother; Elizabeth, and two sons; Samuel and Jacob. They were so kind for me. Every day they asked me where I want to go, what I want to do, how today’s school is. By being done so, my English got improved. Every meal was so good. Elizabeth is from Venezuela, so particularly Venezuelan food was served. One day’s dinner, baked banana was served, it is my favorite. They brought me to a church. At there, a party was held, and I and my friend danced. There were many exciting experiences such as holding a koala, walking my house around, shopping, making a cake and more. The family likes watching movie, so they let me watch a bunch of movies that I wanted to watch. Sometimes we all watched movie. Samuel is so cute. Every morning and every night, he comes next to me and says “I love you” hugging tight. So lovely. Of course Jacob too. He is very active, so I played with him. My family is a devout Christian. Every Sunday we went to a church, before the dinner we prayed for Jesus Christ. My school in Japan is also Christian, so I did not experience culture shock.


The end

Actually I have been to U.S for 2 weeks, so I thought almost same between U.S and Australia. But it isn’t, so I could learn new things. I think that I have developed through this study abroad. I’ve been more positive. I want to make the most of this in my life. If I didn’t go Australia, I wouldn’t be positive. It is a great experience for me. I leaned not only Australian culture but also leaned importance of people. Thanks to my host family, I could study. Thanks to my family, I could go to Australia, and thanks to my friends, I could be happy. So I try to treasure and appreciate the people around me.

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村田 真里奈 の留学レポート


In July this year, I studied abroad to Adelaide in Australia. I stayed there about for a month. It was my first time to study abroad, so I was very nervous. However this experience is so precious for me. And I learned many things there. I introduced  those things.


First is school.

My school has many international student. And, almost student are Asian. For example, Chinese, Korean. Also a lot of Japanese. So I can speak many things to them, we became friends. Further, they send off me at airport last day. I’m so happy. Even now we are contact.


Next is My host Family

My host family’s member are father, mother, 15years host sister, and hostmate from Brazil. They are so carefully and kind and touch as if my real family in Japan. My host family is very bright person. Father and sister like biking competitions. Almost everyday, sister to practice late at night. And father fix her bicycle. Mother likes singing. So in my house, always music is flowing. We are singing. My hostmate took me to a sushi shop. There we ate many kind of sushi. And we went to Gorge Wildlife Park, I hold Koala. I had a great time. It was very fun.


Third is story about weekend

I often went somewhere. For example, Rundle Mall. Rundle Mall is one of the cities of Adelaide. I went here with my friend. We ate many things. For instance, Chocolate, strawberry smoothie, McDonald’s french fries. McDonald’s in Australia, it costs about 1,000 yen for each meal. But In Japan, It cost about 600 yen, I was a little surprised. Because it is very expensive than Japan. With it I invited my friends birthday party was held in friends host families house. At that time, we ate chocolate taste birthday cake with vanilla ice cream, Margherita pizza, Carbonara, Meat sauce Bolognese, Garlic bread. Also I ate meat pie and vanilla slice like a cake. Her host family were very kind for me. So I want to meet them again.


From now, our class has activity for English play start. It is very hard to play use all English. But, we apply this experience to English play. We need to cooperation for success. In addition, each and everyone, spare effort and work hard. If we can do that, we can do wonderful play. I’ll do my best to make for my class. Thank you for reading.





つぎはホストファミリーについてです。わたしのホストファミリーは51歳のファザーと53歳のマザーと15歳のシスターとブラジルからの留学生という家族でした。彼らはとてもやさしく親切で、わたしのことを本当の家族のように接してくれました。彼らはすごく明るい性格でした。ファザーとシスターは自転車競技が好きで、シスターはほぼ毎日夜遅くまで練習していました。ファザーはシスターの壊れた自転車を修理をしたり趣味である料理を作ってくれました。その種類はさまざまで中にはわたしがホームシックにならないようにと作ってくれた日本食もありました。マザーは歌うことが好きで、家ではいつも音楽が流れていました。ホストメイトの子はわたしを回転寿司屋さんに連れて行ってくれたので、わたしたちはたくさんのお寿司を食べました。さらに一緒にGorge Wildlife Parkにも行ってコアラを抱っこしたりして、たのしかったです。







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森 はるな の留学レポート


I went to study abroad to Australia while 1months. I can only study English, But also I had really a lot of valuable experience there.


My host family is mother, father, brother and three dogs. They always take thought of me, and took me many famous places to sightseeing. My host mother is very good at cooking, She made many kind of country’s dishes for dinner and ask me “It was good?” Her dishes is all good, I was looking forward to dinner. My host father and I watched TV every night. He sometimes show me movie he favorite. I talked to him about Japan and Australia while watching TV. It’s was very fan for me and I could know about many thing of Australia. When it was sunny, I have taken the dog out for a walk with my host mother and brother. Two dogs were very big, and one dogs is old. I haven’t had a dog, So I was very anxious first time. But they are very clever, they has finally become friendly for me. I became love this time. This is my first time go to overseas, So, When I met my host family, I can’t talk to them well because I was really nervous. But they always listened to my poor English. I thought I have to speak English with confident, and I want to speak English more fluently to speak them. I appreciate to my host family for notice this.


I went to Heath field high school. My house is far to my school, I rode a school bus about 40 minutes to go to school. I took Math, Science, English, Food studies, Health Nutrition, Music, Global Innovation. I liked food studies and Health Nutrition. This class has cooking class every  friday. We made anzac cookie, salad, pavlova, Sushi etc… I could communicate with local student thought cooking. First time, teacher’s English so fast for me, I couldn’t understand what should I do. Local students asked me, “Are you understand?” I was very glad, Then When I can’t understand teacher’s talk, I could ask students. When my last day I went to school, they said  this , “We will miss you.” I didn’t want to came back Japan, I want to stay and talk them.


I could know about Australia during 1months, and I like Australia more. I want to go to Australia again. I will make use my experience in Australia for English play.
















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